17th Oct 2001, 05:33

My Carens about 1.5 months old and I've been monitoring the fuel consumption since the day I got it. I'm averaging about 8.5 km/l in a mixture of urban and highway driving. Considering that I was getting about 10 km/l in my previous car, I think the consumption is quite reasonable. Anyways, you can never get those test results - I understand they inflate the tires very hard and they do very controlled driving (very un-normal driving). Anyway, I love the roadholding of the Carens during highway driving. Simply superb. If more people know about this, the Carens going to get more popular.

25th Jan 2002, 19:51

My Carens is 6 months old with a mileage of about 8000 km with an automatic transmission. I noted that the fuel consumption is ranging from 8 to 9 km/L in urban and highway. Generally, the car is a comfort to drive. However, I notice occasionally a whistling noise and I found out that if I turn off the AC, the noise is gone. But it is difficult to know when the noise will be appeared and I do not know the cause of this noise. Anybody had a similar experience and know how to fix it?


28th Feb 2002, 01:11

Yes, I do find the Carens easy to handle and it has very good road holding. Fuel economy is around 8 km/l for the auto.

The noise in the air-con and transmission box is due to poor quality. I got it fixed, but it is back within a few days. Anyway, there is 3 years warranty.

1st Nov 2011, 02:19

I bought this car in August 2002 new. What makes me sad is the value is currently at an average of RM25k only.

I've enjoyed driving it since day 1, & agree on the high fuel consumption.

Now after nine years of using it, I spend not more than 3k for major repair/ maintenance. Hope after this, the car still can perform as always, and does not cause me trouble.