2004 Kia Picanto SE 1.0 from UK and Ireland


This car cost more than my others, and is the newest, but has never run well from day one


I have had problems from day one since I purchased my car.

Poor running and shaking whilst driving.

Loss of power or no power.

High fuel consumption.

Spark plugs.


Crankshaft sensor.

Map sensor.

Crankshaft pulley bolt.

General Comments:

Looks small, but has plenty of room inside.

Not good for buggies, as my friend's one couldn't fit in the boot.

Looks good.

Low road tax.

Mechanical faults, that I have been informed are hereditary with this model, have let this great little car down.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2013

2004 Kia Picanto GS 1.0 from UK and Ireland




Needs a new crankshaft, loss of power, high use of petrol.

Only done 37000 miles, and is in excellent condition.

General Comments:

The fault was with Kia; there was an issue with 04/54 Kia Picanto crankshafts, but no recall.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2011

24th Feb 2011, 09:24

It's a tragedy that Kia didn't do the extensive research that is needed to put a car on the street... then leave people stranded with a lemon with little or no value. Many manufacturers have had their dark periods... where errors are made in the building and designing of these cars... putting the public in the test rat lab mode as they improve their cars. Toyota is going through theirs right now, but hopefully will fix their problems on some of their cars. It's sites like carsurvey.org that help the public identify problems and potential problems in any car they might buy or lease or trade for...

2004 Kia Picanto GS 1.1 from UK and Ireland




Required a new engine at 49,000 miles.

Required a new clutch at 49,000 miles.

Required a new rear axle at 25,000 miles.

Required a new drive shaft at 53,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is quite nippy off the line, but as you get to the larger numbers of MPH, it takes a while to reach the next number.

Although I have had a few problems with the car, as you can see, it is overall quite a good little car, if a tad unreliable in places.

The MPG is quite good, at max 56 MPG, and lowest at 48. The tank will hold up to £40 worth of petrol, and will last up to 2 weeks, depending on the mileage per day. Currently I am doing around 20 - 25 miles a day, and will fill the tank with £35 every two weeks.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2010

2004 Kia Picanto LX 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Smart and great for town driving, but not reliable


Cd player skipped - replaced but does the same.

Coil needed replacing - no problems now.

Brake pads and discs worn - no problems now.

Brake caliper squeaking - no problems now.

Crankshaft bolt loose - presently trying to sort out.

General Comments:

Loved my car at first, it was cheap which is important as I'm a student, I think it looks very smart and love the bright red colour.

It all started going wrong just after my warranty ran out. I am presently trying to find out about the crankshaft bolt. It needs replacing. I have noticed other Kia drivers have found the same, however my car was not recalled.

I have to say the garage where I take it has the best team, and they have always worked very hard to sort out the problems for me, but I'm feeling frustrated because the car is only 4 years old. I bought it because I was fed up with paying out so much money on older cars, and just wanted something reliable.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

12th Jul 2008, 05:48

We had a 2004/54 Picanto and had a few problems. It is a cheaply made car and not all that sturdy. The new Kia Cee'd model is a WORLD beater in quality, but the Picanto is any older design and the build quality is just not here yet.

We now drive a 2007 Daihatsu Sirion which has suffered absolutely no faults at all; recommended.