29th Dec 2003, 14:59

I too researched all the minivans out there and read the negative comments about the kia sedona- We bought a 2003 and 3 months into it I regret it. Our car makes a rumbling noise when driven- the dealership said they all do its just the struts. Who wants to listen to strut noise on a $22,000 car? and in the first 3 months. Then the intermittent wiper does not work anymore and the car stalls out. Now what?

19th Feb 2004, 13:19

You mentioned losing your presets in your radio. Kia has a theft prevention feature that prevents the radio from being used if it is stolen. You need to get the code from the dealer and re-enter it into the radio. After that, the radio will work again.

25th Jun 2004, 08:32

I own a 2003 EX, and a 2004 DX, and love them both. I had a rumbling sound on my 2003 and the dealer looked into it and found there was a mounting bracket problem. Once replaced I have not heard the noise since. There was also some noise from the power steering pump which was easily fixed when the dealer changed out the fluid and flushed it. For those of you that have problems, check for recalls or service bulletins on line. The NTHSB keeps these, and they are easily accessible.

2nd Nov 2004, 13:24

I just purchased a brand left-over 2004 Kia Sedona Minivan. With just 1,056 miles on the odometer, I have to listen to strut banging and wheel hopping noises everyday. The dealer has checked-out the vehicle (2) times and has told me " All 2003-2005 Kia Sedona Minivans have very noisy/loud struts that make banging sounds. Why would Kia build a $20,000.00 + minivan with bad/noisy struts? As both an auto technician and an owner of an independent auto repair center, I'm simply disgusted with this entire situation. The dealer advised me to purchase aftermarket struts for my vehicle, as it would cure the problem. This really confuses me?, as I just paid $20,000.00 for a new van. Buyer beware!

9th Nov 2004, 14:35

I bought a 2004 EX with all bells and whistles... The first thing I noticed was the same noise from the front passenger strut (or suspension). Dealer told me that the struts aren't leaking and appear fine and that a lot of people complain about it. What is puzzling is that the noise is most obvious when driving slow and on the smaller bumps. It's like a delayed effect, echoing a bump previously hit, as if something were loose and shaking. Unfortunately, something will have to break before it can get diagnosed.

Other than this, the van seems to be a great deal for the money. My family loves it.

22nd Nov 2004, 10:39

We bought our KIA Sedona 04 last March. Few months later-summer time- I started to hear this noise, a loud humming sound with vibration under the engine area; it can also be heard and felt at the backseat area. The problem is that it happens randomly. When I brought it to the KIA service department, I told them that it happens randomly. But they told me they cannot do the repair unless they see it themselves. Thanks KIA for the solution!

Note: In my case the van seems to run better with chevron gas 87 octane.

9th Dec 2004, 13:20

I have a KIA Sedona 2003 also with strut noise. The dealer replaced them and still have the same problem. KIA told them they are aware of the bad struts and I'll have to live with it. That's terrible. Did anyone try an after market strut, if so did it cure the problem?

12th Jan 2015, 06:04

I bought a 2003 Kia Sedona, and I was driving it one day and went to turn the corner and it stalled out. I re-started it and the check engine light came on, drove it another block and it stalled out again. I finally got it to start and stay running once it warmed up. The next day I went and started it to let it warm up, and it stalled out again as it was idling, and it took me an hour to get it to stay running. The radio has a glitch and is stuck on one channel now. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and got it fixed, or knows what it is that makes it keep stalling out.