24th Jun 2008, 14:12

I'm a school teacher and I travel 50+ miles roundtrip each day to school. I haven't ever come in contact with anyone who owns a Sedona and I did look at CarFax and it doesn't give any information. It doesn't tell you about any problems the cars may have, it's useless.

I didn't have help in looking for a car, and everyone at the dealership told me how luck I was to get this 2004 Sedona for $7,500 since they were asking 9,000+ for it. Thank God I didn't trade my Buick Regal and am working on getting it repaired, that's after 200,000 miles its one of the best cars I've ever owned. It's been a jewel and I miss it.

March 18th

In February I began having problems, noises coming from the right front. I was unsuccessful getting service appts due to conflicts and when I finally in March had the dealership to look at it, it cost 82.00. They said they couldn't find anything but there was a spark plug miss (P0300) according to the diagnostic test. Evidently they didn't check what I had scheduled the service for, so they say. Even though there will probably be a problem with vibration from the engine compartment, it was not quite time for that problem with mine yet. Seems like according to the other postings, that problem is soon to come. I was disappointed and asked to speak with the manager on duty that day. He rode with me and said it was the struts on the Sedona making the sound, he said he knew it was annoying and probably even after replacing the struts, I would still hear the sound. He said it's a common problem with the KIA. I didn't think it was anything to be worried about.

A few days later

I had to replace the headlight, I thought, no big deal, maybe I've been using my headlights to much in the daytime.

May 2nd

The problem with the frontend became worst, so I setup another appointment to get the oil change and also check the Sedona again for the frontend problems. The brakes had also began to squeak on a few occasions. When the service dept called at school, of course I was handed a big estimate to catch up on service that had not been done prior to my purchasing it, which totaled $1117. This estimate did not include the fact that the struts were leaking fluid and needed to be replaced. Oh yea the brakes also needed replaced and which I agreed to and cost 214.67 which included emmisions/safety inspection.

Next, I had a bad blowout on the interstate and had to do everything in my power not to cause a bad accident. I was blessed no 18 wheelers were around or any other cars at that time, I lost control of the vehicle.

I had to rent a car for a trip because I didn't have money at the time to purchase more tires and I didn't trust the KIA tires. Thank God I didn't take the Sedona, when I returned to pickup my Sedona another tire was flat, even worse I had already used the spare I had, it rained cats and dogs and all the places to fix spares had closed.

I remained positive about the whole situation, by the GRACE of God my tax check was in the mail the very next morning. Thank you Mr Bush for the tax break, however I had to take leave that day to get new tires which cost again.

Now the transmission or engine seems to be giving me a problem, I don't know. I don't have the money right now to get my Buick repaired or the Kia since school is out for the summer. I don't know if I will have transportation when I return to school in August. I hope to trade it but I've read the postings and seems there's no luck there!!

Sorry, Sad and Sick of BEING in a KIA!!!

February 15th Purchased 2004 Used Kia - $7500

March 18th Service Appt - Right front end -$82.00

May 2nd - Inspection/ Oil Change/Brakes 214.67

May 28th Purchased 4 new tires - $311.37.

24th Jun 2008, 20:56

Hello, I have a 2002 Kia Sedona. For a while it gave me good gas mileage (23-25 mpg) but now the mileage is lousy.

The passenger front door outside handle has come loose and trying to get to it to repair it looks like a very long job.

The right front tire wore very unevenly.

Rust specks on the front are a problem.

Left front brake pad wears much faster than the right front brake pad.

Inside seating is very poorly arranged for carrying any luggage.

Otherwise, the van rides very well and handles great.

15th Jul 2008, 13:52

We have a Kia 2.9 and our engine management light came on. It stalled, and now it will not start at all!!!

Because we live right at the top of the country (Scotland), there is no one up here with the knowledge or equipment to look at it, so it has been lying in the drive for the last month, going nowhere. The nearest Kia garage is over 100 miles away. What now???

29th Aug 2008, 22:08

I have 2002 KIA SEDONA. My problem is when I make a right turn, the van loses power while the van is still running and it makes a grinding noise. I have to turn off the van, then restart it. I have taken it to dealer but they could not figure it out. Is any one else having the same problem?

10th Aug 2009, 09:36

Bought 2002 Sedona Kia in June 2009, only 56000 miles, paid 4200.00. After no more than one month, the transmission won't shift unless you let off the gas. We was going up a hill and it wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour. We made it back home, but I wished I would have read up on the Kia Sedona. Really thought the car salesman was honest; even had a mechanic look at it and had a carfax; still it is a piece of junk.

Don't ever buy a vehicle that the car sales man has you sign a paper saying you will not sue him. Hello, what was I thinking, just because he seemed so honest. Right. I am not going to invest a lot of money in something that I believe is a money trap. But if anyone knows a simple fix, let me know.

19th Aug 2009, 16:05

I bought my 2002 Sedona new in 2002. Here is my list: radio dies and does not turn on. replaced

Blown transmission line, towed and replaced, 3 sets of tires, 2 alternators, Ac does not work beyond anemic, Lost transmission in New York (I live in MA) replaced, 3 broken exterior door handles (Snapped in two) tie rods have gone twice, Front bearings replaced - alomst lost front wheel. Back Hatch latch has broken twice, Rust along front of car, Windshield wiper transmission broke- Seat arm rests constantly loosening up and becoming floppy, Seat are a real pain to put back in and make sure they latch safely - they tilt forward dangerously not correctly in position, My check engine light has come on, gone off gone on multiple times - I am now told I need new catalytic converters - I am also told cylinder # 6 is misfiring. I will NEVER BUY A KIA AGAIN...