2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 3.8 from North America


Overall not a good choice


The new "Freedom top" is the biggest complainant. What a pain in the neck this is. From the second day, it has leaked. Jeep was returned to dealer "4" times as of 08-12-07. The problem is still not corrected. It stinks to have to jump into your jeep after a rainy night with a towel in hand, so as to dry up the pool of water that has built up.

General Comments:

The passenger seat is another problem. My kids, who are "10" and "8" have the hardest time getting in, because the passenger seat does not allow adequate entry room for rear passengers. Forget about trying to get a full size adult in the rear. Overall, the Jeep looks great, over priced, still under powered and not great on gas. Should have stayed with my 1998 "TJ" Sahara.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2007

3rd Sep 2007, 18:32

If the entry to the rear is such a big deal to you then why did you not purchase the 4-door Ultimate version or any other 4-door SUV for that matter. It is not a secret that the standard Wrangler is not exactly the ideal family vehicle.

25th Sep 2007, 17:10

I have you beat, mine was at the dealer 7 times. I know what you mean about the leaks... I had 3 of them. Not everyone wants or can afford a 4 door, you are correct about the rotten design for rear seat access. If that seat is not to be used then why have it in there (hello chrysler??).I traded in my JK and bought a new Mustang. Fun to drive and not one bit of problems after several thousand miles.

2007 Jeep Wrangler X 3.8L V6 from North America


Love It!


No problems yet.

General Comments:

My first Jeep, and I couldn't be happier. The ride is surprisingly luxurious, but the car still feels like it could handle the Rubicon trail with ease.

I got the 6-speed manual. The transmission has a little bit of a "trucky" feel to it, but is still smooth.

I love the Freedom hardtop. Experienced Jeep owners may still want to go totally topless, but the convenience of popping out the panels (one each over the driver & passenger, and one over the whole back seat) you want without having to take the whole top off is really nice. The only drawback is there isn't much storage space for all three panels, if you have passengers in the back seat.

The X comes with several option packages; I got the 17" inch wheels (definitely sharp looking), the 7-speaker sound system (superb), and the driver's side height adjustable front seat. For a five-foot-nothing female, that height adjustment is great.

If this Wrangler is as reliable as my Subaru was, it may just be the perfect blend of comfort and ruggedness.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

2007 Jeep Wrangler X 3.8L V6 from North America


It's like the Jeep you know, but with a Mercedes' ride!


So far nothing at all. Is very new still (4 months as of review).

Not the vehicle's fault, but I missed putting it into 4WD Low once, but that's just because I didn't fully engage it.

General Comments:

The new 07' styling is great; it has the retro feel with round lights, and better fenders than the last generation. The interior styling is all redone as well, and looks much better in the dark slate than the Khaki.

The new freedom top is their best hardtop yet, but I still went with the soft-top.

The sound system is quite amazing on the base stereo package with its six speakers, but if you really like pounding it get the upgrade (I test drove one with the upgrade, WOW).

The seats are comfortable, and I've put on a few day trips in them so far. I got the vinyl ones so I could keep them clean, but they have stain resistant fabric too. Even the back seats are fairly comfy. They do sit over the rear axle though, so if you really give it over some huge bump, people in the back are going to know it. It's hard to get into/out of the back, but I did get the two-door model, the four door Unlimited’s solve that problem.

The Wrangler still has all the capabilities of the older models, but the road handling is definitely "new school". You can tell that Mercedes engineers had some input into this puppy. My last long term vehicle was a little Honda CRX that was a blast to drive; the Wrangler feels bigger and taller, but no less fun and far more capable.

You can still pop the top, pull the doors and flip the windshield down if you like as well.

I'm eventually going to put larger tires and wheels on this thing as it came with 16's. They look kind of smallish on the Wrangler and definitely won't suffice for what I planned on this thing.

And hey, it's a Jeep. If you don't like the bumpers, doors, stereo, seats, flooring, lights, WHATEVER and are afraid to go after market, just hit up Mopar (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler owned) and change-out your parts for warranty/insurance-covered parts. I got some extended warranty after seeing the issues with my girl friend's VW so I'm making my Mopar wish list so I can still be fully covered under warranty.

I like it so much I tell all my friends they should get one, and I used to be into the small tunable cars! I have no regrets at all with this one.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2007

24th Apr 2008, 20:44

That's not a sales pitch!

I know another Jeep owner who says the same thing!

He also tells me to get out of my Lada and get one, as he reckons it will do what a Lada can do!

19th Nov 2008, 08:13

Mercedes ride??? I think not. My JK Unlimited Rubicon is a rough rider in spite of the suspension improvements. I like to feel the trail, though. That isn't an excuse, either. I'm just inclined to like a vehicle that informs me of the terrain it's crawling over. Be aware, buyers; If it's an SUV you want to drive around town and occasionally take down a muddy driveway or slick road, buy just about anything else. Jeep made the JK to be more comfortable going to and from the trail. It is still a far cry from being as smooth, nice, efficient, comfortable, and spacious as *ANY* SUV on the market today. This is an off-roader. There is simply nothing being sold today that is more focused on off-roading than the Wrangler. So if you need an SUV, buy one. But if you go off-road or trail ride, this is the vehicle for you. See you on the trail.

14th Jul 2009, 22:32

"Mopar wish list"? Yeah sounds like an ad to me. If I was going to spend the money on aftermarket parts, I'd get the ones you DON'T see on someone else's Jeep at every other streetlight..