2002 Kia Sedona LX V6 from North America


Cheaply made, and not supported after the sale


Everything was great for the first year or so, then some of the little plastic things inside the car started to break. Cup holders, etc. The sliding door became stiff and hard to open. After a few trips to the now-unresponsive dealership, I discovered that the warranties were basically worthless.

Right after hitting 3yr/36000 the wiper arms went. The dealership said "they'll see what they can do". They had to order the parts and said they'd call us when they came in. Two weeks went by with no calls, so I called them. They said we never came by to pick the parts up so they assumed we didn't want them and sent them back. Huh??

Around that time the airbag light came on and stayed on constantly. The dealer could find no fault and after paying for "diagnostics", they simply removed the bulb.

At about 48000 miles the right front wheel bearing went out. The dealer said no coverage - normal wear and tear.

That winter, the front windshield cracked. (another common problem I came to found out about)

Right around 60000, the alternator and battery went out. Again the dealer washed their hands of me, I was on my own.

About 80000 miles the car developed an intermittent no-start problem. By now I was through with the dealership, so I went to a local garage that I trusted. One of the cam sensors was bad. My garage had to order the part from the dealership - who said that there was none in the US, and they have never heard of one of these going bad. Sensor located and replaced, and timing belt done while the engine was apart.

The next problem was a lack of air conditioning. It blew warmer and warmer air. I heard hissing under the front of the car. The AC pipes had corroded through. I called the dealership, of course it was not covered even though it was rusted through.

After the A/C went out, we noticed antifreeze puddles under the car. Sure enough the metal pipes under the car for the rear heater were rusted through. They were rusted the whole length of the van! I called the dealership again and they said that they have never heard of such a thing on a Sedona. They didn't stock the parts either. I did some research and found out that this was a very common problem that every 2002 Sedona will suffer eventually. People have had blown engines because of losing all their antifreeze due to these corroded pipes.

One more thing - the headlights only seem to last about a year. It's not like we drive a lot at night, they just blow out bulbs. Vibration maybe?

General Comments:

We were misled about the fuel economy, it actually is far worse than we imagined.

We were misled about the warranty, the coverage is worthless and the dealership will always weasel out of it.

We will not purchase another KIA.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008

2002 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 from North America




1) Rear to Front Coolant Piping Rust.

2) Parking Brake Cable.

General Comments:

Good minivan for the price.

However it's cheap, I would suggest a good undercoating oil or grease everywhere.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2008

23rd Jun 2008, 13:37

The Kia Sedona has the worst depreciation rate of any vehicle. Something on the order of 50% in 3 years. This needs to be factored in when reviewing a vehicle.

2002 Kia Sedona 2.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Dull as ditch water... great?!


Nothing went wrong, sadly. Bursting into flames and exploding, live on TV, would have been nice! So long as no-one was hurt of course.

General Comments:

This is purely subjective, but I think this is the most pig ugly creation vomited forth from Hell's very own car plant.

The Sedona is so ghastly, everyone should have one!

Totally reliable, horrible, comfortable, nauseating, economical load lugger with all the street cred' of a broken, square wheeled shopping trolley.

The interior is as drab as a prison cell, and you have to be some kind of long limbed pre-hominid to reach the hand brake. (Gibbon perhaps)

The sliding passenger doors are fantastic, but the windows don't come down.

The cargo area is very impressive and the seating arrangements, brilliant. I cannot express, in mere words, just how much I hate this 'car van bus' Frankensteinian monstrosity!

The flat floor is a boon when it comes to cleaning, and the seats are so easy to remove, revealing nothing but carpeted flatness.

The above comments may sound confused, but that is the reaction I have to the Sedona... It is good, but given the option, I'd rather walk.

Those that buy the Sedona are either, off the scale genius or certifiably insane.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2008