2006 Kia Cerato EX 1.5 Crdi from UK and Ireland




Front tyres wore down after 8000km, but the dealer had the tracking wrong!

General Comments:

Excellent car, well built, comfortable and cheap to run.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2006

25th Jun 2006, 14:30

We had a Cerato as a hire car in Spain for the week and I thought it was OK. Big enough for two adults + 1 child + 1 week's luggage, comfortable, and easy to drive. The diesal was nice to drive - flexible, but no ball of fire. The economy was excellent. The car seemed well made and hard wearing - better than our Honda Civic.

19th May 2007, 18:29

Update on my car above.

Now have 52000km on her and she has not had any major faults, engine gets quieter with more mileage. Very comfortable car also. Would recommend this car to anyone who wants a lot of std extras, but a bargain price.

5th May 2010, 16:55

I have a 2006 Cerato CRDI. That car is an absolute gem. Very smooth ride and extremely silent inside. Coupled with leather interior, automatic climate control and traction control, it feels less like a "cheap Korean car" and more like its more expensive German counterpart.

2006 Kia Cerato LX 1.6 M/T from Egypt


Very reliable car with a relatively cheap price


Nothing so far...

General Comments:

First of all, I bought this car after a long search and comparison between several cars ranging in the same genre and the same price... Elantra, Optra, Sunny, Gen2, Nubira and finally I bought it coz although this Kia Cerato might not be the best car, it is the best value for a car, meaning it is the best looking car (you can compare it with the Octavia and Corolla) and its fuel consumption is very good coz it has lower horse power than most of them (105HP), which I find a very good option.

It might be poor looking from the inside, but I don't buy a car for its looks, and the performance and the stability on the road are great, and also the spare parts are relatively fair; the front light thing costs almost $90, so it is fair I think... anyways I really recommend this car for all the people whom are interested in the few cars I mentioned above.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2006

25th Nov 2006, 03:24

Yes... the KIA Cerato is a good option... but does it have it all???

Unfortunately, the cars resold in Egypt lack very important features- mainly related to the safety and control. The most important one from my prospective is the ABS and EBD. These features are also lacked in similar cars (Elantra, Optra,..).

Bottom line, if you're looking for a good-looking prestegic family car below the 100K L.E, Cerato is a good option. But if you have a higher budget, you should look for a car that has ABS, EBD,..

24th Nov 2007, 04:38

How can one claim a car reliable having driven less than 1000 km in it?

15th Mar 2009, 17:01

I have the KIA Cerato 2008...and it has 121 horse power not 105.

16th Mar 2009, 13:20

I indeed have a Chevrolet Optra, but wouldn't bother racing a KIA.

And I expect most other cars on your list wouldn't bother trying to race against your Kia Cerato.

26th Mar 2009, 18:42

I think KIA Cerato is the best car in its price comparing with all its rivals, but it is much wider on engine space, saloon and bag space.

Add for previous mentioned, its acceleration is very good and very stable on highways.

Also I've got a 2008 model, and the H.P. is 121.

2005 Kia Cerato LXi 1.6 from Egypt


Nice family car with a lot of potentials


Nothing so far, just hearing some noise from the left side door like if there is something losing up inside.

General Comments:

Nice family car with a lot of potentials.

At first I was comparing the new Cerato with the Elantra, Optera & the proton Waja and I think I had made the right choice.

The car is great till now, very good looking exterior especially if it had sports rims 16” or even 17” :) )

In the interior, it’s very roomy with a nice quality finishing.

Performance is acceptable for such a heavy vehicle (1300 KG), stable & the DOHC 1.6 engine is powerful, it took me from 0-100 in 11 seconds which is good for an automatic transmission 1.6 car … also I still think that the Korean can get more than the 105 hours power from that engine, the Japanese manage to get up to 170 hp in the Honda civic!!

Finally I’ll recommend the kia Cerato especially for whoever wants to combine between the family & sporty car.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2006

2005 Kia Cerato GLS 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


A good buy if the MPG is improved


Fuel consumption disappointing.

General Comments:

Acceptable acceleration, third gear most flexible, 0-60 is better than published specs.

Fuel consumption only 50mpg on extra-urban type runs at 60mph, driven very gently. I find this disappointing as I got 43mpg from previous car, 1.8 litre petrol. Advertised "extra urban" is over 70mpg. Faulty? However I got nearly the same mpg at 70mph on a longer run.

Seats are a bit insubstantial with limited adjustment.

Good level of equipment for the price.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

30th Aug 2014, 09:45

I have a similar model and have wired it up to a Bluetooth OBD reader connected to my Android phone, so now I can use the phone as a fuel computer.

What is apparent is that fuel consumption is very sensitive to throttle input. Consequently hills and hard acceleration really knock MPG.

The car did manage 65 MPG according to the computer, but this was on a round trip of 30 miles doing no more than 50MPH in traffic, and really trying not to use the brakes and accelerate hard. Otherwise an average of 44MPG driven without thought to economy on short journeys, to 55MPG with care.