28th May 2001, 05:06

I test drove a Kia Sentra; a brand new one mind you, on a rainy day and the first thing that went was the wiper.

It literally flew off the windscreen!

I told the sales girl - natural attrition, the Kia way!

David Kam.

5th Jun 2001, 16:13

I am currently seeking legal action for all the problems I have had. Being a single mom with this is the only transportation we have. I have had my car @ the dealership 5 times now. No one seems to care... Spark plugs, wires, coils, exhaust systems and now emmission problems.

Never buy a KIA!!!

7th Jun 2001, 02:04

I know I shouldn't kick people when they are down but what made you get that in the first place. Koreans were never known for good quality and for the money you spent, you could've gotten some nice little American car such as Chevy Prizm or Ford Focus.

14th Jul 2001, 13:02

Don't feel too bad. I bought a 2001 Kia Sephia, have had the car less than 2 months and the car is already falling apart. Have already called BBB for my problems.

6th Feb 2002, 19:30

A Ford Focus? Please.

6th Feb 2002, 19:31

To the guy who test drove on a rainy day, at least you made it off the lot. I was in a brand new 2001 and didn't even get off the lot in it. Pretty color purple though LOL.

9th May 2002, 18:59

I also purchased a 2000 Kia Sephia, and it has already been in the shop over 7 times, and I take excellent care of my car! Had to get new brake shoes, pads, rotors, had to have the horn replaced, the driver's door doesn't lock correctly, so I took that to the shop and now after about a month it is broken again... The problems are continuous!! Had a collapsed lifter replaced on my engine, as it was making a horribly loud ticking noise, and on... and on.. and on! I still have 1 1/2 years of payments to make on my 4 year lease, and I can't even get a dealer to buy out my lease!! A major Rip off!! Would never recommend buying one to anyone!! A total piece of work!!!

21st Mar 2003, 17:42

I have a 1994 KIA. It has been falling apart ever since. The sun visor clip is broken. The locks have gotten stuck where I couldn't even open the door. The car makes a clicking noise and cuts off a lot. I was told by a mechanic that all Kia's are defective when they leave the manufacturer, and eventually they will fall apart. That made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I would not recommend a KIA. Stick to Honda's or Acura's.


17th May 2003, 06:36

What is the price if I wanted less cash payment?

26th Sep 2003, 09:39

We bought a 2000 sephia and have none of the problems listed in previous comments, we love our Kia and 3 years later still do! Last week just bought a Kia Spectra GSX and added it to our Kia family of cars!

16th Dec 2003, 19:34

We have had our '99 KIA Sephia for a while now, and it's been a great car. With a little over 60k on the clock the warranty just went out. We are considering trading her in on an '04 Spectra GS/GSX. There have only been a couple of times that we had to take her to the shop, but that great KIA warranty kept my money in my pocket. I hope whatever you drive is as good to you.

11th Mar 2004, 13:42

I have a 1996 Kia Sephia which I bought in September 2001, and have had few problems with it. The biggest problem I have had is that I recently had to pay around $1700 in replacing the clutch, front axle (which was my fault), water pump, alternator, and having the timing belt changed. While I did cringe quite a bit at having to pay this, up till now it has been a very dependable car. Through three winters in the rockies, I have had no problems with cold starting or anything.

It seems that Kias are hit or miss. Based on that alone, it would be hard to recommend a Kia to anyone.

16th Apr 2004, 06:08

I bought a 2000 KIA Sephia in 2000. It was brand new with only 11 miles on it. Within a few months time the weather strip around one of the back doors peeled off. So I took it to the dealer it was repaired. I was a little put off by this, but they fixed it. A month or so later the other back door's weather strip came off. Back to the dealer I went. No complaints from me because I didn't have to pay. Well after several (6) more times of this I had to pay because it was no longer under warranty. I contacted Kia to no avial. They tried to put it back on the dealer as if he made the doors the way they are. The groove the strip fits into does not go far enough down the door.

I only had a couple of months when I had to replace the brake pads and they seem to wear down quickly. The glove box broke a year or so ago and I had to get something replaced where my gear shift (it's an automatic)not too long after having it. The dealer said I must have spilled coke in it. I smiled as I let him know I didn't drink coke in my car at that time. It was brand new noone drank anything in my car.

Something had to be replaced on the engine) sorry not mechanically inclined) but the light kept coming on and this was within a few months of having it.

The engine light is now on and it moves as if there is a problem with the transmission. The car is 4 years old and I assumed it would it least last 5 years most new cars do.. and a lot longer. KIA won't listen when I try to complain. It is as if they look at these as isolated incidents. I would never recommand anyone buying a KIA. I am sure they have had enough time now and the cars are better made. But to not acknowledge that they did have problems and it was hit or miss early on doesn't seem like a good honest business practice to me.

I am sure it would cost money to repair or fix these early mistakes, but this would get them loyal customers. This is not the first web site I have found about KIA cars and problems so I know it is not just an issolated incidence.

18th Apr 2004, 19:59

I hate my girlfriend's 2000 Kia Sephia. It has problems starting up. I replaced the plugs and wires. I bled and even replaced the fuel filter. I don't want to replace the coils because they are too expensive. The dealer says it's a problem with the 3rd gear in the transmission. : (My '76 Chevy is 200 times more reliable than that car.

18th Feb 2005, 19:57

We own a 2000 Kia Sephia. Bought used with 45,000 miles, it was great for about a month. Check engine light came on and ran very rough, we brought it to a dealer. 2 coils and 2 sets of plugs needed to be replaced. About another month later the entire brake system needed to be replaced. During the winter the battery died out on us, (no fault of the car) on the way to replace the battery we slid through an icy intersection and damaged a rim. Try finding a replacement rim, only from the dealer at $127.00 a piece. Someone else in here mentioned something about a dealer said she spilled coke in the shifter boot, funny we had the same issue and I don't allow food or drink in the car for those reasons (however the car was used). I don't recommend Kia's, it seems that cars that are very inexpensive to buy new, just aren't made very well at all. Guess you get what you pay for.