26th Dec 2004, 15:38

See my comment for 2003 Kia spectra LS (the longest comment there), I've had the same check engine light problem and while the car seems to be OK now, I've taken it in 6 times for that problem. try calling kia customer service or sending them a letter with proof of how many times you've taken it in.

15th May 2005, 20:20

The check engine light was correctly diagnosed by Spitzer Kia of Ohio as an Oxygen Sensor indicator and was actually a bad catalytic converter (under 1000 miles). Replaced it and I now have over 12000 on it with no further issues. I'd try another dealer for service if I were in your situation.

21st Jul 2005, 17:58

Have an 02 Spectra. Got it with less than 30k miles. Now I have 50k miles and am in the process of getting KIA to buy it back. 5 transmissions!!! In just 20k miles??? And my car NEVER had the engine light come on until the 5th one went out. (5 days after the 4th one was put in) wonder if my engine light works.

27th Jun 2006, 14:52

I bought a 2004 KIA Spectra in April 2004. The car has approximately 39,000 miles currently, and the transmission failed. I took it to the KIA dealer to get it repaired, per the warranty. KIA will not cover the repairs under the warranty. They inform me that I should have had the transmission fluid changed at 30,000 miles per the SEVERE MAINTENANCE schedule in the Owner's Manual. I have been following the NORMAL MAINTENANCE schedule, because my circumstances do not qualify for the requirements under SEVERE MAINTENANCE. The NORMAL MAINTENANCE states transmission fluid change at 100,000 miles, or ten years. After speaking with corporate KIA through a third party (the dealership), I have been informed that the Southeast and Northeast are SEVERE MAINTENANCE areas, due to the geography. The only area under NORMAL MAINTENANCE is the Midwest. If you buy a KIA, be very careful with your warranty. You may find, as I did, that the warranty will not be honored due to a variety of reasons. You may also find that customer service at KIA will not be very satisfying, as I still have not been able to speak with the District Manager, even on paper, directly. Now, I am out a tow bill from another state, a week rental car fee, and the repairs to my transmission.

12th Jul 2006, 22:46

If I may ask, what were the warning signs of your transmission going out? Also, what was the cost because I'm dealing with the same issues on this end. I can't believe that I'm being screwed due to the fact that the "recommended" maintenance schedule was not followed. Also, were you explained this IMPORTANT detail when you bought the vehicle at the dealership? I'm fighting this all the way and just wondered what other's are hearing or experiencing with KIA Corporate.

17th Jul 2006, 14:38

There was little slipping, if any, before complete transmission failure. Corporate KIA refuses to honor the warranty, and refuses to respond in any manner, but denial of the claim. They did finally offer to give me a transmission, but I had to pay for labor and fluid costs (approximately $400). I am also going further with my problems, but have to first jump through the BBB Auto Line hoop, per KIA. They are not responsible for "incidental costs" such as rental cars, towing, etc, and feel that they have offered me a "goodwill" effort to fix my car. They will not take the transmission apart to diagnose the problems, but replace the entire transmission. I had my transmission diagnosed at two separate transmission specialists. I was informed that a clutch from the clutch plate inside of the transmission had broken off, and gotten stuck inside of the metal filter of the transmission. This was confirmed by one of KIA's service technicians. The fluid had nothing to do with the failure of the transmission. Still, with all this information given to corporate KIA, they stand by their great customer service and warranty, and will NOT fix the transmission, nor reimburse me for the rental car, towing, etc. It is still my fault for not realizing that I am in a SEVERE Maintenance state, and getting the fluid changed at 30,000 miles. This information (maintenance schedules for specific states), I was informed by Carrie, from corporate KIA, was not published for consumers to see, but was solely determined by the District Manager of my particular geological location. Good luck.

23rd Jul 2006, 19:54

I've had my 2004 Kia Spectra for 1 1/2 years with 30,000 miles on it now, it's been a very good car for me. I drive it at least 55 miles a day going back and forth to work. Have my oil changed every 3000 miles and just recently changed the air cleaner. The check engine light has came on twice, but it's gone the next day so there seems to be no problem with it. I am very happy with my Spectra. Sorry to hear about all the problems that these folks that have written about to this website.

10th Feb 2007, 23:13

I had problems with the check engine light and they told me that it was emission system is extremely sensitive. I have had it in twice for the same problem and there is nothing they can do about it.

14th Jun 2007, 19:17

We just bought a 2004 Kia Spectra. So far so good. We have had it a month and a half. We bought it used, it only had 7500 miles on it. We bought it from a certified preowed dealer.

We love how it drives. No check engine light problems to speak of. Everything seems fine so far. We love our Kia. I would buy another one. Its really great on gas.

Sorry you guys have had so many problems.

6th Aug 2007, 10:25

I Have a 2004 KIA Spectra.

Last night coming home from work the engine revved kinda high when I stopped at the toll booth. I figured something was sticking. I didn't know, five miles later it revved high again. Now I noticed it's not changing shift and it's slowing down, so now all these cars and trucks are blowing their horns and speeding around me. I'm terrified and confused. I purchased my car new and I haven't had a problem with it till now. At the moment it's at the dealer and they just called and requested my service record.

Needless to say I'm back to being terrified.

13th Aug 2007, 08:15

I have the KIA Spectra 2004 that the transmission went out in. I got the car back it took a week they replaced the transmission with a new one and gave me a 12month limited warranty, and that can't be good considering my car has 56000 miles on it and it's 4 years old.

The original warranty was for 100,000 miles or ten years.

15th Aug 2007, 19:15

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just returned from the KIA dealership on a KIA transmission failure. Not mine, but my bosses. I have talked with KIA corp. and the after-market warranty Co. about the failure, and the request for documentation on the transmission.

(A) The northern areas of CA is NOT severe area by any other car manufacturer's standards due to geography.

(B) The transmission failures are common in these vehicles

(C) The distribution manager for KIA is not a mechanic or qualified in any way to make the determination.

(D) This vehicles transmission fluid had a sample sent to a lab for diagnosis and the check engine light was on with the solenoid pack failure (computer controls).

(E) Three ASE Master Mechanics diagnosed as solenoid failure.

(F) The owners manual is very clear as to what is severe service by the manufacturer, not a distribution manager, and it is a published document

(G)The law about warranty is very clear and it is published.