2003 Kia Sedona from North America


A piece of junk


Check engine light has come on 7 times in less than a year, 3 times in less than a week. Am told could be 1 of 250 reasons, of which cause not found yet with all the service calls.

Has been returned to dealer for recall items.

Have had fuel line problems.

Axles replaced.

Transmission fluid leak.

A/C cooling system.

Brake replacement.

Gas needle had to be replaced.

Clips broken to gas line.

General Comments:

I feel the car is a piece of junk.

Very misleading on the 100,00 mile warranty.

Purchased the extended warranty, limitations on what covered with that.

Has been a very disappointing experience.

Will not purchase another KIA product.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2006

8th Sep 2006, 10:03

Have the dealership replace the gas cap. I have a KIA Sedona '04 model and that was a problem with mine. The computer thinks that there is a gas leak. The dealership I was going to said the same thing about mine, but I went to a different dealership and they replaced the gas cap and no more problems. I think these are awesome vans, but when you have stupid people working on good cars, then you have a problem.

2003 Kia Sedona LX 2.9 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic value for money


None - none at all.

General Comments:

This car has been fantastic. We bought it for long distance runs up and down the UK, and it has just kept going and going.

We were put off the Voyager by the weight of the rear seats, however those in the KIA were very manageable and easy to operate; I seem to have to rearrange them for every other trip.

One strange reason for a MPV (UK) Minivan (US) is so that our autistic son can see more of the countryside, and boy he appreciates it,. so in all, we have cheap travel with no wear on the nerves of any of us.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

2003 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 V6 from North America


Good deal, until you drive off the lot


Front brakes been replaced after the dealer said they were already replaced.

Recently the engine light came on, dealer said that the engine was running on only five cylinders.

Stereo CD doesn't work.

General Comments:

Thought I was getting a good deal, now I feel like I'm the butt of a joke.

The minivan is cheap, but still not worth the problems. With all the repairs, the van costs more than a high end mini van.

Interior is large, but not much storage room in the back.

The stereo is crap.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

20th Jul 2006, 07:53

The van is junk...I've got $2000.00 worth of repairs and the van has only 100,000 miles... (Steering issues!)

6th Sep 2007, 17:13

Bought mine used, it's a great vehicle! Only real issue was the alternator, difficult to replace. Drives like a dream. Handling is tight.

2003 Kia Sedona LX from North America


Comfortable, roomy, gigantic headache!


Electrical problems at 200 miles. Bad housing.

Windows are slow to go up--1000 miles.

Cup holder has broken twice in 3 years.

Car has begun stalling at stoplights for the last 5000 miles and the dealer can find nothing wrong with it.

I just had a flat and removed the spare. Very poor design--the spare is sitting up so close to the exhaust that it has melted two spots of tire. My tire guy said this could blow out badly with the weight of the car on that tire.

Don't buy this vehicle unless you like the service department!!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2006

2003 Kia Sedona EX 6 CYLINDER from North America


The Sedona is safe, inexpensive, and practical for a family of modest means


Rear window wiper motor went bad at 25,000 miles, dealer replaced as per warranty.

Airbag warning light went on and stayed on at 27,000 miles dealer repaired as per warranty.

The dealer repaired three recalled components at regular maintenance servicing.

The windshield is severely cracked and will be replaced.

The vehicle paint has been chipping and rusting on the hood since the second year I owned it.

General Comments:

I didn't expect a silk purse from a sows ear when I purchased my Sedona. I expected problems and had them, but the dealer has been very cooperative in repairing problems as they arise.

It does what it is supposed to do, as an inexpensively produced minivan it performs well for its intended purpose, i.e. hauling my kids to basketball practice and family trips to Grandma's. My wife doesn't work and I'm not going to invest in a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey for such suburban activities.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2006

16th Feb 2006, 20:34

I am very glad to hear that you don't have to pay a fortune for family fun. I am currently looking at the 2006 redesign which looks very much upscale, but I am very refreshed at the idea that more money isn't always the way to go!

Thank you!

6th Mar 2006, 12:42

You can spend your money wisely or you can spend your money foolishly. Buying a Kia, well if I were you I'd spend some time reading some of the other Sedona reviews posted in this site before I'd buy one. Spend a little time and maybe save yourself some cash and plenty of headaches.

Better yet, why not buy a North American built van. Why are we so eager to purchase ourselfs right out of a job? Think about it, we buy stuff at Walmart that's made in China and we buy junk like the Sedona that's made in Korea. Where is your social concscience, pretty soon we'll all be pushing burgers for a living or pulling rickshaws, but we'll be saving money on cars and stuff made elsewhere. Real smart don't ya think?

If you really want to save money, think long term.

6th Mar 2006, 17:38

Um, well, if the poster follows your advice to buy an American vehicle he'll end up with even MORE trouble than with the Kia. Just look at the reviews here.

7th Mar 2006, 12:33

You missed the point. However, to answer to your response, consider the amount of north american vans sold vs the amount of Sedona's sold in North America. Obviously there are far many more negative reviews for the Sedona than North American brands when you consider this fact.

If you think owning a Sedona is better than a North American van, than you're in for a surprise. You buy a Sedona at your own peril, in more ways than one. Maintenance and parts costs are outrageous. Call a dealer and ask how much the 60,000 mile timing belt replacement service will cost. Ask how much a spark plug or air filter element costs. Then ask where these parts are made.