1999 Kia Sephia Sedan 1.8 liter from North America


Not worth $10.00.


Blown motor at 50,000 miles.

Hard starting, sometimes no starting before motor replacement and still not starting with new motor.

Electrical problems, no help from Kia for diagnosis.

Inside dash curling up at the windshield.

Doors sometimes hard to close in cold weather.


New front axles 6 months ago.

Parts for this car have proven to be very expensive and hard to get.

General Comments:

This car has been one headache after another.

My daughter drove the car until the motor blew and I did not feel that she and my grandchildren were safe in this car.

Very uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

20th Aug 2005, 22:01

I have a Kia Sephia 1999-2000 model/sedan. I have been having problems with vibrations, transmission broke down, emission lights keeps turning on, Right side wheel/brake drum stuck, front dashboard swollen under the windshield, and sometimes not starting when turning the key on, even the starter and batteries still has no problems. Mileage per gas is excellent. I wonder if possible the Kia Factory could continue to improve such problems and make Sephia like sportage with AWD systems. Also the doors have problems especially during snow, always frozen and always hard to close.

1999 Kia Sephia from North America


Fair for the price


Leaking power steering fluid.

General Comments:

This car was made to get everyone in a car, whether it's good or not.

I can't say too many bad things about the it, except that it's boring.

Price was fair.

Low service calls with regular maintenance.

If you can afford anything better, don't choose KIA.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2004

1999 Kia Sephia Base 1.8L from North America


A Cheap mid-performance car : Part 2


Well, looks like I broke the clutch yet again folks. In my last review I have said that I have replaced my clutch with an economy one, this isn't very wise when you do things other than "economy" driving.

It looks as if one of the rivets holding the pressure plate to the clutch cover broke causing catastrophic failure. After breaking loose from its position, the piece of metal which was held by the rivet was now protruding out and thus hitting the transmission housing. Then in which inevitably made a hole about 1/2in by 1/8in in my transmission, and also breaking my crankshaft position sensor. Big ouch!!!

Well I fixed the hole with J.B. Weld, scrapped the clutch cover and now use my old clutch cover as a temporary replacement (don't ever do this if your clutch is over say 90,000 miles or so, because it will break from metal fatigue). Bought a new crankshaft position sensor, and patched other holes that were made around the transmission housing. The clutch disk was amazingly OK for what happened. Soaked in manual transmission oil and the rivets were kinda loose. I still used it after cleaning it and dubbed it for temporary use.

Well, all this cost about $120 or so for tools and one part. Which was the crank shaft position sensor ($78). Junk yard wouldn't sell me the darn thing because of policy. :(

After taking the car apart for the second time, I decided to check the engine as well as other parts.

Well nothing much wrong with the engine. Just a very small oil leak from the oil-pan. Everything else such as alternator, water pump, power steering, pulleys, etc. are amazingly OK from the mis-treatment of the car.

Both of the tie-rods boots are broken. So they will last about 40,000 miles until I have to replace them.

After taking a look closer at my shocks, I realized that they are OK. Big mistake for me, sorry.

Last is that the weather stripping on the wind shield is coming loose. No big deal, nothing a little glue wouldn't fix.

General Comments:

Everything else is the same.

Handles great.

The car engine itself is amazingly reliable!!! Just remember to change the oil for the sake of the engine not breaking down on you.

Great bargain, too bad they don't make them anymore.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2004