15th Dec 2006, 15:26

I recently purchased a 1995 Jeep Rio Grande YJ. I bought it with 130,000 miles on it and it stock form. MODS I have made : Airraid throttle body spacer, 2 inch body lift, 31.10.50 MT's, ROCK IT cold air intake, Hi-Flow catlayic converter, series 2 flowmaster, and I removed the belt fan and added an electric fan. With all these mods the little 2.5L 4 cyclinder really opened up, granted the ride quality on the road sucks, when you take this thing off road it's a whole different ballpark, this is a GO ANYWHERE vehicle for sure. I have went places with my 31 inch MT's that a Z71 on 36's with a v8 would think about going. Reliablility- I have put 30k on my jeep now its at 163,000 and I haven't had to do a thing except replace a battery because I have four 200 watt KC lights and 2 rear fog lamps. Other than that I change the oil and filter every 2,000 miles and use Lucas synthetic additive. I changed all the fluids (front and rear diff's, manual transmission, power steering, and coolant) when I bought it at 130k. Another great thing is the design, JEEP hasn't changed much in 45 years, that should tell you something- you can't upgrade a perfect thing. All and all I would recommend a YJ Wrangler to anyone wanting a rock solid never leave you stranded vehicle, although be warned: the ride quality on the road isn't much better than a tractor.

10th Apr 2008, 20:53

I have a question for someone that knows about yj's. I have a friend that has a yj 1995 and whats to sell it to me. It has 100,000 miles on it. I know nothing about jeeps. Is that a lot for a jeep? this jeep is in excellent condition. Never been in the woods. To me, 100,000 mile is a lot for a car but then again it's a jeep. Thanks to who eve responds.

11th Apr 2008, 14:51

To the poster asking if 100,000 miles is a lot for a Jeep.

Not if the Jeep has the 4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine, and it has been maintained properly.

My 1995 YJ has 138,000 miles on it - the 4.0 liter six, doesn't leak or burn any oil, and still runs great.

Proper maintenance is very important.

Also give the Jeep a close inspection for rust - frame & underside too. Rust on the windshield frame is common, but you can always get a replacement.

If the Jeep is the 4 cylinder, I personally would pass.

I feel the 6 is the far superior engine.

7th Sep 2011, 13:18

My 95 4 banger has 106,000 and runs better now than new. It has NEVER seen a winter though.