2000 Kia Sportage LX from North America


Fantastic bargain. Not for the power hungry



General Comments:

This is a real truck built with body on frame construction. Most other mini SUVs are uni-body construction. This along with the low gear ratio gives it the highest tow rating of the mini SUVs.

The in-line cast iron block four cylinder engine is actually very powerful in its own right, the problem is that the truck is just a little too heavy for it. It certainly accelerates quickly enough to merge with traffic and has no trouble maintaining speed on highway grades.

I bought the Kia because of its extremely low price compared to other vehicles in its class. The 100,000 mile warranty put my mind at ease on the reliability front. I think that Kia has worked out a lot of their problems with this vehicle from previous models or they would not stand behind it like this.

The engine is not as quiet as many other 4 cylinders. I have a lot of experience with engines however and know the difference between nuisance noises and problem noises. These engines are just a little noisy.

I would recommend a late model Sportage to anyone. Stay away from anything earlier though.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2002

18th Sep 2003, 20:53

Ditto... I echo your opinion... My 2000/EX has been rock solid reliable with the exception of one repair of the 4x4 vacuum assembly, and, the battery being replaced. BTW, I put synthetic oil in the engine and transmission, along with K&N filters - power train is smooth and traffic "power" is adequate (at least for my driving style). s/ WJK (Baltimore MD)

7th Feb 2004, 07:57

Up until recently, I would have agreed with the comments here. Now I am totally opposed. Here's why: I have 1 2000 KIA Sportage with 50,000 miles. The four wheel drive has become very difficult to shift, and the front wheels scrape and grind. I suspect wheel bearings due to the ability to rock the tire top to bottom by hand. I cannot find a mechanic in St. Mary's County Maryland who is willing to work on the vehicle, since parts are not readily available, and service information is not out from Haynes or Chilton's (mechanics words, not mine). The service manuals must be purchase directly from KIA. The dealers are all 70+ miles away, which means an expensive tow. If you don't live next door to the dealer, and you don't have a pocket full of money, don't keep your KIA past 35,000 miles.

16th Jan 2008, 15:43

Wow, I am surprised. Do I have the only KIA in America that has 191k miles and still counting?

My 2000 sportage has had one major repair, thanks to Jiffy Lube's stupidity and other than that, just regular wear and tear. (tires, brakes, etc)

I guess I got lucky.

Vicki in Virginia.

22nd May 2010, 00:43

Can anyone answer this, how is the 2000 front wheel drive 4 cyl 5 speed?

2000 Kia Sportage from North America


It's the biggest piece of junk out there


I have had my exhaust replaced three times.

My struts have gone bad three times.

My radio has just been replaced for the second time.

My driver's side door handles in the front and back have broken.

My gas cap was defective.

My four-wheel-drive has gone bad twice.

Several sensors have gone bad.

It likes to die while being driven.

I've almost been hit a few times.

I bought my car used so I got it as a lemon. I wish I would have never bought this car!!!

General Comments:

Do not buy a Kia Sportage, because you will regret it. I have had mine to the dealership 13 times in less than a year for many different repairs.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

28th Feb 2002, 15:31

I have had my Sportage since August of '96. It's a '95 and I bought it used or what the dealership called a "program vehicle." I think that means it was a rental or something. It had a couple problems, latches and windows and such, but I didn't mind that, I just hoped it would never get serious, and it didn't except in a particular situation where the only fault to be placed was mine. I hit a curb and blew a tire, I had no idea this would cause a slow radiator leak. well, found out about the leak, but couldn't find out where it was, so I just kept adding water. One day I didn't. It overheated and cooked the transmission. Had that replaced by Gene Brown Automotive.

A few months later after using an octane boost, I found another problem that was a direct result of the overheat. My valves had been heated to the point of becoming brittle and the octane boost burnt holes in them, causing my timing belt to slip and get stretched. That cost a LOT (for me).

I had one other serious problem. I got a pinion seal repaired at the dealer and soon after had to have my rear axle differential bearings replaced, coincidence? I don't think so. So anyway, while they had the rear axle all opened up I said, "go ahead and install that 625 dollar limited-slip differential in there". Would I have done that if I didn't absolutely love this vehicle? Not likely. After four inches of suspension lift, 1.5 inches of body lift and 32x11.5" tires, the only things stopping me are the Jeeps in my 4x4 club that can't make it up the same trails I can.