2003 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 liter from North America


An imported sour lemon.


Since picking up our new car from the dealer one month ago, we have had our Sedona in the shop four times because of electrical problems.

Four computers were replaced.

Spark plugs replaced at 600 miles.

Four coils replaced.

One ignition sensor replaced.

Currently, the car in back at the dealer's because I could not start it and they think it is a bad fuel pump at 732 miles.

Lost all radio presets on FM radio.

General Comments:

When I had the car and it was running... it was a nice ride.

The seats are comfortable and roomy.

I bought the Sedona because of the price and five star safety rating.

However, due to so many problems especially so early in owning the vehicle, I can only hope to be able to declare this car a lemon and to get a full refund.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2003

20th Nov 2003, 08:32

As another Kia Sedona owner, you seem to have had many more problems than others.

If I were you, I would return it for another Sedona. I would question whether this vehicle has ever been under water, with what you've described. Maybe someone besides a Kia dealer can inspect this for you.

Good luck with your return!

2003 Kia Sedona EX V6 from North America


Great, value-priced van


Nothing...so far, so good.

General Comments:

Best mini-van value for your money. Only a few months into this van, but so far not a single complaint.

We checked every van out there, as most people do, and found there is simply no reason to spend the extra 5-10 thousand for the "others".

The 10/100K powertrain and 5/60K bumper to bumper make this a fairly risk free investment.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

2003 Kia Sedona LX from North America


A lot of van for $20K


Nothing so far, But I'm waiting.

I am 6' tall. Would like 1-2" more driver leg room.

Gas mileage bottom of all new vans (18mpg combined).

General Comments:

Mine was a dealer driver. Came with 6K miles. Has every option except back warning system.

Great van so far. Absolutely no problems. Was scared to buy with little Kia track record, but previous van was a Windstar and the '95 I own is the worst van ever built, so the Kia's gotta be better.

Basically, It's too new to know much.

Ask me again in 5 years.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2003

2003 Kia Sedona EX-L V6 from North America


A van with attitude, and it's got the muscle to back it up


Nothing has gone wrong yet, since it's brand new.

General Comments:

Great van.

Leather seats are very comfortable with excellent space all around. Actually looks like a Lexus inside, due to the luxurious feel and look.

Heated seats, A/C, power locks and windows. Power Sun Roof.

Haven't seen too many Sedona's around considering Kia isn't too popular at the moment. And fortunately because of that, the price was extremely low. $30 000 CAN fully loaded EX-L model.

Dealer was great. It was our second dealer and made us a great offer.

Dash board is modern and easy to use. The "wooden" trim adds a nice touch.

An extremely fun and reliable van.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

14th Jul 2005, 12:36

Well, now that you've owned your Sedona for two years, what do you think of it now. Are you still enamored with it or has your opinion been jaded somewhat? I'm interested in your comments.

2003 Kia Sedona EX 3.5L V6 195 HP from North America


This KIA Sedona is the best minivan on the market today in terms design, safety and economy


No problems.

General Comments:

This is a very sharp looking vehicle, both inside and out.

The interior is well designed, with more cup holders, glove compartments, sunglasses holders, map compartments, etc, than most competing minivans.

The V6 engine provides power to spare and it handles well on corners.

Gas mileage could be better.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2003

9th Jul 2003, 00:57

Super Mega thumbs-up on this one.

Just traded my 2000 Explorer for this puppy. I'm a six foot,two hundred, fifty pound man who has no problems with two car seats behind me.

A super quiet van, you can't hear this thing running. Forget about road noise also.

This vehicle is simple and fun without a lot of bells and whistles. I had bells and whistles, but never used them so why pay for stuff you don't use.

14th Jan 2004, 13:11

I have been very happy with my Sedona, power, handling etc. However what is with the ash try lid. This little puppy fuels my road rage, sometimes it locks, sometimes... most times it doesn't. I have tried everything under the sun to get the lock to engage with little success. I have had it looked at once already by the dealer, but still it is hit and miss. Anyone else experience this?

13th Jan 2006, 00:04

I cannot fathom how anyone could call this the best minivan on the market. I suspect the reviewer has never owned another minivan. My Sedona has been a complete lemon. Even if it ran properly, every part is of the cheapest quality and the customer service is terrible.