7th Dec 2009, 22:36

05 Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8.

Bought vehicle used with 65K miles and switched oil to Castrol Synthetic 5w30. Found yellow sludge build up when getting ready to change oil, dealer check said it was due to stuck PCV. Changed oil, filter, and PCV and drove 500 miles on interstate -- yellow sludge forming again at filler cap. Don't have any ideas except it may be due to the synthetic oil.

15th Jan 2010, 12:59

2004 Jeep Liberty with 6 cylinder engine, 49,000 miles. Found yellow sludge on oil filler cap. Oil light just starting to flicker on and off.

I changed the oil and filter, and was told they have a defect in the oil pump, and to change it as soon as possible, and this is causing the oil light to come on.

10th Mar 2010, 11:52

I have a 2003 Limited Ed Liberty. My engine seized in 2008 at about 50,000 miles. Sludge. Chrysler told me my records didn't matter, it was obvious I hadn't taken proper care and maintenance. Then they charged me $600 for having had my car sit there for 3 weeks and they denied the rental costs. Towed the car to someone else. I had a new engine built and replaced by an independent company. It voided my warranty, but since Jeep doesn't honor its warranty anyway, I didn't care. My engine guys tell me the design of the car runs too hot. I change the oil every 2000 miles now. Cost of engine rebuild, Jeep fees, towing, was about 8,000, but since it took so long to argue with Jeep, I had another 2000 in rental car fees!

11th Mar 2010, 15:23

To 10th Mar 2010, 11:52.

You spent over $10,000 in repairs? With that kind of money, you could have just purchased a better car...

28th Apr 2010, 23:34

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty, 103,000 miles. Drives great in all sorts of weather, but have invested over $1000.00 ea year to keep it that way!

Needed new brakes, new steering, new radiator, pretty much new everything. Always changed oil, and fluids.

Last week it started making a very loud banging/grinding noise when I started it up. Had to have it towed, now mechanic wants $2600.00 for a head job. Kelly Blue Book value $4800, this car is just not worth it. Next I would probably have to replace the transmission.

I am selling it to a parts dealer and starting anew. I never heard of anyone having to spend so much just to maintain a car, better off with a Hyundai.

8th May 2010, 08:25

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty, and my oil light came on. I changed the oil pressure switch and it still came on. I'm changing the oil pump. Hopefully it's not my engine. My Jeep has 78,00 miles and never had major problem on it. I gave all it required maintenance. Any comments?

4th Jun 2010, 01:22

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty with 107,000 miles on it, and have only had Mobil 1 synthetic in it for the last year, and with no warning whatsoever it threw a rod. I need an engine.

7th Jun 2010, 12:55

2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L 125k miles, oh that regular grinding/rattling noise. At another dealer now for a 2nd opinion. This vehicle only had issues with batteries, replacing them every other year.

Other than that, had all maintenance performed at the dealer. However now, it looks to point to a engine issue, funny that the engine or oil light never came on. Personally would rather they own up to the failings of it and repair it, don't really like suing, nothing accomplished by that; the problems will continue, better for them to honor the fix or offer the cost of replacement (engine) toward a new one (Jeep).

8th Jul 2010, 17:10

There is definitely something wrong. Regularly changed the oil, just hit 70,000 miles; actually has 70,005. Car started banging or idling crazy, and now it won't start. Engine ran perfect before that. Now I'm not sure what the hell is going on. Never buy a newer Chrysler vehicle. Any mechanic I've spoken with dreads working on them due to placement of parts and troubleshooting. Stick with imports like Nissan and you shouldn't have these engine problems. If I do get this running again, I'm selling it below market just to get rid of it.

15th Aug 2010, 07:32

My daughter was driving her 2003 Liberty.. 67,000 miles. It stopped in the road.. dangerous.. took it to the dealer.. computer broken.. defective valves 2,300 dollars.. Chrysler did nothing...

Also had 3 defective window motors replaced, and rear window.. The car has been maintained and serviced.. this is why Chrysler cannot sell cars, and we bailed them out.

15th Aug 2010, 15:58

I agree. I don't know why people keep buying these Libertys. I have a model, and every time I take it to the dealer, they want $1000 to maintain it. This is even with bumper to bumper warranty. The Chrysler dealers are the worst. They come across as dishonest. I sat in the service area of a dealership, and watched them charge a lady $80 to change her wiper blades 2 months ago.

I refuse to spend anymore money at Chrysler dealerships. I will drive my Liberty, and when it dies, I will call the wreckers to come get it.

Thank you, and good riddance.

27th Oct 2010, 20:43

These things are total junks. Same problem here with 2 3.7 Jeep Liberty. Both had less than 100k on them and both need motors. Both were maintained, oil changed every 3000 miles. Chrysler shame on you for building such terrible crap. We never should have bailed this rotten company out.

28th Nov 2010, 08:04

I owned a JEEP 2002 Limited edition; just sold it for parts with only 143,000 miles. But after reading the numerous posts, I am feeling actually lucky I got that many miles from it. I did not change oil religiously (5,000 - 8,000); maybe that saved it. The oil seems to be the problem. After many adventures, including my two daughters learning to drive on my JEEP, we all loved our Libby. JEEP/Chrysler needs to step up to the plate and own up to the faulty motor, and in turn improve their reputation. One that, when I bought my Liberty, was a good one.

As I said, I just sold my Liberty, so the many years of car payments are lost, along with my rights. I will not make this mistake again. Even though we had many adventures with Libby (my daughters named her), her time came too soon. Other vehicles will reach 200,000 to 500,000 miles before an engine is needed. JEEP should step up to the plate.

21st Dec 2010, 12:53

I have a 2005 Liberty with the same problem, rod knock, sitting in the driveway getting ready to be towed to dealer. It has 116,000 miles and I didn't change the oil every 3000 miles more like 60,000 miles. I started having the problem after I took it in for a oil change and then drove it for 3000 miles.

19th Jan 2011, 14:33

My 2003 Jeep Liberty has 85,000 miles and stopped on the exit ramp of a freeway. With no warning lights, the water pump stopped working and therefore I now need a new engine. We bought it used from the dealer at 30,000 miles, and have had nothing but problems with it!

4th Feb 2011, 22:36

I am so disappointed. My 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport with 60,000 miles overheated and apparently needs a new engine. So many similar stories... no engine light, no warning... and I had just gotten complete tuneup and oil change 2 weeks prior. These cars are supposed to last a couple hundred miles. What is going on here? I agree with the class action... something is not right here.