20th Mar 2006, 20:12

A month and a half ago I bought my jeep liberty limited 4x4, and found out that if I use inexpensive fuel, or 10 percent ethanol I get 2 to 3 mpg less. Is it worth the extra 5 to 10 cents for brand name fuel? Perhaps, I can also feel the extra power from avoiding fuel with ethanol.

7th Jun 2006, 21:43

It doesn't matter what grade/octane fuel you put in your Liberty. It will continue to get poor gas mileage. They just are not efficient due to their weight and poor aerodynamics. I tried high octane fuel, a K/N air filter, and synthetic motor oil. With all that and 20,000 miles on the odometer, my liberty still couldn't obtain 17 mpg on the highway (conservatively driven).

With that said, I'm now the happy owner of an 06 Honda CR-V. Brand new, I'm getting 20-21 on a mixed city/highway route. The CR-V's mileage should improve a bit as it ages. It'll retain it's value better than the Liberty. The CR-V rides nice and has many more safety features like six airbags and a traction/stability control system. The only thing the CR-V loses to the Liberty is any legitimate off-road ability and any substantial towing ability. Doesn't really matter to me because I don't live in the sticks or on a snow capped mountain top and I don't need to tow anything. In conclusion, the Liberty was a good all around SUV, but it's a fuel hog that I became frustrated feeding all of the time!!!

8th Jun 2006, 08:14

You must have lead feet!

I ran synthetic fuel in my Liberty Limited, and got 22-25mpg highway,

15-17 in town, and about 18-19 combined. Not great, but not terrible either. Heck, my Wrangler gets around 12-14mpg and it's a stick!

27th Nov 2006, 17:18

I have a Jeep Liberty 2005 CRD and I love it. I average 20 to 22 mpg city and have got almost 32 mpg on the highway. Not bad I guess you all should have looked at getting the diesel liberty instead of a gas one. I had a problem with the torque converter due do the trans cooler not being big enough for the torque and power of the diesel engine. The dealer got it fixed and it is running just great. While my liberty was in the shop they let me use a liberty with the 3.7 engine and I was really happy that I got the diesel so much more power and quicker and sounds better too. Today I just received in the mail a diesel engine programmer that will increase my mpg by 10 to 15 percent can't wait to see how it does. It sure is a shame that they will not be making the the liberty with a diesel in 2007. But look and see jeep is putting a diesel in three new jeep for 2007.

12th Sep 2009, 10:06

We bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited in August 2005 for the wife. We are both over 6' tall and find the vehicle adequate. She loves it! I find it a little cramped after 200-300 miles of driving. Leg room (with my height) is a factor. Mileage started out disappointing at 17-18, but over the first year it climbed to 20+ and has delivered that ever since. It's four years old now, with 75K and I have just made my first repair; alternator & water pump.

7th Jun 2010, 18:19

My only complaint about my 2005 Liberty is its poor mileage. I have never been able to get more than 16 MPG in the city or 20 MPG highway, and I drive with a light foot.

12th Sep 2010, 14:41

We just a 05 Liberty Limited fully loaded, and in the first tank of gas we got an average of about 19 mpg's. We live about 10 minutes from any kind of town, so it was mostly 55 mph driving, but still not that bad for what it can do off the road. We will for sure be ready for the snow this year.

3rd Dec 2010, 19:00

I have a 2005 Jeep liberty Limited 4X4 with 150K miles on it. Much is highway driving. This is my second Liberty, I had a 2002, but traded that in 2005 (85K mile on it). I will say that this Liberty has been a good car, terrible gas mileage; I have gas envy of the people that are getting 19-20 miles per gallon. I wonder if they have a 4x4 or the 2.7 liter engine? I average 15-16 miles per gallon. The refuel light comes on at about 290 to 320 miles.

I like the 2005 because it was manufactured with Daimler enhancements – I don’t know what those are specifically, but it has been reliable in 5 years of ownership. I have replaced the radiator – 125k, small leak on top end, belt tensioner - 135K, then the air conditioning compressor also near 135K – I think there was a mechanic issue, which caused the air to fail, but we won’t go there.

Aside from maintenance, every 6000k miles (the B plan), tires, a windshield (hey, they take stones sometimes) and surviving the wife clipping a tree in the driveway, the car has been solid. Starting to get some suspension creaking, I am told that is the rear upper control arm, so I guess that and a water pump are due. Can’t replace it at this point in the economy, so I will fix it.

Overall a great car, solid, weighs 4500 pounds – only 500 pounds less than the Cherokee if that factoid interests anyone. Good off road, have never been stuck. Well once sort of, but putting it in low low 4wd did the trick. Do check to make sure you have a skid plate on your Jeep. Also for sand drivers, drop the air pressure to 15 pounds per tire.