9th Jun 2005, 07:35

You guys have lots of breakdowns, but I have a question to ask.

My Kia Sedona (Carnival in the Philippines) has NOT experienced any major problems lately. Just minor ones like tire wear, and others. My car is still in good shape even though it traveled for more than 40,000 miles...

Any answers.

11th Aug 2005, 07:07

Hi I don't understand you people I have a 2002 sedona and have 70,000 miles on it and no major problems, am I just lucky? it does eat gas I will say that, but its not bad I only paid 11000 for it a year ago and it had 58000 on it.

11th Mar 2007, 20:49

I have had some of these problems with mine as well as a few others. It has the sticky sliding doors, the AC compressor is very noisy, and the alternator went at about60K miles. Mine also has the check engine light on most of the time, it is a leak in the EVAP system that the KIA dealer was not able to fix after three trips, I just ignore it now. My front seats are also problematic, the drivers seat is constantly loosening up to the point that the back of the seat falls all the way back, then you have to balance yourself on the botom of the seat until you can get home and fix it again, Kia refused to repair this, they said it was because I am overweight (I am, but 205 pounds isn't so much that the seat should fail in less than two years), plus the passenger seat does the same thing only less frequently, and she weighs less than 110 pounds.

The engine and transmission both seem to be very solid, but the rest of the car is pretty much junk. My father has been driving Chrysler Minivans since the mid eighties, putting about 200K miles on each one, with no major problems. That is not bad covering four vehicles over 22 years. I should have learned from him.

8th May 2007, 23:44

I just purchased a 2002 Kia Sedona for $8,000. These comments sure do leave me feeling a little uneasy about my purchase. However, it's good to know that not all these messages aren't negative.

11th May 2007, 16:12

Have a 2002 Sedona that has been quite good, ride, performance--any minor problems were taken care of by the dealer with quality service and on time. Recently I have

a humming sound from rear of van--service person says is from air conditioning valve in rear. I accept that--air conditioning still works fine. There is a low growling noise from rear area as well. Service agent called Kia and this sound from the differential is "normal" With 81,000 miles on the power train, wonder if anyone else has had similar problems.


20th May 2007, 18:01

If this is a front wheel drive, there IS no differential in the rear. :>)

23rd May 2007, 14:23

I agree with all of the issues that have been said about the Sedona above. I have replaced ALL of the door handles at least one time. I have replaced the rear coolant tubes (that travel around the back of the van) One year later there is "seepage" which is the word the dealership used. I replaced the front hub unit on each 5 times. My air conditioner is now giving me fits. Within 1 year the van started to rust. I have 120,000 miles on my Sedona. The customer service rep at KIA central refused to take a complaint the last time my wife called. He said, "your problems are related to the area of the country you are in". My wife replied, "I paid $23,000 for this vehicle in this area, shouldn't it last for this area?" Granted this vehicle is the best handling front-wheel drive that I have driven in the snow, but given all of the problems I will NEVER buy another.

24th May 2007, 05:03

They are are bad, the Sedonas. I've had so much trouble with mine I don't know where to start. It's like a nightmare and I just sold this car in non working order for just $2500. Considering I paid $22,000 less than 6 years ago this deprecation is massive and I think few models out there are anywhere near this deprecation.

There were cooling problems from day one and head gaskets and finally head was replaced. Head gaskets was replaced three times. In the end the whole engine died, probably because it had been running with coolant in the oil. This was outside of warranty and affected us financially. We have had to cut vacation and dental costs for our kids to keep this junk running. I sold it after the tranny started to act up and buyer said he would fix this himself. Besides this there were a dozen other things that went wrong most covered by warranty. Should I say the 'usual' Sedona problems like the AC never worked properly?

We are now on a 1999 Ram wagon that so far seem much better even mileage is higher and the car is older. After the our Sedona adventure we don't have the money for a new car right now.

I have to warn people not to buy these second hand and to not trust the Kia USA organisation.

1st Jun 2008, 21:18

I made a big mistake buying my 2002 Sedona. I have had nothing but problems with it.

Fuel Gauge, AC, Window Switch, Side Doors.

Kia vehicles are cheap, but they get you in parts and labor. I will never buy another Kia.