2001 Kia Sportage limited pityful 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Help! slow piece deformed crap!


-Brakes squeak.

-Suspension rattles.

-Seats rattle.

-Radio stopped working.

-Air conditioning stopped working.

-Locking system stopped working.

-Transmission stopped working.

-Door handles came off.

-Bumper came off.

-This car has let me down on the highway exactly 14 times. (I'm not kidding)

-I could go on and on and on, heck, I could write a 200 page book on everything wrong with this car!

General Comments:

- In case you were wondering why pain reliever was invented, this car is the answer.

- Ever since I purchased this disgrace to automotive engineering, I've been going to the doctor's office twice as often.

- This car has no power! It takes 15 seconds just to go from zero to sixty!

- It hasn't killed me yet, but if I don't think fast I'm sure it will.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2002

2nd Mar 2004, 18:48

I fully agree with you, and can sympathize!!!I

I have a 2001 piece of sportage crap myself- what was I thinking? Oh I wasn't.

It squeels, jumps, drive shaft cracked, both front & rear brakes went. I had to pay- not under warranty. fine lines with that wonderful warranty!

Now it smells like burning plastic in my engine.

Can't wait to trade it in!

15th Apr 2006, 23:29

I agree, I bought one for my wife, it is the most horrible piece of crap you could ever buy, never again.

Right now no power windows, they have all failed, Engine belts are squealing, Engine is knocking and needs rebuilding (55,000 miles) and transmission is on it's way out.

Rotors needed to be replaced, cup holder broke twice and is broken again, it is just horrible horrible horrible!

Luckily I have for myself a Ford which I love, nothing has gone wrong with it yet, could not wish for more.

2001 Kia Sportage 4 cylinder from North America


Expensive Piece of Tin


Have had car for a little over 9 months and am on 3rd set of brakes and these are squealing too. First two had severe shimmying and felt like was going to lose control of car.

Very sluggish shifting gears, just seems to whine, but am told there is nothing wrong when taken in for service.

Windshield wipers broke.

Cigarette lighter jams and had to be pried out to avoid electrical problem.

Back windows work intermittently.

Air-conditioner very poor quality and had rustling noise in fan. Said to be leaves and was cleaned out.

Back gate takes several tries to actually engage.

Sounds like you are in a wind tunnel when you are driving this car even when all windows are up tightly. Very unstable vehicle, sways at the slightest movement.

Very very very disappointing car. Major mistake in purchasing this vehicle. Would never recommend to anyone. Would love to get rid of it, but know I'll never be able to get my money back. what an expensive lesson to learn. Will never buy anything, but American ever again.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

7th Mar 2004, 05:53

Buy a VW. I also made the mistake to buy a Sportage.

It was fun for the 1st month or so, but the low-grade interior, bad handling,high fuel consumption etc is relly getting to me. I'm now looking around for a Jetta TDI - test drove one the other day, and I AM IN LOVE! Will never buy KIA again.

Good luck.

2001 Kia Sportage ex from North America


Junkyard car


What can I say about this car to make it sound like a gem? Nothing. We have had the car in to the dealership 22 times since we have bought it. When you drive in 4-wheel drive, for example, it feels as if it is skipping. The window motor went out on us two times already. The first time, the dealership said that they fixed it, which they didn't. The second time, they actually did. The car pulls to the left. We have brought it in numerous times for this. I can't even tell you how many alignments that we have had done on it in the past two years. They said that, "they cannot find anything wrong", so nothing was done on it. We also brought it in for the rotors, that you could tell were going out. We brought them in and they said that they fixed it. We then brought it to a friend of the family that is a mechanic, and he said that the rotors were never fixed. We then went back and decided to meet with the Sales representative from the manufacturer, who said that since we were having this many problems with it, that he wanted to look at it. He did, and said that he saw nothing wrong. My advice to everyone out there is to stay as far away from Kia Sportages as possible. Now, we have no power in the car, and we have to drive with the extended power button on, and we still can't get past 50mph. What a great deal on a $20,000 car huh?

General Comments:

I would never own a KIA again, even if it was given to me. Everything from the front end to the back end is a big piece of crap. We tried going after KIA for the Lemon Law through Pennsylvania, but they stated since the problems have "never been found", it does not constitute as having the same problem over and over again. I am actually afraid to drive in this car. We also own an older Geo Metro, and let me tell you, I feel so much safer in that car than the KIA. Do not buy a KIA. Everyone that I know that owns one has had numerous problems with it.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2002

28th Dec 2004, 04:52

I agree with you totally! I've still got 11 huge payments left of this car and I'm scared to death to drive it. Trading it is not an option. The Kia people have jerked me around constantly. Everything is wrong with that car! I hate it. I'm buying my third blower motor for a car that I bought new 4 years ago. In the meantime, I'm freezing to death driving to work 45 miles each way... and I live in Maine!

29th May 2007, 14:02

Ditto! Paid my Sportage off last August and now it won't run at all. What a waste of hard earned money.

30th May 2007, 06:55

Statistically the Sportage is one of the worst cars around. Most road side stops, repairs, inspection failures. Any 'bad car' category, the Sportage will dominate it. Add to that expensive repairs parts and expensive hour rate at the Kia dealers and you've got yourself an eternal hole in the pockets.