1st Sep 2009, 02:56

2005 Kia Sedona EX (4 year old hoopty) - 46000 miles.

* Paint shot 3 1/2 years and 39000miles. Clearcoat went bad, flaked off on mirrors and two-tone bumpers crazed and went chalky. Washed and waxed regularly - no help from Kia and their wonderful warranty - dealer actually accused me of wrecking the car and having shotty repairs done.

* Weatherstrip along roof went bad - getting warrantied.

* Headlights went foggy - no help even though it is a safety issue.

* Seat belt covers and seat trim cracked - getting warrantied.

* Steering wheel worn and crappy - no help from Kia.

* Radio buttons worn off, by itself the volume goes way loud and quiet.

* Chrome from interior door handles peeled off, cutting my wife's hand - getting warrantied.

* Brakes didn't last, car would shake when braking.

* Uneven tire wear.

* Shudder in steering wheel.

* Intermittently when the A/C is on, at idle and while driving, the car surges - won't duplicate while it's at the Kia brains trust, so once again I am out of luck.

* No Kias or Hyundais ever again...

9th Nov 2009, 09:44

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona. Over time I had the air conditioning replaced (dealer) 1700.00, rack-n-pinion - 750.00, these had to be replaced within the last year.

Now air conditioning runs, but no cold air. The only way to check this is through dealer, 100.00 for the dealer to check and tell us what is wrong with it.

Now both of the slider exterior door handles are broke. The only way to order and fix is through dealer, costs 700.00. I asked the dealer why the handles break so easy and he said so the Kia owner will have to replace them, more money in Kia's pocket..

I am now driving with 2 broken door handles, no air. I guess this is my punishment for not staying with American made cars, shame on me!!!

I will never buy another Kia.. can't afford to fix them.

16th Nov 2009, 22:06

I absolutely love my KIA! No, I'm just kidding. I haven't had the major problems like most, but wish mine would catch on fire like another's did.

I purchased a 2002 Sedona in 2006 with 22,000 miles on it for $10,000, and thought I had a great deal. It runs fine but here are the problems I've experienced:

Replaced worn out tires shortly after purchase (actually thought someone kept the good ones before trade-in).

Evaporator canister went out after two years.

AC went out around 49k (broken line repaired, then compressor blew three weeks later on vacation trip).

Replaced alternator at 56k.

Replaced timing belt at 64k (manual suggests 60k).

Replaced the front rotors at 66k.

I have an engine noise when in gear and holding the brake (it goes away when I accelerate).

The front end feels loose when on the highway, but still rides decent.

I am currently experiencing power surges in the entire electrical system, which is why I found this site. My wife drives it so I wouldn't be surprised if there are more issues.

I did not get an extended warranty. Who would have figured that a car with 22,000 miles would need any major work until at least 120,000. Now I may have to buy another vehicle long before this is paid off, just so we have something reliable.

I would like to enter it into the annual demolition derby when it is paid off, but I think the sponsors have higher standards. It probably wouldn't run that day anyhow.

18th Nov 2009, 09:16

$26,000 for a KIA? That's at least ten times more than one would be worth to me!

27th Jan 2010, 08:37

My wife's Rondo needs new rotors at 27,000 miles! Dealer says they are not warped so they won't be covered under warranty!

28th Jan 2010, 01:40

The Sedonas (Carnivals) are very bad. And I don't even count flaking paint, sliding door that nearly fall off, interior trim that breaks after a year, light knob with poor connection, tyres that never are in alignment and continuous brake problems. What I'm talking about is engine replacement every second year and bad transmissions.

People are allured by the low price and the generous space this minivan offers, but in the end you can't win with these cars.

So are they all bad? Yes, according to TUV. Actually these cars are the least reliable cars produced the last decade. See the TÜV comments at:



6th Feb 2010, 19:42

I got my KIA Sedona 02 on December 2006, A/C never worked, I have fixed it three times but still not working.

My car key sometimes can't open the front door and sometimes locks by itself, so, it's hard when I take it to the car wash.

I changed the alternator on 2007, tires twice, never got aligned, and it's been three months that it stalls and then dies when I stop using the gas or use the brakes. Today just stopped working and didn't want to start again. The engine light came on. Sedona is at the car shop, I am waiting for the diagnosis, 100 dollars for that. Hope they can fix it.

I have used this car a lot and it has been pretty good for all this use, but I had a Voyager before this one and I sold it because it was stalling and dying, sent it to the mechanic lots of times, lot of money and they couldn't find the problem, I just hope the mechanic can find the problem for the Sedona. But if I have to sell this one, no more mini vans.

14th Feb 2010, 00:22

I have a 2003 KIA Sedona, and for the most part it has been a good car. My headlights do burn out way too often, but that also happened on my Pontiac Transport. I did have a weird engine revving noise shortly after I first purchased it, but it was fixed under warranty. Randomly it would sound like a motorcycle was coming up behind me. Very strange noise.

I have 82,000 miles, and just replaced the timing belt. I was heading out of town today, and as I went up a fairly steep hill, my engine started acting like it was going to stall and the charging system light came on while that was happening. I got off the highway and turned around. It drove just fine all the way home. It's done this one other time, and it was also while going uphill.

I feel lucky that my Sedona has been a reliable car. I purchased a KIA because of the warranty and low price compared to other vans. In view of the recent problem with Toyotas and my experience working with GM engineers, I feel like cars are just a crap shoot, no matter what they are.

14th Mar 2010, 20:35

I also wrote in Aug 2008... I was at the 65,000 mile mark with electrical and windshield issues. Even had some of my wires smolder... can't say flames... thought it smelled like a tire factory.

I got used to the quirks... can even give some pointers such as... when the rear heating line goes due to rot, have yourself or mechanic re-route the rear heating line to your radiator. It works and it's cheaper then relining it around the entire car and having pieces not go back in the right place.

This car is not for sale because I know it too well, and seriously, I am a woman, but completely capable of telling them what to replace without hearing what they think it is... they stopped arguing, I win.

Your electrical issues thru 2002 and 2006/7 are mainly the alternator/battery issues. In some cases, if your wires for your A/C are too close to anything... that bad boy gets really hot... move them over. I have done without my A/C for 3 years now... idling problems only when it's on. Check engine light... click your gas cap a definite three times around... if it still does it, change the cap.

Yes, lots of body problems and sliding doors, fix... wd40 every few months. The parts in the roof, loose their goop. Makes sure your little ones and your dirt driveways don't track small pebbles in the lower tracks... clean it out. 4 kids now since I had only two the last time I posted... it will survive another winter.

Rear hatch gets stuck... use the remote unlock/lock. Even if the sliding doors get stuck. Yep, it works on them too. 3 windshield cracking for nothing... I gotchya... you were thinking low cost and expected high quality as did I... I on the other hand am glad I did not buy that Toyota Sienna... I too dealt with engine rev's at stops and had speed idle control replaced twice. It's generally the same issues repeatedly, you just get used to how much time you have before you have to replace it. It will be the car that will make you a mechanic, and when she finally does her final lap... my next car, I will know what I am doing on checking it out before I buy it.

Here's to everyone being safe in their Sedona.

27th Aug 2010, 00:04

I have a Kia Sedona 2002. It has 56k miles. Have changed the tires 3 times.

31st Aug 2011, 11:30

I agree with anyone who has ever had a problem with their Kia. I own a 2002 Sedona, and would never purchase another Kia. It is really funny how when you take it in for repairs and nothing is under warranty. The rear tailgate latch rusted from the inside, but was not covered. Any needed repairs like the timing belt were not suggested. Please consider your options when purchasing a vehicle, and do the work to check out not only the vehicle, but also the company you purchase it from.

1st Oct 2014, 04:45

You have to push the button on the center console that reads "RR HTR". Push it when you want heat and it'll send hot air through the bottom rear vents. The top vents are only for A/C.