1998 Kia Sportage 2.0 Auto from Australia and New Zealand


High performance gutsy little number


Nothing the car has been an absolute gem! Anyone not driving a KIA is living in a cave, the new order has arrived and it is spelt K I A!!!

General Comments:

This is a great little car. Excellent performance and it was at a great price. What more could you want. I recommend this car to anyone who has a lead foot because it really has some "get up and go".

With the installation of an aftermarket turbo and intercom, my Sportage seems unbeatable on the street. Two thumbs up KIA, you have given my pocket and my face a reason to smile.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004

21st Aug 2005, 19:34

Where did you get a turbo for your Kia? I have a 1999 Sportage and I was looking to buy one. Could you please email me? Ripkord04@yahoo.com, thank you for your help!

1998 Kia Sportage 4x4 from North America


Poor Performance


Everything has gone wrong. You need a separate job just to keep up your KIA driving habits. Tune ups are very expensive. You take the car in for and oil change and wind up spending 800 on other up keep that is not standard.

All my maintenance was done correctly. Tune ups at 30K, 60K no problem. That is Reasonable. Then again I had to turn around and do another one at 70K again at 95K and again at 100K. I can't wait to unload this vehicle that is if someone will take it as a trade in. Stereo went. Catalytic converter melted down at 68,000 miles. They replaced it out of shear pity since I cried in front of the service person at the dealer. My 4 wheel drive to my knowledge has never worked. My windows stop working time and time again. My alternator died at 98K, I have had 3 batteries since the purchase of the car. I won't even go into how many times the brakes have been replaced. KIA - as someone perfectly put it - Killed In Action.

General Comments:

Killed In Action - KIA.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2004

3rd Aug 2005, 15:52

I am now on my 5th battery in the past 9 months. The mechanic who has worked on the car says he "can't figure this out". However, he did also replace the alternator (maybe unnecessary to do) a few months back. I have had a good run of luck with this 2000 Kia, however it is most upsetting to get into the car with a list of stuff to do and hear NOTHING when I go to start the car.

Has anyone else had this same problem occur???

Please contact me if you have as I am home on the computer while the Kia is again at (a different) mechanic. I am also not too sure that the previous mechanic was doing the right thing when he did take care of repairs to both my car and my son's car. Thanks for responding, Kathi H.; Glen Head,NY.

1998 Kia Sportage EX 2.0 from North America


A low horsepower, bargain


Can't say the Kia is good or bad. Since I have had it I have had to have the fender guards repainted.

Changed the brakes once.

Changed the tires once.

Have had problems with acceleration.

Factory CD player has a mind of its own.

My speakers sound like I'm in a trash can full of plastic when I turn the radio up to 10.

Check engine light plays peek-a-boo with me.

Clutch started sticking to the floor.

Had to almost pull the motor out to changed the spark plugs.

General Comments:

Over all I guess I found one of the best Kia ever made. I'm pushing for 200,000 miles then overhaul the engine.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2004

3rd Mar 2006, 00:49

When an annoying little light plays peak a boo with me, I play peak a boo back with an awl and hammer!