1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Four Cylinder from North America


A truly great American made product


I had to replace one of the oxegyn sensors shortly after I bought it.

The seat has started to wear on the driver's side.

General Comments:

This is the best vehicle that I have ever owned. I plan on never getting rid of it.

I have punished this jeep like you would not believe. I've had it in mud up to the parking lights, and I've had it on about every 4wd trail in the Western North Carolina Mountains. I've taken it over terrain as rough as that of the famous Rubicon, and after all of this it still takes me to work and back every day. But the best part is the fact that it's stock!

The only real gripe that I have is that it is hard to drive at highway speeds if the wind is blowing. Even the wind coming off of transfer trucks is enough to make you swerve.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2002

1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0 IL6 from North America


A good bargain for a pretty boy Jeep


Oil Pressure sensor works on and off.

Left Turn signal, signals erratically.

General Comments:

Overall I am extremely satisfied. Other than oil changes, I have not had to do any other work on the Jeep.

The Jeep sucks gas, but I didn't buy if for the mpg.

The soft top seals good, and and is in pretty good shape, but looks to be replaced soon.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2002

1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 from North America


Fun usually isn't too practical


Rear differential gear.

Turn Signal.

Radio (2) there seems to be a bad ground.

Manifold replaced by dealer.

Airbag recalled.

Starter replaced.

Alternator replaced.

Fuel throttle sensor replaced.

Front anti-sway bars (both) broke - odd for a off road vehicls.

Replace three rear universal joints.

Catalytic converter is shattered inside and rattles.

Radiator leaks.

Gas gage has never worked properly (atleast it reads too low).

Power-Steering pump died.

Both door mechanisms needed to be repaired.

Temp. adjust slide broke inside of dash.

A/C leaks on passenger side.

General Comments:

Fun to drive in the summer.

Loud - but that was fixed when I bought a BesTop Sailcloth top. Improved like night and day, much quieter.

Very sure-footed off road. As long as you don't use the factory tires, they only lasted about 25,000 miles.

I'll probably keep this for a 'fun' car, but as a primary vehicle I would not recommend one.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2002

9th Nov 2004, 20:36

I had problems with my Wrangler right after I purchased it. It was a "buy back" due to the smell of exhaust. I knew there wasn't something right with it as I had to rev it to the limit in order to shift or it lagged out. The dealer kept assuming it was my driving until 6 months down the road it sounded like my exhaust had fallen off. Come to find out, the catalytic converter was all chewed up. factory defect. They replaced it free of charge, however 4 yrs. down the road, it happened again. thank god Chrysler had sent me an extended warranty on it. I had it replaced, again, free of charge. Now that my Wrangler is 7yrs. old, I'm a little worried that it'll happen again and I'll be left holding the bill. Twice is scary enough, I don't want to have to foot the bill for something that obviously is and has been defected.

Can anyone tell me where the ground for my radio is? I had a tune up done on the Jeep and now my radio comes in all static and buzzing. I'm thinking they accidentally unhooked it while they were changing something.


1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 6 cylinder from North America


The best off/on-road Truck out there!


I had the rear universal replaced, which cost about 200 dollars.

General Comments:

I would never buy another truck ever.

I also think that if you bought a 4 cylinder Wrangler, you have no right to complain because that was stupid.

If you thought a 4 cylinder would move this truck your crazy.

I have had no other problems with my Jeep and I would recommend it to everyone.

They are fun, affordable and everything is replaceable at a good price.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

24th Jun 2004, 18:51

I'm not sure what you're saying to me about being stupid getting a 4 cylinder. Have you not realized how small and light your Jeep really is compared to the typical 4x4? It's a little dune buggy man!! Doesn't take a lot to move something as small as a Jeep. I think you're way off that one bud.

The only reason a 6 cylinder was made was for towing capabilities, and that's it. But then look at your owner's manual. My 4 cylinder 5 speed has the same rating as the six banger for towing. So I'm way better on gas than you, and it's always easier to get another 4 banger put in or rebuilt (cheaper that is).

I've had full size Bronco's with 350's in 'em. The Jeep wasn't meant for power. It's optimized for its versatile off road capabilities, and of course picking up chicks with the top off at the beach. You're out of line on that one chief.

I think you're just a little peeved at the fact you overpaid by thousands compared to what I paid. And mine is in mint condition, Citron green colour.