5th Nov 2016, 03:25

This also happened to my Avella after I changed the oil plus an oil additive. It disappeared after I changed my oil again, now without the additive...

21st Nov 2016, 08:59

Hi there, good to know your answer. I have such this problem... but where and how can I get the ERROR CODE?

23rd Nov 2016, 06:49

Hi Guys, I just want to have your opinion on buying a KIA... I have these options:

1.) KIA Pride

2.) KIA Avella

Can you give me an idea on fuel efficiency, long ride, engine, parts and other stuff? What's the best option to buy, a Pride or Avella?

Thank you, Jeff of Davao City.

22nd Dec 2016, 12:54

I have a problem with my Kia Avella B3. When I turn on the air con, the RPM drops very low and vibrates the car. Also, when coming to a stop with the air con on, the RPM also drops low, but without the air con the RPM never goes below 800 and it runs good.

Before I suspected that my air con compressor was failing and the engine has a hard time turning it. Time comes my A/C compressor fails, I changed it, but still I have this same problem... I already changed my fuel filter, newly changed my oil and filter, and gapped my spark plugs to 0.044 inch, but still I can't solve the problem.

Anyone with the same problem? Please help... txt me... 09488133349...

27th Dec 2016, 03:08

You should change your axle joint, that is the metal rotating, holding at the center of your wheel, it's only low cost.

2nd Jan 2017, 11:18

Hey guys, what is the problem of my KIA Avella? There is noise (takatak) near the cylinder head and black smoke coming out of the muffler. Hope you can help to fix this problem.

Thank you.

9th Jan 2017, 05:32

You may want to check your engine oil level. Sounds like you have overfilled it.

28th Jan 2017, 20:40

I am looking for rocker arms for a Kia Avella 1.3 2007 model in Manila, Philippines.

7th Apr 2017, 12:41

Check vacuum leaks for your aircon... changing the vacuum tubes may solve the problem...

12th Apr 2017, 13:30

Hello, I have a Kia Avella 1997. At the moment I'm very upset, as after my battery turned down and then was fixed now, I'm experiencing idle and lack of power problems; first ignition fails, the 2nd time is OK, but you have to press the gas pedal to keep it on, then first gear is very slow as if you don't keep pressing the gas it will turn off, then it starts but during the 4th gear and fifth it's very slow, even if the gas pedal is all pressed, power is not there. Air cleaner, fuel filter and plugs are new, and an electrician cleaned the injectors, but it's not OK; sometimes it keeps on idle, but you began to hear slow missing gas, like there's something allowing the gas to be idle, so any help on this issue please? Thanks.

12th May 2017, 10:56

Change the temperature sender or sensor.

19th May 2017, 10:44

Good evening, I'm Ronald from Kidapawan City, may I know him? I also have a problem with my Kia Avella. The ignition coil is heating and the engine shuts down after. Thanks for the favor. 09478939375

9th Aug 2017, 05:57

Try to check the fuel pump. You might need to change it.

24th Oct 2017, 08:11

Change your velocity, or have it re-packed, at least.

12th Nov 2017, 06:08

I'm planning to buy a second hand Kia Avella 2005 model. Is it good? Can anyone give some advice? 09055620305 CDO

12th Mar 2018, 18:04

Hi, I would like to know where can I buy a fuel pump for a Kia Avella? And how much will it cost me? Thanks.

17th May 2018, 02:44

Maybe check your throttle position sensor (TPS)...

6th Jul 2018, 04:21

Sir, has the problem with your car been solved...? Because we've got the same problem... Can you contact me with this number... 09126332257

24th Nov 2018, 18:43

I have a Kia Delta with the B5 engine. Can anyone help me find parts for the Delta, especially the gearbox or transmission. I'll be in Davao by Monday for parts. Any suggestions for a part seller or contact person?