2003 Kia Sedona LX 6 cylinder from North America


Worst vehicle I have ever owned.


This vehicle began having problems immediately after purchase and was taken in for repairs with only 300 miles on the odometer. Over the first 23 months, it was in the shop 14 times.

Problems have included several battery failures, the failure of the distributor and several other engine parts, broken doors, the lock system, cruise control, warped dashboard and stereo failure.

Last August, the vehicle's engine seized. Despite my 17 service visits over 23 months, KIA accused me of improperly maintaining the van and refused to pay for damages. After an intense search for reparations, I found the BBB Auto Line arbitration service, which ruled in September that KIA was negligent. The manufacturer was ordered to make all repairs.

The van was returned with a new motor (supposedly worth $7,000) and now runs. KIA, however, has refused to cover the cost of my vehicle payments (I went three months without vehicle) or for the car I had to rent on occasion.

I have reported KIA to several consumer agencies, including the state Consumer Affairs Division and the FTC. Several investigations are pending.

I have approximately 200 pages of paperwork to verify all claims, and I would love to share this evidence with anyone considering doing business with this company. I will never buy another KIA, and I have made it my life's crusade to dissuade anyone from ever wasting their money on one of these cheap, unreliable vehicles.

General Comments:

Poor, unreliable vehicle and terrible customer service. I strongly recommend avoiding the Sedona and anything else made by KIA.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2006

7th Feb 2006, 19:25

If the truth be known, I believe many weary Sedona owners would be more than happy to join you on your crusade.

I just rid myself of my 2002 LX and wow, what a relief. You can review my ownership experience by clicking on "Hopeless" under year 2002 in this site.

Hopefully, for potential buyers, the new 2006 version of the Sedona proves to be more reliable and less costly to maintain and repair than the current version.

My 2002 Sedona was not a "stellar" vehicle, if you get the parallel. It was in the dealers shop on numerous occasions for repairs and maintenance. Maintenance costs are outrageous. Parts costs were atrocious. The alternator failed at 102,000 kilometers, just out of warranty. The dealer wanted $1,100 to replace it. The dealer price for an air filter element was $42 and spark plugs are $18 a piece. Aftermarket parts for Kias are not readily available in Canada yet and Kia and its dealers know that. Your in for a surprise when the timing belt needs replacement.

My Sedona became a sharp pain in the wallet so I traded it on a new GM van. At least parts are available and a lot cheaper and, every mechanic in town can fix it. Think about that before you opt for a Kia.

21st Feb 2006, 19:00

...I was thinking of buying one... I definitely WON'T now...

30th Jun 2011, 04:40

Kia Sedona! You get what you pay for. If you want a vehicle that has low running costs and cheap to repair you need to buy a bike.

I've owned my 2004 Sedona for 4 years. Yes they have problems, but as a garage owner there isn't a car that does not. Look after them, they provide good work horses.

The space inside is class leading. The engine is noisy but gives a sense of how strong it is. I tow a large caravan with mine no problems. It's done 75 k, it had the usual new alternator, new steering rack, new starter. Agreed, parts aren't cheap, but no big diesels are.

Make up your own mind. Nothing is perfect. Not the best, but find a car that is.

2003 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 from North America


A lot more van than other manufacturers for the money, but will have to trade before warranty ends


Radio volume turns up on its own occasionally. Had it replaced and it still does it.

Front rotors warped at 20,000 miles. Had rotors turned and replaced pads. Problem returned after 8,000 miles. Dealer says no problem found, must be driver.

Left side sliding door handle broken at 36,000 miles. Dealer had to order handle, have it painted and then install it. Handle itself is chrome, but housing is painted. This would be an expensive handle if not for warranty.

General Comments:

The motor has good power, but the van itself is corner heavy in a hard turn. How much more would a good sway bar cost to add in production.

Not much trunk space.

Back seats lean back against rear glass.

Seats are comfortable.

Factory tires are cheap.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2006