2008 Kia Cee'd LS 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Best in class at a low price, and with a long warranty


Only had the car a couple of days, but everything seems extremely well bolted together. 5 years warranty remaining, so if anything does go wrong, it will just be a trip to Kia.

General Comments:

I love this car. I wasn't sure what to expect, having had the comfort and relaxed driving experience of my Vectra CDTI 150.

The Kia is far more fun to drive. Positive and confident with excellent handling.

The 1.6 engine is not as powerful as I've been used to, but is better than I had expected, and on paper is actually a good bit more powerful than most of its competitors.

The quality is second to none, and in Metallic Black the car looks every bit as good as a Golf, and better than a Focus. It's hard to believe it's a Kia. I love it.

For a medium sized car, it is very spacious. The boot is an excellent size, and the rear passengers have oodles of leg room. I don't know how they've done it!

44 mpg on average, which is great for a 1.6.

I have about 700 songs stored on a USB flash drive, which slots neatly into the centre console. I no longer have a glove box full of CDs.

I have nothing bad to say! Get one. You will not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2010

29th Jul 2010, 10:21

Kia seem to be trying to make their name more known these days. It seems that they are building their cars very well to do so. How long this will go on for, as with anything, is unknown. But I'd guess if you're going to a buy a new car these days, Kia or Hyundai isn't going to be a bad choice.

2008 Kia Cee'd 16v 1.4 petrol 109 hp from Romania


A good reliable small compact; decent for Romanian roads


The battery was dead after two months, but it was replaced for free by the dealer - the problem was with the alarm system that was mounted by the Kia dealer after I bought the car.

It still loses the radio station after one hour or so. I am going to the dealer to replace the unit!

General Comments:

98% a very good car -- too bad that the engine that is really small, but the bigger 1.6 liter engine is not recommended for the big price and similar performance.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2010

16th Mar 2010, 03:49

10 000 km is too early to declare the car reliable.

109 hp should be enough, but I think the power is more on the paper than on the road. You really have to rev the engine very hard to feel some power.

2009 Kia Cee'd LX Fresh 1.4 16v from Slovenia


Best car for this price!


- Radio not working properly (CD stops reading; "DISC ERROR")

General Comments:

The car is very pleasant to drive. Car stability is quite good and it is fun to drive a little faster through the corners.

The engine is responsive and "wants" to drive fast and "like" high RPMs.

And the amount of extras is very high, and a lot of them are very usable.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2009

2009 Kia Cee'd GS 1.6 diesel from UK and Ireland


A very good contender in the family hatchback sector



General Comments:

A very roomy and comfortable car, and very easy to drive.

Gearchange accurate, clutch light. The car grumbles along steadily; a 1.6 diesel is never going to be quick, but it does pull well in the mid range, although lower down it is not as flexible as I thought it would be.

Handling is predictable and the steering a little bit light; it is an easy car to park, and easy to get in and out of.

I like the interior. Good seats, nicely trimmed and the plastic is of decent quality.

MPG so far for mixed driving is about 52mpg; OK, but below the claimed average. Aren't they all!

Price isn't as cheap as you would think, but there are good deals to be had if you search the web.

This is a very pleasant, undemanding car and a relaxing drive. Kia should do well with it, especially with the seven year warranty.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009