23rd Jan 2006, 19:07

Has anyone else heard of or know of any defects with the Kia tires. I was driving my wife's '03 KIA Spectra and the tire came off. Apparently the shop stated that the lug nuts had been off for a while and that the screws were stripped away. We had never touched the tires and we only had the car for 2 months? Is there any sort of defect for these lug nuts and is something like that covered under the KIA warranty? We're having a hard time getting this covered.

2nd Mar 2006, 07:02

I have a 2000 KIA Sephia, and I'm having a hard time seeing where a lot of these comments are coming from. I've had it for about a year, running at 72k miles currently, and the only problems I've had are general wear-and-tear repairs and one other problem where the primary catalytic converter burned out. It's no surprise to me, though, because the previous owner lived in Wyoming and apparently drove it like a drag racer. Covered under warranty and everything has been perfect since!

I suppose that every car is made differently, though. I've had friends with Saturns and Fords with similar problems to all described here, so I don't see the big difference between those and a KIA. It really comes down to how much you are willing to pay for a car versus its quality. Of course this car isn't going to last as long as a Honda or Toyota, but it also doesn't cost as much.

3rd Mar 2006, 15:54

I have a KIA Sephia 2000 and it is great, good engine, comfortable... great!

20th Jul 2006, 09:36

I have a 2000 Kia Sephia that I bought new in 2000. I now have 120,000 miles and absolutely love the car. The only problem I have had is the alternator went out with about 75,000 miles on it. Kia replace it for free under the warranty.

I have had cars from every domestic company and most of the imports. I have had great cars, terrible cars and so-so cars.

Based on the less than $10,000 I paid for my Kia new, I think it has been a real bargain. Of course it is not a luxury car and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but for transportation that is getting 30 to 35 miles per gallon, I cannot complain at all.

When I get ready to buy another small car, Kia will certainly be one of the first ones I look at!

12th Sep 2006, 20:44

Hardly any problems with my 2001 Kia Sephia since I bought it new in fall of 2001.

I stumbled on this site because I’m just now having some problems with my starter--from what I’ve read online, I’m thinking maybe it’s something called “heat soak”. It starts OK when the engine is cold, but once the engine warms up, if I park (like while running errands) and then start it up again too soon, I have to turn the key a few times. When I turn the key, it makes a brief noise, then goes silent. Usually takes about 3 times tries to start. But when it’s cooled down (even just an hour) it’s fine.

Like a previous writer, I’m a single mom, so considering all these other comments, I’m feeling like I’ve been really lucky the last few years!

22nd Sep 2006, 00:39

I have a 2000 KIA and in an attempt to find a resolve to problems I have encountered for the past three months or more with the car, I too stumbled across this site. The vents and dash near my front window have come unglued and cracked; the driver's door locks when it feels like it, therefore I too use my key almost all of the time. Three days after owning it the rear brake line broke, six months later the proportioning valve also gave out. Now I have been encountering starting issues. After three electronic checks, cleaning of the solenoid, changing the gas filter, I am now told I need to change the plugs and wires. However, from what I have witnessed on previous postings here, that will more than likely not resolve my problem. Yes, it takes at least three tries before it will start, whether I pump it first, or not, or whether the engine is cold or warm. The dealership even told me I wasn't holding the clutch down far enough. I have been driving a stick since for 40 years! My windshield wipers make a terrible sound, but at least still working. I bought this used, yet still owe two more years on it. I am single and on social security disability, so I just pray this car holds out at least two years. If and when I can afford another car, it won't be a KIA for certain. I am 55 and have owned many cars and models, new and used, but none have aggravated me more than the KIA.

11th Jan 2007, 04:07

We had the transmission replaced in our 2000 KIA Sephia at 26,000. They replaced it with a rebuilt one. Now at 90,000, it has gone out again. Any chance that KIA would replace it for free?

10th Mar 2007, 17:40

I was reading some of the comments about the KIA Sephia 2000 and I have the same dashboard problem that deteriorated so fast. The dashboard looked like water damaged because it is bulgy in different spots and the vents popped out of place. We all should write to the KIA company and demand to fix this problem.

25th Jul 2007, 10:27

Well I have a 2000 Kia Sephia and my transmission has went out.

My front axle, alternator, front bearings, radio, gear shift have all have been replaced.

My driver window doesn't work, my locks are getting stuck, my car is over heating (thermostat, radiator, coolant fan) need to be replaced, my engine light has came back on for the third time; something wrong with my fuel tank (so they say), and all that is just half of what has happened to my Kia.

I bought my car with less than 25 miles. And to top it off, I can't afford to go the dealer to get the things taken care of, but I can't find certain parts.

26th Jul 2007, 09:10

The Sephia have to be the worst car ever put on UK roads. Never mind that you can get them second hand almost for free. Even then it's not worth the trouble.

I had mine with a 6 month warranty, and got the exhaust, central locking, coil, plugs and wiring fixed within the first month.

This car was sold with defective brakes, but the sales rep didn't want to cover these.

Then the central locking was fixed again.

I've had an endless amount of problems with starting, and there is something wrong with the wiring of this car, since the fuses burn all the time. If the engine is warm, it will not restart. I have to wait for a couple of hours. Really practical. When I put petrol into it, I can't stop the engine. See my point?

Now the gear box is gone, so this car is put off the road. It's not worth mending. Besides I don't think it'll pass the MOT for several reasons, including unsafe brakes and a broken front spring. Not even 7 years old and broken down.