20th Dec 2003, 01:40

I have a 2001 Kia Spectra with all the above defects, I'm the second owner and in NJ myself, now the transmission is become faulty and will move in 1st gear, 2nd gear sounds bad and reverse sticks in place before going in reverse. I have 2000 miles still left on warranty and hope they will fix it all. Otherwise I got a lemon : (

It seems to handle well though when it did work.

29th Feb 2004, 08:08

That is amazing these cars have transmission problems so early on in life. I myself drive a Honda Accord, now at 166k miles and the Transmission is as new. I will warn people not to purchase your make of Vehicle.

23rd Jun 2004, 11:40

I just bought a 2001 KIA Spectra. My first car. It is an awesome car and I would recommend it to anyone. I bought it used and I love that car it is small, but enough room to fit a lot of people. It has an awesome trunk. It steers and rides great. You just have to know your car if you treat it good it will do the same to you. It is a Great car!

4th Aug 2004, 01:35

Wow, obviously some people here don't know how to operate a vehicle, I've had a 2001 Spectra GS since it was new with 8 miles on the odometer. It is now August of 2004 and the car has 85000 almost trouble-free miles on it. What's gone wrong with it you may ask? Door-seals were defective, which was taken care of through the dealership, and a seat-belt fastener button broke. That's it in 85,000 miles. Of course, I have had the timing belt replaced, but that was part of the maintenance, and the cars exhaust is beginning to grow louder, eventually needing replacement. But, all in all, it isn't bad, especially for a car that I can get 30 mpg in the city with and up to 42 mpg on the highway. It's sad that a few people can talk smack about a car and ruin the reputation of a good car company. BTW, I've owned several cars before this, we purchased this car for the warranty, and have seldom used it.

24th Aug 2004, 12:57

I bought a 2001 Kia Spectra GS for mother because she needed a new car, her old Nissan was starting to die. She drives very little (probably less than 3,000 a year) but the car seems to be holding up pretty good. It's never died or failed to start, even in the cold New York Winter. It handles well, has a lot of cargo space and all the controls are simple and easy to understand (important since my mother is in her sixties). The only thing that I notice is that the car's body appears to be more easily dented than most of the cars that I have owned in the past. I've noticed quite a few dings in the doors from other cars in parking lots that have struck it with their doors. Other than that, the car runs like a champ and has been trouble free.

28th Dec 2004, 15:25

I own a 2003 kia spectra. it is a great car if you like rentals. the car is great on gas and the radio is great now that I removed the door panels and insulated the speakers and panels. what has gone wrong? clutch bearing went bad, power steering and rack and pinion replaced due to leaks. I found if you MAINTAIN your car the way the manual tells you too, the car will have no problems. also the door seal defect is a lie. if you lube the weather stripping the problems won't happen. use silicone spray its cheap and works well. my 03 spectra has 62000 miles. be sure to replace all belts at 60k!!!

24th Jul 2005, 22:01

My 2001 Kia Spectra GS is horrible. It has 61,000 miles on it and has been throughout three transmissions, the reverse went out, and several other problems with this car. I am the second owner however, the car originated in MA and I am in Florida myself. I think if you choose to purchase this car, you will use the full 100,000 mile warranty.

27th Oct 2005, 06:43

I have a 2001 KIA Spectra and just like others it was very good the first 24,000 miles. Since then, it's been down hill. My Check Engine Light is on so much, I don't know when to take it seriously (even though I do every time). After 60,000 miles, they charge you $90 just for checking the light to see what wrong and majority of the times it's been the gas cap. I'm at 70,000 and had some financial issues and couldn't afford the 60,000 mile maintenance. My transmission went out two days ago and they will not honor my warranty because I failed to get the 60,000 mile maintenance. No car should be having transmission troubles this early regardless of upkeep. My cousin has an Accord and has never had the dealership do maintenance. She just gets her oil changes and she just got her belts changed at 85,000 miles and her card runs like a champ. I am so disgusted! I just paid the car off and now have to put over $2,000 into it which I definitely can't afford. Why have all this warranty and it goes to waste. I will never buy a KIA again!

9th Dec 2005, 01:19

I purchased my 2001 kia spectra 4 months ago and have had no problems. I think my car runs very good and take my word for it runs very fast. It runs anywere from 85 to 95 mph in the 1/4 mile stock. So as you can tell I am very satisfied with my car.

13th Dec 2005, 22:57

I own a 2001 Kia Spectra with a automatic transmission. Some days it seems to have trouble finding the right gear. Of course, it's always having a good day when I take it back to the dealership for a test drive. It will add an extra punch of energy when going up a hill like it's using cruise control trying to keep speed, but my car doesn't even have cruise control. To make sure I don't feel any vibrations I must keep a constant watch on your tire balance and inflation.

15th Nov 2006, 00:42

I have a 2001 Kia Spectra... so far, it's had two, count 'em, TWO transmissions in it. The car only has 58,000 miles on it and I did all of the maintenance as scheduled. The first time it was replaced was at 22,000 and then again at 56,000. No car should go through that! In addition, the paint is shoddy and scratches very easily, my wipers intermittently stop working, and now the car is starting to seriously vibrate. No more for me, I'll go back to Saturn.

10th Sep 2007, 19:32

I have a 2001 Kia spectra with 51,000 miles on it. I have been in and out of the dealers every year since I bought it. This time it's in for the transmission. I am currently in a battle over the warranty that they are refusing to cover. I have kept up with all maintenance on my vehicle and now I am defending myself to the dealer who has seen my car every year for engine problems. Please please please if you own a Kia keep ALL records! The warranty and the dealer will not stand behind you.

9th Jul 2011, 19:25

Had the thought occurred to you to take it to a mechanic?