2007 Kia Cee'd Basic 1.6 CRDi 90bhp turbo diesel from Romania


Price/spec great. I should have bought a second hand Honda


Car is still new at only 10000 km, but I've found the interior really hard to maintain clean.

Also the A.C. filter is low quality, and very expansive in dealer service.

I'm starting to feel that this 7 year warranty will more likely be a burden. As the maintenance prices are quite high in my country. Also the suspension is pretty hard, so if you'll take it on bad roads it won't be kind on your kidneys. Not a bad thing if you've got rocks on...

Oh yes fuel consumption on diesel... forget about it.

General Comments:

Good driving position. Maybe if you could get lower in your seat it would be better. Comfortable for long distances, nice adaptive steering.

The best part is price. For this money you won't get anything but a smaller class car with not as many features in standard spec.

I don't know how Kia dealers treat customers in other countries, but in Romania it's a disaster. When I went for a test drive I knew more about the car than the agent. They are lucky that this car sells on its own. My greatest fear... when I have to service the car.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008

2007 Kia Cee'd SR 1.4 from UK and Ireland


An absolute credit to Kia


The CD player made a very strange noise when I was putting in a CD. It then turned itself off and would not turn back on. I didn't have to drive the car for a couple of days, as it's our family car, and I had been using my car. The car wouldn't start, and the battery was completely dead. The fault was traced to the CD player, which the garage disconnected and ordered us a new one. 7 weeks later the new CD player is still not at the garage and we are musicless!

General Comments:

The car is very nice to drive, either round town or on long motorway trips, and you can have a little fun round the backroads with it.

The gearbox is sharp and precise, although it is a bit notchy at times.

The steering a bit over assisted.

The interior feels very well put together. There is a little bit of cheapness with the gray plastics, but it is a cheap car.

We chose the 1.4 RS for a family car that we didn't want to spend a lot of money buying, and we wanted a nice comfort and kit level.

The 1.4 engine isn't the quickest car to 60, but once it is up to speed, it will sit at 85 happily (I've got my Integra Type-R for speed)

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Review Date: 30th March, 2008

2nd Apr 2008, 05:59

Comments like the one about aren't really valid anymore, Kia as a car company has come on leaps and bounds, their cars are now highly competitive. I don't work for them by the way! It's just a badge snobbery thing, unfortunately.

3rd Apr 2008, 17:28

Hmm OK well I guess it all comes down to whether you can live to that kia badge attached to the car. That will then be your stumbling block you may face when selling on or trading in.

Can't imagine any young trendy image conscious kids would be too happy bout being transported around in a kia!

A kia car has a similar badge kudos to a lada or proton.

2007 Kia Cee'd SR 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Great price, fantastic build quality and a solid car


Nothing whatsoever has gone wrong with the car, but it's too soon to tell if reliability will be a strong point, as I've only had the car for a few days (though I remain very confident).

General Comments:

I decided to upgrade to a Kia Cee'd after owning two Kia Picanto's (which are also reviewed on this site). I felt it was time to own a larger, more stylish car, so when the deal I got from Kia was just to good to turn down, I made the change. (so once again Kia keep me loyal and happy).

The Cee'd is an extremely well built, with a solid feel to everything about the car (from the front bumper, to the rear tail lights). The car oozes quality beyond some strong alternative models, such as the Honda Jazz and Vauxhall Astra etc. Even friends and family (who have paid thousands more for other makes) have all been really impressed by Kia's strong build quality.

The interior materials used, are solid and firm. There are no sharp edges, rough fixings or 'off putting' flaws in the finish - you can say it's almost flaw less.

Driving the car is equally a pleasure, being; comfortable, yet firm, with a relaxed and almost 'posh' feeling that you won't normally associate with a Kia. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm driving, what is 'stereo typed' as a budget manufacturer. Maybe it's time that peoples opinions changed?

I'm happy with with my purchase. Well done Kia.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2008

9th Mar 2008, 10:48

The prime customer base that Kia will sadly never sell cars to; as 'branding' and 'image' is obviously to important.

Personally speaking, I'd rather spend thousands less for a Kia, than drive in a clone car amongst the other 'silver sheep' on the road. I've never lost money on Kia's, and in fact quite the opposite. On my last car change, the outlay was £2800 (the balance to change cars), yet on sale of the same car, I banked £4,100 cash (is that such a loss?).

Equally on the previous change, I resulted in what I can only say was a fantastic deal from Kia. In whole, I love driving my £9,500 Cee'd with ESP stability control, 6 airbags, all round discs, alloys and the full spec (plus I didn't pay out £14,000 for a similar car). Oh, and smile with my 7 year warranty, when others only get just the 3 years.