2008 Jeep Patriot 2.4 from North America




Radio broken and replaced by dealer twice. Heater fan broken and replaced by dealer... now it's going out again.

Problem with headlight - dealer did something with wiring to fix.

Rattling from rear end - not major, not going to fix anyway.

At 57,000 the motor making loud tapping noise on start-up (must be a valve or something expensive?) Let's see if Chrysler honors their lifetime powertrain warranty (I have my doubts).

General Comments:

I own a business and have 3 Jeep Patriots - all bought new. I have grown to hate these cars. The CVT transmission is unpleasant -- always buzzing around and has a weird feel to it -- punch the gas when you need to and it waits... motor always reving. All 3 do this.

Seats suck -- uncomfortable -- drivers knee forced to rest on the nasty plastic shifter console.

Visibility sucks also - weird little windows with big blocky obstructions. All three of my Patriots make weird popping noises from the back of the car - don't know if this is loose interior trim or the rear suspension or what, but it seems to start after 30K or so; kind of gets into your head while driving like it's sloppy and cheap.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2009

4th Nov 2009, 06:32

The Jeep Patriot is one of the vehicles the new Fiat owned Chrysler Corp. will be discontinuing.

I miss the good old days when the Jeep lineup consisted of the Wrangler, Cherokee & Grand Wagoneer (and later) Grand Cherokee.

In my opinion the old Wranglers and Cherokees were the best Jeeps ever made.

29th Nov 2009, 12:01

I have a headlight problem. Wondering if it is the same? My passenger high beam works, but not low. My driver's side is fine.

13th Dec 2009, 22:11

Hi- the headlight problem is solved by having the dealer reprogram the body computer. It's happened now twice -- same deal high beams worked, but DS lowbeam didn't.

25th Jan 2010, 10:47

Purchased 08 Patriot 4x2 Sport new. Sunroof leaked. Rear dome light leaks and dealer does not know how to fix it. I filed a complaint with Chrysler, still waiting results. Engine is loud, CVT tranny is not the best. Wish I never bought this vehicle.

22nd Feb 2010, 13:44

You would think that the manufacturers would encourage their own employees to buy their brand. I hope they drive and go through these issues. I was considering this CUV for a next daily driver, but if water leaked on to me while driving, I would snap.

20th Feb 2011, 17:42

Hi. I'm the original poster. I thought I'd add more savory comments in case anyone is interested.

All 3 Patriots needed alternators because the Mitsubishi alternator has a clutch on the pulley that goes bad. One went to 100K, the others went bad at 60-70K. It sucks to replace, a very tight fit.

Next all need ball joints, I guess the Patriots are no exception to Chrysler's legendary garbage parts. Suspension loose, flimsy, clunks on bumps, no fun!

Anything good? These aren't really awful units, just CHEAP and you will feel it ALL day long. The 2.4 engine seems pretty good, but not a Swiss watch either.

27th Sep 2012, 21:39

Check the bulb, and if that's OK, then it's probably a fuse blown.

Happened to me in a VW Golf.

2008 Jeep Patriot 2wd North Edition 2.4L from North America


Not so great


Vehicle has leakage problems and has also had electrical problems not related to the water leaks. This vehicle has leaked badly from day 1.

General Comments:

This car drives well and it is very good on gas. It tows very well for a 4cyl and has good performance.

The seats are comfortable but the dash is a bit cheap looking. It has plenty of room and it looks good, however the radio is a bit weak and the CD player has trouble at times.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2009