18th Feb 2008, 20:40

My Kia van sucks... do not buy one. I can't get ride of mine. I have replaced everything and I mean everything in it. my Kia trained dealership says they don't know what is wrong with it (hows that?)...but true. Absolute hunk of junk.

9th Mar 2008, 14:05

The windshield wiper problem is because the plastic connectors on the linkage assembly break. I am on my second set. Eighty-five dollars plus tax for part. At eighty thousand miles our 2002 Sedona has had this repaired twice once under warranty, second time by me. It is not too bad of a job.

The alternator was a different story. I went with a refurbished one and did it myself for one hundred fifty plus twenty for a new belt. Big job, took about four hours to get it out. The bottom bolt will not come out unless you wedge the engine over a quarter inch. I used a splitting wedge in the motor mount. To release the belt you must first loosen the bolt in the center of the pulley then loosen the bolt on the tensioner. You get access through a panel in the wheel well. You must remove both fans and bring the alternator up past the radiator, so be very careful.

We bought it new in 2001. No rust, but we live in North Carolina, so not much snow.

Windshield cracked seven hundred dollar, didn't realize it might have been covered by warranty.

Back door sticks and has been repaired twice.

AC died last summer and was at dealership three times over the summer. We really never had AC last year, they replaced the high pressure hoses and dryer, but no the compressor which is now making noise and the green light on the switch goes on and off, so I don't have high hopes for it working this summer.

Check engine light was a constant problem until the sixty thousand mile warranty ran out and suddenly it was the charcoal canister. Six hundred dollars.

I will keep trying to fix it myself because I just can't afford the high dollar dealer repairs.

Sometimes you can get a better deal at a small shop. I got the front wheel bearing done for two hundred and fifty dollars when the dealer wanted four hundred.

My son won't drive the car because the front end alignment is so bad. The dealership messed it up at thirty thousand miles when they replaced the tires. I took it back three times before they refused to fix it again.

I won't buy another Kia, and can't sell this one because it's worth so little on a trade.

16th Mar 2008, 15:12

I bought my 2002 Sedona brand new in Aug,01. We have had a lot of problems, and it drives me crazy that the dealer has to "order" every little part! It eats tires like crazy! I bought some at 60,000 mile tires at Sears, and they lasted 20,000. They would not replace them because they said I did not keep them aired up. I have owned many cars, and never need to air them up between oil changes! The air leaks out of them somehow. I'm getting another set this Thurs. I only have 61,000 miles on my van and this will be the 4th set of tires, I just had a blow out! The windshield wiper has left nice scrapping marks off the driver side window through the paint. It was some connector thing. At about 58,000 miles my van died and the dealer said I had goo built up in the engine, and I had to prove that my oil had been changed on time! I did that so it was covered, but then I had to pay $600.00 to replace belts and other scheduled maintenance. The plastic door an my fuse box broke off the first year I had it, and both mirror on the visors have broke off. It never holds a front end alignment, and I don't hit curbs! The paint chips SO easy! I'm trying to get another year or two out of it, but if I have to keep putting money in it, I will get rid of it, and like the rest of you, I will NEVER buy another Kia!

26th Mar 2008, 16:17

I am one of the "lovely and proud Kia owners." I have a 2002 Sedona and I swear by now it is a brand new one.

I have replaced the transmission, motor, alternator, water pump, battery, etc.

Now the A/C Compressor is out.

The driver's door handle (interior) is broken, and I have to roll the window down to open my door, the outside door handle is broken on the driver's side slider door, the airbag light has been on for two years (or more).

I go through tires like crazy, gas is crazy, the clock is crazy, the mirrors on the visor covers (both sides) have shattered (I'm really not THAT ugly LOL), the passenger side exterior mirror got broken and had to be special-order replaced by a glass maker in town and ended up costing $85 (CRAZY).

When the engine blew, I was given the option to have the engine replaced or get a different vehicle.

I thought that I loved my van and knew the history of it, and thought my problems were about ended, but, no, new day new problem.

Although I love the way it drives and rides, I am just about sick of it. I can't afford to even put gas in the tank anymore, let alone continue paying to PATCH the problems until the next one comes around.

I do NOT recommend Kia to anyone. It was a relief to read everyone else's problems. Makes me feel better knowing that I am not alone and that the van really is the problem, not me.

28th Apr 2008, 15:00

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona van.

4 months ago, it would not start. Let it sit, then it started up and drove fine till 3 days ago. Now it will not start at all. We replaced the neutral safety switch, nothing, then had the starter checked, and it is fine. What could be the problem?

This is my email - abdolori69@yahoo.com. Thanks.

9th May 2008, 19:16

OMG, my friend's gonna buy a Kia Sedona. Should I stop him?

13th May 2008, 20:46

Amazing - I feel sick reading all these comments. I just replaced a battery tonight and thought I could find out why my idiot lights are still on. Now I find my little problems like the wipers not sweeping correctly, the idiot lights are on, replaced the radio once, the doors jam and my right hand turn which causes a beeping sound and brake light to blink is happening to someone else! How ridiculous. I thought about trading this on a newer model - but now NO WAY!

Now what?

28th May 2008, 16:45

I am also a Kia Sedona 2002 owner. I have been around the world with mine, so I can tell you the answers to some of your problems above.

1. My van missed and stalled out a lot: After trying everything, I did a complete tune up, plugs, wires, and changed out all the coil packs for miss fires. Use original Kia plugs..OK.

2. I have had major Cat. Converter problems. These puppies ain't cheap, but you better change the O2 sensors when you do the converters as well. These can cause the engine to stall.

3. Change the timing belt. These vans idle badly, timing is crucial.

4. The Mass airflow valve has been changed on my van as well. Mine was stuck open causing car to get too much air and causing it to hunch and jerk, even when I was at a red light in idle.

5. Change the alternator and the battery at the same time, also change you alternator belt. The original 02 Kia Alternators are crapppp! I got mine from O'riley's and it has been great.

6. Fuel gauge. When my gas pump cuts off, I can still put 3-4 gallons of gas in my van. There is something about the way the air escapes the tank that causes the pump to think it is full when it isn't, so a lot of people might be only filling up 3/4 of a tank.

I hope this helps some people in some way. My van is still real crappy, and I have not fixed my AC problems yet just for lack of money, but I can say the above things I have done seem to have worked out well. Just remember people, you get what you pay for... Kia vans are crappy, cars are OK, but the vans are just crappy.