19th Mar 2005, 17:03

OK, guys! My 2003 Liberty with 32,000 miles and getting darn close to the end of the 36,000 warranty limit!, and has been at the dealers for one whole week now. Problem: extreme washboard ride between 45 and 55. It always pulled to right and tire rotation helped a bit. For a while. Balanced and checked tires and checked alignment... no problems there. Washboard ride. The dealer has replaced the front drive shaft because they said there was a tear in the boot... but that didn't work... they say they don't know what is wrong with it. May be CV joints, but will have to wait for those parts to come in from wherever they can find them to see if that may be the problem. I just have the feeling that the poor thing is dying from "the disposable vehicle syndrome". Discussed trading it in and the big insult was that the dealer offered less than Blue Book on trade-in on an almost brand new vehicle! Explain that one to me! Call me old fashioned, but I learned to drive on a 64 Chevy BelAir Station Wagon with who knows how many miles on it at that time and don't ever remember it having a problem... even went off the road into a soybean field in my misspent youth and well, it survived me and two teenager siblings after me! But that was back in the day! Anyway, what I asking you all for is questions, suggestions, whatever to give to the dealer to get this vehicle back on the road dependably! Thanks!

28th Mar 2005, 20:23

Is yours an early model 2003? If it is, it might be under the Ball Joint recall. A prematurely wearing ball joint will most certainly cause pulling to the right. If you don't know when it was built, open the drivers door and look on the white sticker for the build date. Sorry to make it sound stupidly easy if you already knew, it's just a lot of people don't know how much information that is actually on that little sticker.