12th Aug 2007, 18:09

Same problem as everyone else. I would be interested if anyone is looking at a class action down the road. The safety issues are a great concern to me. We bought ours in 2001 (2002) model.

The air conditioner stopped working after about a week, and was replaced or fixed/refilled, and still never worked for four years. It was in and out of the shop at least a dozen times with fixes, and still does not work. I think they just push you off until the warranty runs out on your particular problem...

The alternator has been changed several times, and the battery was replaced. There is a constant, and has always been, a constant shudder in the steering. The brake thing happened to us as well - vehicle did not stop!

I bought mine in the US and moved to Canada - so on mine I actually ended up paying duty, taxes and PST on it after all of the problems -

The dealership would not honour the warranty in Canada - even though they had the same vehicle on their lot. We finally found one who would honour it and arrange everything through the US customer service.

Still the same problems...

All of the chrome on the inside started peeling about three years ago... cut hands on the door opener...

All of the seat belt covers in the back have broke in two pieces - normal use - just crap...

I am way past fed up - I will drive it into the ground and never get a KIA again.

I would like someone to setup an online database or something where people can sign up and we can get some actual statistics on all of this - there is definitely something wrong if everyone has the same problems...

I have asked several times at the dealership about recalls on most of these problems... yeah right...

I do not work or have any family or friends in the automobile industry.

I am just hosed like so many others.

18th Aug 2007, 13:26

I bought an 2002 Kia sedona used for $4900. I have put at least $5000 into it since I purchased it. Bad cad. converter cost me $1200, O2 sensors, timing belt (my choice on this one). AC sucks!

My main problem is this strange engine surge when the car is in drive and I am stopped at a red light. My mechanic (who is not a kia mechanic) has checked everything on the car. The surge/miss does not trigger a check engine light, but it does it all the time. It drives me crazy. It stalls out a lot too.

I like the van cosmetically, but these engine problems are crazy. Anyone having the same issues or know of a fix???

2nd Sep 2007, 06:54

I have a 2002 Sedona 2.9 diesel (UK), all the usual cosmetic problems, plus AC de-gassed where pipe wore through on retaining clip in engine bay.

Biggest issue now is the engine, I'm driving long normally, put my foot down and the engine dies back. doesn't stall, just no throttle, then suddenly it will pick up again after anything from 5 to twenty seconds.

Stop the car, she idles fine, push on the gas, nothing - no revs, then she'll be fine, drive off, go a mile if you're lucky and away she goes again...

4th Sep 2007, 11:05


Bought a 2002 new in '02. Overall good vehicle. Our issue it seems like many others is rust. Does anyone have a solution or any luck pursuing KIA?

17th Sep 2007, 00:42

I just bought the 2002 Sedona EX a month a go.

1) After a few days: Check Engine.

2) No A/C

3) Couldn't open the back door, my 4 years old daugter pushed from inside to open it.

4) The car is rusty every were!

5) The car doesn't stop sometimes!

22nd Sep 2007, 08:01

We got our 2002 Kia Sedona EX in June 2007. It has been a headache since then. 2 weeks after we got it the check engine light came on and it would stall. Also the AC went out.

I took it back to where we got it, they had it 2 weeks and replaced the AC and said my gas cap was loose. Next day the light came on again. They replaced the charcoal can.

2 weeks later it would stall and not turn over. They replaced the mass airflow and battery.

2 weeks later did the same they did the alternator.

3 weeks later the same thing. Mass airflow again. It is there now with the transmission.

They some how don't cover all this so we pay! All together it's been $100 or $150 every time and $300 this time. Oh, and it was taking $70 in gas to go 150 miles every time the mass airflow went out.

29th Oct 2007, 16:09

I am sadly becoming part of this group.

I bought my KIA used last year in Sept. 2006. The air conditioner/defrost went out in early 2007. Luckily I had the extended warranty. The dealer had told me when I bought it they had all of the 60,000 mile maintenance done.

In the summer of 07 I was told by my mechanic that I needed a radiator flush and refill. I said how can this be... it was done by the dealer less than a year ago. When I confronted the dealer they of course said that sometimes this happens. I don't think so... After an intense argument they finally agreed to do it for free. When I had it checked after the 2nd time they said that the dealer probably did not do a full flush... just drained and filled. I recently took it in for running rough. Luckily the repairs are covered under warranty... but they missed that the CV boot was torn. I found this out when getting a oil change in between the time for waiting for the ordered parts.

Also the retractor mechanism is out in one of my seat belts. Not covered by warranty. I think that is ridiculous. Other KIA models have had recalls on their retractor mechanism, but supposedly mine is not related. Whatever! I am stuck with it. I dread the day the extended warranty runs out. I can't afford to change my mind at this point.

I miss my Pontiac Montana. Had it forever with no problems till an accident that wasn't my fault. I hope and pray this is the last repair for a while, but I fear it will not be. I hate my KIA Sedona... I hate my dealer... There is no customer service there at all... But I bet that is because they have very unhappy customers coming in all of the time...

I have learned my lesson... next time I buy a car I am goggling... I hate my (insert vehicle here) to see what people are saying... if I would have done that before I bought my KIA I would have bought the less pretty car and not let the sun roof tempt me.

30th Oct 2007, 12:09

2002 Sedona. 90k miles.

Tailgate rust. Poor AC. Tires never look inflated properly even when the gauge shows they are at the proper PSI. Windshield wipers don't know when to retract and wipe the metal columns beside the window. Alternator died once. Seems difficult for the mechanic to keep it aligned (we bought a lifetime alignement from Firestone luckily). Temperature on the clock stopped showing up one day. Clock and other functions still work. 1 broken windshield. Other than that, it's been a good van. Given what we have put into it, I'd consider it to be average. Things do break once in a while. Would I buy another Kia? No. But then I wouldn't buy a GM product either for the same reasons.