15th Sep 2008, 23:20

Wouldn't buy another KIA, or have one if someone gave me one!

Bought a KIA SEDONA brand new in 2003 - what a mistake. Let me just list the problems I've had for you that are thinking of buying one of these money pit.

Replaced interior light bulbs, only to get one side to work again.

Driver's seat electrical system works when it wants to.

Throttle cable has been replaced, along with a starter, the A/C compressor, three motor mounts.

Rear wheel bearings have been replaced after the wheel came off at 60 mph going down a road where there are a lot of semi-trucks.

I've changed the headlights several times, and been through about seven sets of tires.

I've changed the rotors once, and had them turned one time already.

I've replaced the brake pads three times, and it needs struts right now.

The transmission snatches and jerks when I'm going down the road.

The middle-row seat seat belts are both broken.

When I looked into the top of the engine where you are to add oil, it is all caked up with sludge.

The engine began to click; came to find out the oil pan strainer was stopped up and had to be replaced.

The interior has little fur-like balls all over it.

When I drive it around curves, it feels like it wants to turn over.

I just had four new tires put on it only to find out that brake pads are worn out again and the front wheel bearing and the hub are too.

Oh yeah, when I'm driving with the park lights on and press the brake pedal, the park lights go off and the reverse lights come on.

The only thing KIA has going is their two-tone paint job.

I see why the Kia's are priced lower; because they make up for it in parts and labor. KIA needs to rethink the whole KIA concept and do it right or keep their junk. You can forget getting any real service or parts without them having to be ordered. KIA admits that anything is ever their fault.

I've spent thousands of dollars in the five years I've had the van, compared to the 94 F150 that has over 300,000 miles it doesn't come close. Did you see that a 94 F150? That's a FORD! Be assured I will never own another KIA. NEVER!!! You shouldn't want to either, so think about it before you decide to ride in one of those things! They got me this time, it won't happen no more!