2002 Kia Rio RX-V 4 cylinder from North America


A great purchase


As we pulled out of the dealership parking lot with our new car, the driver's armrest fell off. Less than two weeks later KIA fixed this. Before this was fixed, we had a few other problems looked at.

There was a crack in the windshield.

There were a few scratches in the paint.

The door handle was loose.

The hood was buckled and looked uneven.

There were a few other problems, but KIA fixed them all on the warranty.

General Comments:

There is no CD player unless you get the RX-V Sport model, which I find a little strange seeing as this car was made in 2002 and the majority of the population uses only CD's.

In the front legroom is OK, you can adjust the seats a number of ways, but in the back leg room was hard to come by. it was allright for a short trip to the mall, but I couldnt see a whole road trip in the back working out comfortably, that is unless you put your legs up. But I have long legs so this problem might not bother some people.

The stereo system wasn't cheap! It's a very good quality Sony. I saw it in an advertisement and for just that stereo its about 500 dollars Canadian.

The seats are easily folded down for extra cargo room and with little effort can be put back up for passengers.

The price was reasonable considering how new it is and with the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty you can't go wrong. Overall I would give this car an 85% satisfactory rating.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2002

12th Nov 2002, 14:59

I agree with what you said about the Rio Rxv. The only thing I don't like about it the way the hood was designed. It does look kinda uneven. Overall I am happy with it.

2002 Kia Rio LS 1.5 DOHC from Singapore


Budget car


So far so good consider it is a budget car in the first place. It beats dealing with shabby second car dealers.

General Comments:

Some oil stains found on engine, will have to check for suspected gasket slippage.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

2002 Kia Rio LX from North America





General Comments:

We LOVE this new car! It was purchased to replace a gas-guzzler, and as soon as the other car goes kaflooey we'll most likely get a second Rio.

My only concern (and it's a small one) is that the steering wheel is angled quite low so that anyone with large thighs could be uncomfortable getting in or out of the car.

Overall, love it!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2002

24th Jan 2004, 17:46

I'm not sure if you have already done this, but you can adjust your steering wheel. The instructions should be in your manual.

2002 Kia Rio LS 1.5 DOHC from Australia and New Zealand


A neat-looking little car with more room and luxury features than you'd expect for the price


Light in boot was not working on delivery.

Carpet is coming away from the plastic trim used to hold it in place on the passenger's side.

General Comments:

I started out looking for a second hand small car, e.g a Laser or similar, but when I looked at the price of a Rio and what you get for the money, I ended up buying one.

When I first looked inside I saw it had headrests in all five seating positions so I thought it must have been the luxury model, but the dealer told me they only come in one trim level and two body styles. He didn't have to do much selling- the car sold itself.

I haven't done many km in it yet because I've only had it a month but I did an 850km round trip in it last week and it only used $45 worth of fuel. You couldn't get the bus there for that.

Even though the car is easy on fuel, the performance is quite good, and the handling is not too bad either. The ride could be a little softer and the suspension a little quieter but with any criticism you could make, you have to consider the price. It's a joy to drive in the city and the longer I have it the more I seem to like it.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

2002 Kia Rio RXV 1.5L from North America


It's the worst car ever or a I got a lemon


The first week we had it, the rear shocks were loose had to go fix it.

A bad egg smell came strongly to your nose, so they replace both catalytic converters.

Drivers side power window motor went bad.

Both rear wheel bearing had to be replaced.

Know both rear shocks have to be replaced.

Since new we had a brake squeal, but they say it's normal.

Paint starting to chip.

General Comments:

This car is good in cross winds.

There's not a lot of leg room in the back and front.

Poor on gas mileage even if it's a 4 cylinder engine.

You can hear a lot of wind noise.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2002