1st Mar 2008, 17:27

Hi all,

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty and went to get a P.a. Inspection done and found out my check engine light will not come on when you first turn the car on. So it will not pass the state inspection.

I went to the dealer and they told me that I would have to replace the instrument cluster because the engine light bulb does not come off the instrument cluster board, so I have to replace the whole thing. That is costing 735.00 for that, so it all comes down to me paying 735.00 for a BULB!!!??? My question is, can this be right or are they trying to take me on a ride, and if is right Jeep should be ashamed of themselves for this design. Please can any one help?

25th Mar 2008, 22:43

I've got a Jeep Liberty 2002 limited addition. I have had problems with the speedometer jumping all over the place, right now it doesn't work. The check engine light is on permanently, where as a week ago it only came on occasionally. I'm fairly certain the odometer stopped working at 66998. The upside is the Jeep still runs, just have a feeling I'm on borrowed time. Definitely not going to put any money into this Jeep.

26th Apr 2008, 10:01

Our 2002 Jeep Liberty has 119,000 miles on it and we experienced some of these issues described. The A/C Compressor failed, I replaced and recharged system, cost 600.00. The Speedometer had the jumping and eventual failure, this is the sensor wiring rubbing on the axle in the rear of the vehicle. The wiring harness gets rubbed through. I bought new sensor, not required, fix the rubbed through wiring harness next to rear differential, then put a section of hose around it for anti abrasion, or reroute the sender wires. Rough Idle has now started, I am trying to isolate that now. The brakes squeal in the back, the brakes are still serviceable, believe this squeal is due to brake dust buildup in the drums. Front Brake squealing, I invested in Highest Quality Pads, no more squeal...

2nd Jun 2008, 12:09

My 02 jeep (83000) has recently been idling roughly, and showing up as a 6 cylinder misfiring. Replace plugs and fuel injector. Still does it. Oddly enough, it stops shaking if I turn off the car and start it again. I have read recently that it is a broken valve spring, apparently it happens on a lot of jeeps. About to have it checked out...

18th Jun 2008, 15:06

I have a 2002 Liberty I bought with 93,000 miles on it. The first day we brought it home we discovered that the A/C didn't work. Just blew hot air. I called the dealership up that next day to complain, and they had me take it in for a check and found that the compressor was not working. They wanted me to pay $978 (parts and labor) to fix it. I made enough noise about how they 'supposedly' did a 125 point inspection and it passed, and since I had 3 days to return the vehicle, they needed to fix it no charge. They complied. This was 18 months ago.

I currently have it at the shop because of... an A/C problem. Now they say the condenser is broke and want to charge me $750 for parts/labor/coolant. I don't think so. I'll buy the part on line ($119.00) and have my husband replace it. He's done a lot of mechanic work, so should be fine.

They also said my radiator was leaking coolant (though my engine has never overheated and there are no spots in my driveway). I love my Jeep Liberty, but the dealership is RIDICULOUS. When parts shouldn't be more than $200 and they want to charge you $500 for labor... I think we need to go back to less complicated cars. Ones you can fix yourself without a freaking computer!

26th Aug 2008, 13:05

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited. Frankly, it's been probably one of the best cars I have had ever. I could afford better but I live in a city so why spend the cash? Recently however, and I find it interesting now after reading these reviews, my check engine light went on and I can't seem to figure out why. Also, my Jeep squeaks when I back up. Just had my rear brake shoes replaced in hopes that it would fix the squeak but have been told it may be my U joint, whatever that is. Long story short is, I do have about 120k miles on it and this is the first I have had any issues. I'd like to think I could put another 100k on this vehicle and don't mind putting a few dollars in. This car has been the pot hole champion! It has a turning radius that is better than my Mini Cooper and has basically always been reliable.

30th Sep 2008, 13:40

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty and wished I traded this in when the problems started.. with just a little over 100k I will need to replace the engine..

This jeep had many signs of problems -- the first year - need a new transmission and then engine light on and off for over a year, and no one could get it right, then the air conditioner doesn't work and now it needs a new engine!!

What a piece of crap! If you have a Liberty get rid of it --- someone needs to start a class action lawsuit, I have called Chrysler many times and nothing!

10th Nov 2008, 16:00

Hi... Soo I own a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport edition. I bought it used, and it currently has about 130,000 miles on it. When I first bought it, it had about 80,000 on it.

I love my Jeep a lot, but it seems that ever since my car hit 100,000 miles everything has gone down hill.

Last year my car wouldn't stay on and drive unless you kept your foot on the gas. Took it to the shop and got a tune-up, and also replaced the battery.

Then everything worked great up until recently. It started when my speedometer was going crazy. It kept fluctuating back and forth back and forth. Some days it would work normally, some it would go crazy, and the others not at all.

Then as I was driving I would feel this weird vibration whenever I would put my foot on the pedal to accelerate or take my foot off to decelerate. Then my speedometer quit working completely, and would then begin stalling and shutting off completely when I would slow down or come to a stop without any warning.

My check engine light then came on and stayed on after the fact, and my oil pressure light also came on. Soo I took it to the dealership and told them my situation. They ran a diagnostic test on it (charged me $85) to see what was wrong. The results came back and said that: it was miss firing, had a faulty oil pressure switch, erratic speedometer, replace both rear drive shaft universal joints for the vibrations, and replace the rear pinion seal because it was leaking.

The parts were only about $80 total, yet they wanted to charge me over $500 in labor. Luckily my Dad used to be a mechanic and fixed my car for me. Soo we did everything the diagnostic test said to do, and not even a week later my car did the same thing again, it stalled when I was slowing down and the stupid engine light came back on.

I was ticked off, and went straight to the dealership the next day. They ran another diagnostic test and this time they said I needed a new sensor in the rear and new wires because they were corroded. It was an electrical issue they said, so that cost about $180 for a 15 minute job.

I dunno, but I'm sick of forking over money for a car that is supposed to last and be reliable.

Oh, and today my heat went out and we think that the coolant and the oil may be mixing together, therefore may have to replace the head gaskets.

I love my Jeep, but wish that it wasn't such a piece and that it was made to last!!!