2000 Kia Sportage ex 2.0 from North America


Will buy another sportage


First the front CV joints went out at about 27,000 miles, But that was covered under warranty.

Just general problems sense then like new muffler and tail pipe at about 98,000 miles.

Now the auto locking hubs quit working so I'm putting in Warn manual locking hubs.

General Comments:

This is the first new car I bought new. And believe me I put it through the hell and it all was got me out.

Its been rolled and flipped back over on its wheels and started right up.

My mechanic tells me when I'm done with he will take it. They made this one right.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2007

2000 Kia Sportage Base 2.0 Liter In-Line 4 Cylinder from North America


I would buy this SUV again!


Just the typical things that go wrong with this particular model.

#1. The brakes have needed adjustment (not replacement) more often than other makes and models. About every 15 - 20,000 miles.

#2. The timing belt went out at about 90,000 miles, which was my fault because it is scheduled maintenance to have it replaced at 60,000 miles.

#3. Unreliable and non-functioning 4 wheel drive due to the 'automatic' locking hubs which generally don't work well.

#4. Heat shield came loose and made noise until dealer fixed it.

#5. Miscellaneous electronic components went out for the windows.

General Comments:

This is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I bought this car from an auction with 22,500 miles on it and still under warranty. I just now passed 120,000.

I must say that the dealership and warranty were unbelievable. I didn't have a lot of problems with this SUV, but when I did, the warranty covered it completely, regardless of what it was.

As with other Sportages, I had the typical problems such as the 4x4 not working correctly or at all. The dealer replaced the entire 4 wheel drive system repeatedly under warranty, but it still wouldn't function. This simply comes down to the automatic locking hubs being worthless. I've replaced them with manual locking hubs from Warn and it now works great.

This vehicle has been my daily driver and hunting/outdoor trip vehicle since 2002. It has been through a ton of different environments and has actually performed flawlessly. It consistently gets 22-23 miles per gallon and can tow small trailers with no problem, which I do on a regular basis. I am now married and this vehicle serves my family of 4 well, but is a little short on space for longer trips.

The timing belt went out on me at an inopportune time at about 90,000 miles, but that was technically my fault for not having it replaced as stated in the manual at 60,000 miles. It was expensive to get it repaired after it went out, but has been worth it so far.

The vehicle handles like a bigger older truck and the steering seems like it doesn't have power steering, but actually does.

The brakes need adjustment more often than other cars, but nothing excessive. Many people are having their dealer put new brake pads on this model, when all they need is a simple adjustment.

Overall, I like this vehicle for it's ruggedness and reliability. I would buy this little truck again in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2006

2000 Kia Sportage from North America


I like the look of the car, but not the quality


My convertible top is broken completely off.

My gas lid opener is broken.

My left window is off track.

My timing belt went out once.

My power steering belt came loose.

My muffler cover came loose.

My muffler burnt through my bumper.

General Comments:

Everything is wrong with my car. Somebody told me before I got a Kia, that it was the most unreliable car.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

2000 Kia Sportage 2.0L DOHC from North America


Very poor - Avoid KIA like the plague


Speedometer and Odometer stopped working completely.

(Replaced speed sensor and instrument cluster - did not fix)

4WD hubs stopped working.

Valve cover gasket leak.

Fuel Pump quit, stranding us.

Rear hatch has noisy rattle.

Rear fiberglass spoiler faded and cracked in sunlight.

General Comments:

Good points:-

Looks good

Relatively low initial purchase cost (However, this does not translate to "value")

Bad points:-

Extremely low component quality

Extremely low interior quality

Feels cheap


Can't rely on it.

Bought this car while still under the 60,000 mile warranty. Kia dealership replaced the 4WD hubs under the warranty, but then kicked up a fuss for every other item requiring repair under warranty. This is not a customer-oriented organization.

I couldn't be less happy with this vehicle. It has been nothing, but hassle and expense since purchase. Kia (and Hyundai) have lost a customer for life. Prospective buyers beware.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2006

16th Jun 2006, 11:44

Forgot to mention...

Spare tire rack rusted out and does not stay open.

You need to remove the valve cover gasket just to replace spark plugs. (Which in turn also requires removal of the intake manifold.)

Bad Bad Bad.

18th Oct 2006, 12:58

Now some other stuff:-

Electrics in rear of vehicle fried. Pressing the rear wiper switch results in short circuit, blacking-out all lighting and instruments.

Brake fluid leaking. Can't tell where.

Fuel leaking from rear when fuel pump on.

I REALLY hope this site causes readers to think twice before spending money on a Kia.