13th Jun 2003, 03:24

"The Liberty has an odd, squashed look from the side. The exterior mounted spare detracts from the cars appearance as well"

Wrote by a person who drives in a shoe box called Cherokee.

It isn't a Jeep if it hasn't got round headlights and a spare on the back.

4th Jul 2003, 17:32

I have had my Jeep Liberty, Limited since last December and I think it's wonderful. No complaints and no problems. I currently have 6,600 miles on it. I have never owned a vehicle with 4 wheel drive before and the week I bought it, there was a snow storm in Chicago. The part-time 4-wheel drive was very smooth, efficient and easy to turn on and off. The gas mileage has improved significantly now that I have some miles on my Jeep (18mpg on average) and so has the ride.

This is the first American nameplate I have owned in over 20 years and so far I have not been disapointed.

I would recommend the Jeep Liberty to anyone looking for a terrific, mid-sized SUV.

14th Jul 2003, 07:17

I owned a 2000 Cherokee and it was crap and because of that I nearly didn't buy the Liberty, but I'm glad I did, the Liberty is miles better in every way you can think of.

16th Jul 2003, 09:53

My Second 4X4 is now an 2003 Liberty Sport Auto. The Car is wonderful by all means except The Fuel Consumption. I was driving a Grand Cherokee 1996.Liberty is matching the new Decade of SUV. I recommend this Car for others. Advanturous aggressive look, but hope it was equipped with the new Xenon Lights, now standard on lower Class 4x4.

8th Dec 2004, 04:49

After owning a Liberty for 2 years I went on a 4x4 day with an XJ, although the XJ performed well off road, everything was loose, rattled or came apart, I was shocked by the dash lay-out, bad seats, thin doors, cramped interior and the whole thing looked and felt so old fashioned, it was shocking.

If Jeep was still building the XJ instead of the Libby I would never ever bought a Jeep.


8th Dec 2004, 15:11

I own a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited (102,000 miles)... it has the boulevard ride. Recently purchased used 2003 Liberty Limited... it is a heck of a lot more fun to drive! I love the acceleration of the 3.7 liter over the old 4.O liter.

25th Sep 2014, 18:31

The Cherokees had a bulletproof engine in the 4.0 liter inline six, but overall I prefer the Liberty (2002-2007 models). They are much more comfortable than the Cherokee. Between my wife & I, we have owned 7 Jeeps. A 1998 Cherokee Sport, 3 Wranglers (2 1995 Sports, & a 2003 Sahara) and three Liberty Limiteds (2004, 2005 & currently a 2007).