2002 Kia Rio Cinco 1.5L from North America


Reliable and inexpensive car


I have had no problems with my Kia Rio during the first year and 22,000 miles I have owned it. Very reliable. I have done nothing but change the oil so far. Tires and brakes are not yet needing replacement.

General Comments:

I am very happy with my purchase.

I was concerned about the power output from a 1.5 liter engine, but there is no need for concern. Power is not stellar, but more than sufficient for commuting. I have driven it skiing, over 11,000 foot Loveland pass, some 10 times in the past year, and it manages the mountains just fine, provided you keep the rpms up, like any compact car.

Comfort is good for commuting, only adequate for long interstate trips. Rear seat leg room is limited, sufficient for my 7 year old, but a bit tight for adults on long drives. Front seat comfort is fine for my 5'10" 245 lbs. body.

Gas mileage is averaging just over 30mph, despite my aggressive driving and high-altitude.

Styling is OK. Most people have a favorable reaction to my Kia, especially when they hear how inexpensive they are. Several of my friends have now purchased Kias (Rio and Spectra) at my recommendation and are happy with the purchase also.

All things considered, nothing very exciting, but a true bargain, and good commuter vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2003

2002 Kia Rio LX 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Terrific value for anyones money



General Comments:

I bought this car on impulse as a Christmas present for my wife.

Waiting for delivery I began to have reservations.

I didn't need to, the car has so far exceeded all our expectations, it is good looking, drives very well, and holds lots of luggage.

The automatic gearbox is smooth and predictable, plus, it can be switched out of overdrive for a little more sporty feel.

With the extended warranty, plus, roadside breakdown cover, there is no other deal on the market to match this little cracker.

Driving over 34,000 miles per year on business, in a People Carrier, the Rio is a great family car for the weekend.

I would recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

2002 Kia Rio cinco 1.5 from North America


A great car for the money!!!


It has been a great car so far.

General Comments:

It goes wonderful through the mountains for a little 4 cylinder car. I live in Las Vegas and my Aunt near LA. It was a great ride. I think that it rides as good as my LHS did.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2002

30th Jul 2004, 12:36

What about gas mileage, my 2004 rio cinco only averages 27 mpg on a 2005 mile trip.

2002 Kia Rio LS 1.5 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic and reliable


I have had no problems at all.

General Comments:

I am very happy with my 2002 Kia Rio Hatchback.

The seats are very comfortable, the CD player is excellent.

Fuel economy has been very good, with most of my driving being half city and half highway driving. My last vehicle was a Holden V6 Commodore so I know what a gas-guzzling vehicle is.

I find the Rio to be smooth driving with a quiet ride.

My hatchback has a very large luggage area and the front seats have ample space for even the tallest drivers. The Rio handles bumps with unbelievable ease with very smooth stopping and starting.

Despite my vehicle being a 4 cylinder automatic, and having previously driven a V6 more powerful vehicle, I have adapted to this zippy 4 cylinder car with ease. It has good pick-up and does not have undue noise when cruising on the highway.

My car has come standard with Air Conditioning and CD player and there is no loss of power when using the Air.

Overall, I am very happy with the 2002 Kia Rio and despite it being less expensive, I don't find the fittings to be cheap. The exterior of the vehicle is modern, sporty and compact, without compromising interior space.

The Air Conditioning is cold and efficient (perfect for Australian summers).

Despite reading bad reviews at times on Kia vehicles, I feel the Kia Rio is not on the lemon list. Firstly it is almost impossible to get a secondhand Kia Rio in this country if they were so faulty surely there would be an influx of these vehicles in used car yards! Secondly I have spoken to other Kia Rio owners who have all been very happy with their purchase.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002

27th May 2010, 07:18

Agreed; I own a 2002 KIA RIO Hatch Automatic, my first 4 cylinder car!!! Good bye XR6.

I loved it from the moment I sat in the driver's seat; comfortable smooth ride.

I have had a minor issue with the rear main seal blowing, but is just general wear and tear, as the car has got almost 300,000kms, 80,000 of which I have driven since purchasing this car 6 months ago.

I love it and would definitely buy another KIA.