3rd Aug 2004, 01:04

This is a reply to the above comment.

I have driven the car at 110km/h for short periods of time only. When I did get it that high, it didn't shake. However you hear a lot of noise in the cabin, compared with other cars. If you are commuting to work on a freeway or something, I would probably go after the 1.6 and not the 1.3 (which I have).

7th Aug 2004, 05:51

I have driven this car at speeds of over 140km/hour. At 110km/hour I don't hear any noise. The car feels unstable around turns with the factory wheels, but buying alloy wheels did the trick and now the car feels unbelievably more stable.

9th Nov 2004, 10:14

I own a 1998 1.3 four door KIA Avella and I am having trouble finding parts for it in the US. Is this car the exact same thing as the ford aspire? Can I purchase Aspire parts to fit my KIA with no problem?

10th Mar 2005, 21:32

My Kia Avella is used vehicle in Korea brought here in the Philippines. Everything is fine: fuel economy, handling, gauges among others, considering its price and size. However, I noticed that the doors easily dents when lean and that corrosions starts from the inside.

6th Dec 2007, 01:46

Hi, I'm from the Philippines. I just bought a Kia Avella, and I'm just wondering what kind of fuel we're going to use.. is it special gasoline or unleaded gasoline?... Hear me please!!! Thanx...

3rd Mar 2008, 08:06

I have a KIA Avella Delta 1.5. It's second hand from Korea. It's my first car and we all love it.

It can zoom past bigger and more expensive cars in an uphill climb, and can wiggle through traffic.

There's just this bothersome shaking noise when I'm in first gear and just starting to move (it may be my driving though).

It's dirt cheap and parts can be bought anywhere.

18th Mar 2008, 23:29

My wife and I own a Kia avella since 2004 we bought it here locally (surplus from Korea), the car has good air-conditioning unit, considering that its very hot here in Davao. the parts are all over the place and cheap, its been used as taxis' here. the interior cabin has much more room compared to our other car. When we travel out of town, hwen speed reaches 110km/h it tends to shake my wheel size is 165/65 r 13, I just don't know if I should have a bigger tire size my, engine is b3.

10th Jun 2008, 22:10

I'm an owner of a second hand B5 engine KIA Avella which I bought in 2007 from a local Korean dealer here in Davao. I have not encountered any problem on its engine and running performance since I acquired it. However, I noticed that a power steering oil has been leaking at the assembly. Is there any possibility that the power steering wheel assymbly could be repaired? Or, do I need to replace the whole assymbly because the surplus unit will cost only from P2,500 to P3,000? Also, please help me find a good machine shop here in Davao that could give the best service for KIA avella car. Anybody please?

21st Feb 2009, 03:42

I got a second hand 1.3 Kia Avella bought in 2006... it's been running okay, however, last year I hear knocking sounds at the engine in the morning and this would last for 5 minutes or so... and this would only stops when the engine starts to heat up... we've actually done some repair by replacing the rocker-arm... but it does not fix the problem. What can you advise?

12th Mar 2009, 21:31

Hello guys, I'm from the Philippines. I've been driving my Kia Avella for 5 years now, I bought it second hand from a car dealer. I didn't have any problem with the engine, ever since, though I overheated the engine once due to my laziness of filling up the radiator, but it was an easy fix. I have replaced some under chassis parts like, rock end, tie rods, tri-bearing, velocity bearing and some boots... still I like this car. It's cheap to maintain and runs low on gas.

18th Mar 2009, 05:51

Hi, I have a KIA Avella model 1996 1.5 L engine sedan, I bought it in 2005. It is very economical in fuel consumption, but it has a problem on the highway when it hits 100 km/h; it starts to feel very unstable. So I think it is very suitable for traffic crowded roads only, and not for highways.

18th Mar 2009, 08:04

CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!! I have a Kia Avella 1.3. It's a manual, but I need a gearbox for it, because mine is done. I've been trying to locate one for 4 months now... and no luck if anyone can help me in any way please do. My email add is kemar_450@hotmail.com. THANK YOU.

13th Jul 2009, 07:52

I bought a second hand Kia Avella in August 2006 here in the Philippines, and it has been so dependable for long distance drive as I usually tour the southern central Mindanao. It is so economical too in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption.

24th Sep 2009, 09:54

Hi I am a Kia Avella A/T user. I am happy with my Avella, but recently it gives me this sporadic ticking sound coming from my dashboard, it is going on and off? I sent it once to the shop and the ticking stopped for one day, but on the next day the sporadic ticking sound came back. Can you guys help me as I cannot establish what the problem is? And also, it is so irritating to drive long distances with an ongoing ticking sounds in the background. SOS please?

9th Jan 2010, 22:56

Happy New Year...

I am from Mindanao, can anyone help me to find a Kia Avella, the cheapest in Davao? I've heard a Korean dealer was selling a different type of Kia. Could anyone help me to find contact number or address? THANK YOU, here is my email add and contact number

zandro_95@yahoo.com/ 09099765485/09164404542.

20th Feb 2010, 05:51

I have a 1997 Ford Aspire; the same as the Kia Avella.

I'm trying to find where you can get a new speedometer drive gear that goes in the transmission at an auto parts supplier overseas, it is no longer available at the Ford dealership, the Ford part #17271, the same for a auto or manual transmission. I have also tried transmission shops and that is a dealer item only, my email address is painless1@peoplepc.com.

I can get a used one with wear on it, but would like to get a new one if it can be obtained. An email address where you can communicate with them over the net, would be very helpful, thanks.

25th Mar 2010, 21:36

I bought a Kia Avella on January 2008 here in Davao City, Philippines, I upgraded it with a new mag alloy wheels, new Michelin tires 175/75/r13, the oil is Shell Helix Ultra Super Synthetic, maintained and tuned properly with the best mechanic in town. The car runs smoothly at 120 km/h, it consumed a gasoline at 18 km per liter (long distance) 13-14 km per liter city driving... I love the car, and specially the aircon is very cool in hot weather here in Davao City, Philippines.

12th Oct 2010, 04:09

Where do I find the Kia Avella engine number? It is so hard to find it since I have no idea where it is located. Even the technician I consulted does not know where it is located.

Please help.