1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L I6 from North America


I love my TJ... Great on road and off


As with all of the Jeeps I have owned, changing the shocks was a challenge.

Slave cylinder for the clutch failed. Must purchase the entire unit from the dealer pre-bled; expensive, but fast install.

Directional works funky and intermittently.

Exhaust manifold needed to be replaced, but come on... almost 150k, what do you want?!

General Comments:

I love my Jeep. I wanted one for some time and finally bought one.

The TJ's are nothing like the YJ's; their ride is much better and the manual tranny is much better (shifts much smoother). Also putting in a lift is a snap due to the full coil suspension.

Make sure you purchase one that has a hard top and full hard doors. I didn't, and it has been my only regret. I purchased a hard top off someone, but hard doors are hard to find to match colors and are expensive.

It is great off road (duhh it's a Jeep) and is excellent on road as well. I have never actually driven it in the snow, but I'm told that if you are going to, you will need to put studded snow tires on it.

With a good set of tires and shocks, you will be surprised at how well it handles, and how quick and nimble it is.

If I could only have one vehicle for city driving this would be it, but in an auto. There are no blind spots with it, and it handles and corners at low speeds very well. It is also small and maneuverable enough that parking it in the city is great.

My only complaint is that driving it for truly extended periods of time can be difficult.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2008

1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L inline 6 from North America


Awesome Jeep, and I wouldn't drive anything else


Only thing that has gone wrong was the battery, because of bad wiring for sound system.

General Comments:

A+++++ I would recommend one to any high school kid like myself.

It runs great, and I love it, even with 35" tires and a lift. It turns like it is on rails.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2008

1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L 6 cylinder from Egypt


Freedom bird


Things I changed:

1 - Brakes

2 - Gas pump

3 - Power steering oil pump

4 - The radiator.

That's all.

General Comments:

My Wranger is the best car ever.

Really wonderful... My car took me every place I wanted to go, and even places I never thought I'd reach.

This is my unicorn... the only problem is the gas consumption... Not economic at all...

But it's a real wonderful ride...

I've done with my car all that anyone could imagine doing with a car :)

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Review Date: 29th November, 2007

7th Jan 2008, 14:11

On the wall?! Can you give us more details please? :)

24th Jan 2008, 15:06

Sure, the story is that I've driven my Wrangler up a mountain, that was almost 90 degrees, it was like driving up a wall.. really wonderful feeling... I LOVE WRANGLER!

1998 Jeep Wrangler sport 4.0 from North America


Would not recommend, by foreign


My head gasket blew at 62050, right off the lot,75 miles after that the jeep started to do what I have come to find is called the death shake, which my personal mechanic has told me, you really don't know what the problem is, so fix everything until it is fixed, shocks had to replaced twice, all new brake system, shoes, rotors, drums, spring coils replaced"rusted in half" new exhaust system, need I go on!

General Comments:

The good thing is it is definitely for fun, getting through off road and snow, but I wish I would have found this site before I bought one because every issue that I have had is listed on this site, I will never buy another jeep or American 4x4, too many issues and to much money to keep up,

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

28th Feb 2006, 17:32

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, you bought a seven-year-old vehicle with over 62,000 miles on it. You didn't actually believe that you were getting a brand new vehicle that would never have a problem?! Did it never enter your mind that somebody might have beat on it? You made a bad choice on buying an old, used car, but that's no reason for "I will never buy another American 4x4!" Please! Would you have been happier to have bought the same year and mileage Toyota 4 Runner and paid an extra $6,000?

1st Mar 2006, 20:12

If you buy a used Wrangler, unless you know the vehicle's entire history there's a good chance it's had a rough life.

Wranglers are tough, durable and dependable, but if you beat on any vehicle, it will break.

So you go "by" (sic) your "foreign" vehicle.

I'll keep my Wrangler, thank you!

12th May 2009, 07:26

I had these same type of problems with dash instruments because of frequent underwater adventures. I found that mud would accumulate behind the dash and prevent the wires from connecting properly. All it really needed was a good cleaning and some electrical tape. Unfortunately this means that you have to disassemble your dash, but it really is quite easy. It would probably be a good idea to become comfortable with working on your own Jeep anyway, or it'll become a very expensive and disappointing vehicle. Jeeps are simple machines... get dirty!