7th Aug 2006, 14:10

Bought a 2002 Kia Sedona EX brand new in June 2002. Performed regular maintenance and was very pleased up until last year (2005). The alternator completely went and we had to bring it to the dealer. It was still under warranty since it had only 35K miles on it and was only 3 years old. Dropped it off at the dealer who said it would be ready in a few hours - we called them after not hearing from them and they said they had to order an alternator from CA and it would take over a week to get the part! Dealer wouldn't offer us anything for our trouble and basically told us too bad. Finally, after 8 days at the dealership, the part came in and the alternator was replaced. Now the water pump is faulty and we are told it will take us at least 4-5 days to get the part in. (We live in CT, not some distant place!) Car now has 47K miles on it and is only 4 years old.

We will never buy another Kia or any other vehicle from this dealership. They have a "service" department, but they do not offer service of any kind.

29th Aug 2006, 16:32

We purchased our 2002 Kia Sedona used in 2004. We were initially pleased with it.

6 months after purchasing it our temperature gauge went out requiring replacement of the entire instrument gauge. This meant that the odometer didn't reflect the actual mileage, but they assured us this wasn't really an issue.

We took our first trip with it 2200 miles about 10 months later. While coming back home our check engine light came on intermittently, but eventually it just stayed on. When we took it to the dealer it was diagnosed as having emission systems problems along with problems with strut mounts. This was all replaced just inside the 60,000 mile warranty you get when you purchase a used Kia.

Once those repairs were completed we decided NOW was a good time to get rid of this vehicle. We went back to the same dealership looking to buy another Kia (we were still naive) that got better gas mileage. The dealer weren't interested in dealing with us because the vehicle had to be resold as "actual mileage unknown". Since the resale value of the Kia Sedona is poor anyways, this made their offer 8000.00 below what we still owed on it.. and they said they were being generous.

We are now having alternator, AC compressor, interior light and battery problems. All these seem to be mentioned in previous posts.

I, too, will steer anyone clear of purchasing a Kia vehicle. So what if they have a 5 Star safety rating. Any vehicle can have a rating like that if they never spend any time on the road to get into a crash.

I'd like to find a way to spread the "good news" on a mass scale so nobody else gets burned.

3rd Sep 2006, 17:24

I provided a list (two posts above) of problems I'm having with my 2002 Kia Sedona. I need to add these:

Instrument cluster warning lights -- The warning ("idiot") lights for the charging system and brake fail to illuminate even though the bulbs and fuses are good.

Charging system -- The alternator and/or other parts of the charging system have failed. The vehicle will run only until the battery is drained. Then, it stalls.

26th Feb 2007, 13:41

We bought a used 2002 Kia Sedona in June 2006. Everything was fine first 2 months.. then the engine started making noise. we thought it was the a/c clutch. I took it to my mechanic (not a kia dealer) and found out the belts were just weather rotted (van had 59,000 miles on it at that point) Now, we had a blizzard on 2/14/07. My alternator went, took it to the same mechanic, they fixed it, but now my airbag light is on. Not sure if its the Kia problems, or if the snow from the blizzard got into the wiring/engine. Van now has 68,000 miles on it.

27th Feb 2007, 06:56

Has anyone asked yourself why Kia can sell their cars so cheap, even with very good warranties (more about this later)? OK, they may have smaller profit margins than their competitors, but it more probably because they have cut absolutely every corner relating to engineering, parts and customer care. And pertaining their so called warranties, much of the needed work will fall outside the warranty. And to keep the warranties you must do all the work at the Kia dealers and using parts from their inventory at inflated prices.

It's all a scam and a cunningly calculated business model. You think you are buying a cheap car with top warranty, but you are being sucked into a system where the total cost of car ownership is higher than any competitor.

Kia dealers and the Kia organization has a zero service attitude. They hardly bother to talk to you unless you have a fistful of dollars for covering repairs. If you ever want something from them for free you are automatically met with a "this is not a Kia related problem". It's ALWAYS your fault if something breaks down. Your brakes worn out in one year? Your fault. Battery defective after three years? Your fault. Front tires badly worn after just a year? Your fault. Window lifter switch fallen off? Your fault. AC hardly works after three years? Your fault. Your transmission overheats after towing a tiny trailer? Your fault and your problem. "Sure you did not exceed the total weight allowed for this vehicle?". Yes unless towing a 500lb trailer over a flat terrain is too much for this car.

And I can go on and on.

These experiences are based on a 2002 Sedona my sister just sold with a heavy loss. But we found out that it was better to sell with a loss than to continue fighting with these money stealing pirates. Since she is a single mother she has not the time or the money to fight these con-men, so I have done her battles. I've spent hundreds of hours arguing, writing letters, bringing the car to the dealer, picking it up, getting second assessments from independent garages about paid work etc etc. I was so fed up with this car that I actually covered my sisters deficit after she sold it off.

One issue is the zero service attitude of the Kia organization, but the main problem is of course the car itself. If it was reliable it would be no problem, but Kia has been cutting corners in every way. Every aspect of this car is under-designed and under-engineered. It's a large dimension car and hence heavy even if they have used wafer thin metal sheeting in this car. Brakes are under-dimensioned and wears out quickly, alternator is under-dimensioned and hence must work at 100% all time and wears out quickly, AC is under-dimensioned and must work 100% all time and wears out faster than you can say "Kia is a crap car", transmission overheats because it is actually designed for a smaller car and cannot stand the weight of the Sedona, etc etc.

That's how they have saved those extra money. You think you are doing a great deal, but your are be fooled and being sucked into the Kia scam.

Do yourself a favour and stay away from Kia and especially the Sedona.