13th Feb 2009, 22:44

Trying to solve my sister in-laws issues with her 04 Spectra.

Transmission replaced under warranty, with 600 miles, but when I asked for a history from the dealer that repair is not on it.

Engine light on all the time for things tranny related.

Just replaced control module for overspeed sensor, 1,035.00 and that did not work, now they say tranny wire harness, 1500.00, needs to be replaced due to window leak? And moisture.

I replaced the windshield.

The car has 47K on it and continues to have transmission problems.

7th Mar 2009, 22:37

I just purchase a used 2004 Kia Spectra 3 days ago and my check engine light is on already. I had it checked and was told it's the gas cap (yeah right). I'm so scared. I can't believe all you guys are having this problem. I'm so not looking forward to this. I know now I made a mistake.

31st Mar 2009, 13:16

I may be able to help you find people out with your Kias. I am a Kia master tech with 11 years working on Kias, so if there are any questions just let me know.

8th May 2009, 19:32

I have a 2004.5 Spectra, bought new in Austin, TX. I had issues with my check engine light coming on, especially when the temperatures changed from cold and damp in the morning to hot and humid in the afternoon. After taking it in to the dealer twice with no resolution, they replaced the O2 sensor and it seems to be fixed for now.

I am now having an issue with a noise when the clutch pedal is depressed. It sounds like a groan, kind of like a binging spring. I have been trying to figure out if this might be something covered by warranty, as the car is just shy of 5 years old and has less than 35,000 miles on it.

Does anyone know if the warranty covers the clutch?

10th May 2009, 01:20

I bought a 2002 Kia Spectra 2 years ago, with relatively low mileage (36k). I am very familiar with the engine light on issue, even though my local express tire shop will always clear the code for me for free, it is so annoying to drive when you can see the engine light on... Kia may be cheap cars, but you get cheap quality in return and with the cost of maintenance, I definitely think Kia is not a good choice...

11th Aug 2009, 04:29

I have had my 2004 Kia Spectra for 1 1/2 years now. Its been a great car, and now the check engine light has come on twice. It has come on for the day and then goes away and I haven't seen it come back on since. Should I take the car to get it looked at, or should I just wait for the light to come back on?

24th Oct 2009, 21:53

My wife bought 2004 Kia Spectra. The transmission went out at 57,000 miles. We are attempting to get KIA to honor the 100,000 mile warranty. This KIA cars require lots of maintenance. She is very unhappy with the car.

6th Dec 2009, 05:47

I bought a Kia Spectra 2003 brand new in August 2003. Normal oil changes, change of tires, new battery, belts, etc. as of 68K miles. Only problem is with the engine light coming on. One time is came on because the friend using my car failed to close the gas cap properly. However, the previous four times, and following five times, there was no reason for it. Took it to my favorite garage and they could never find the reason. I was told there were over 800 reasons why the engine light goes on. May I suggest to Kia to create a caution light and leave the engine life for "life and pending death doom" events. I will never buy a Kia again. Four dealerships could care less about my warranty and extended warranty after I bought the car.

16th Jan 2010, 19:51

I bought a 2004.5 Kia Spectra brand new. Over 5 years later nothing has broken. I just hit 100,000 miles. I will buy another Kia.

1st Feb 2010, 19:20

I purchased my 04 Spectra in 07. It had a lil less than 35k miles on it. I'm happy to say that I've had no issues with my car, except when I purchased it, the battery died the next day. The dealership towed and replaced the battery at no charge, and didn't replace it again til a few months ago, my check engine light has never even come on...

I'm so sorry that there have been so many issues with this car. I hope this isn't a problem that that will occur in the future. I still wouldn't purchase another Kia. I wish you all the best.

20th Feb 2010, 00:05

I own a 2004 Kia Spectra; same issue as a lot of people. Check engine light, numerous trips to dealerships, every time a different diagnosis.. . .

I am resigned to just drive around with it on. Next car I buy, and every car there after, will be American.

31st Mar 2010, 18:38

I own a 2004.5 Kia Spectra, owned it since 2006, and I have only had the check engine light come on once. And I knew more or less why it happened. One of my "genius" relatives pressure washed the engine. I had to replace the spark plugs, but after that it's ran like a champ. Just over 65000 miles on it too. Only other thing I can complain about it is the seal around the trunk leaks water when it rains extra hard, and it only started doing that this winter.

30th Jun 2010, 14:11

I have a 04 KIA Spectra with 157,000 miles on it. I has ran good for me with the exception that since I purchased it, it makes a noise occasionally on the passenger side when driving on the freeway... took it to KIA, they didn't know what it was.

The only current problem it has is whenever it's real hot and I turn the A/C on it doesn't blow cold air and the temp rises.. I don't know what this is, but I gotta have it checked out. Other than that, it is an excellent car!!

30th Aug 2010, 12:27

I purchased an 04 Kia Spectra brand new. The tranny failed after 65,000 miles. I had the car towed to the dealer, and I figured the tranny would be fixed with no questions asked. I was shocked when they said the tranny was not covered, because I didn't change the fluid under the "Severe maintenance Guidelines". I demanded to speak to the owner of the dealership, and called Kia Corporate from the dealer. After some back and forth and persistence, they honored the warranty. Now I have 156,000 miles, and the tranny is going again.

11th Mar 2011, 18:10

I've owned a 2002 Spectra for nine years. Bought it used with 10,000. Never had 1 issue with it.

144,000 now on the car. Brake pads, belts, oil, plugs and wires. Check engine light on, yes. Unplug the battery, leave off for a minute, turn head lights on till totally dead. Hook battery back up. Light goes out every time. Sometimes for months. Sometimes a year.

Will I ever buy another one you ask. Not after reading all this stuff you poor people are going through. My point being, that it's always just a throw of the dice. Some get lucky and some just get c**ps. The reason I'm even in this forum, is because I'm thinking about buying a second one. But after some investigation, I'm thinking I better not throw the dice again. Quit while I'm ahead.

2nd Jul 2011, 03:28

How do we get in touch with you?

2nd Jul 2011, 13:53

I almost bought a Kia Spectra in 2006. The reason I didn't was that the engine in the car did not feel anywhere NEAR as powerful as the advertised horsepower, so I questioned the accuracy of the rating. I currently drive a much heavier car with the exact same horsepower rating, and it will run rings around the Spectra.

Another thing to be aware of with Hyundai/Kia is that the 100,000 mile warranty is overly strict. Dealers will go to any length to avoid honoring it. You must have 100% of all maintenance done by the dealer (at exorbitant prices), or they will contest virtually any repair you may require. If you pursue the matter through Better Business Bureaus, Attorneys Generals or a good attorney, you can generally prevail, but ask yourself before hand if the hassle is worth it. The cars themselves are generally great cars and getting better each year. My biggest disappointment is in seeing the once bargain-priced cars going for the same price now as any comparable car. I'd opt for a Ford or GM now, as they are about the same price.