22nd Aug 2003, 11:21

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage, and I love it. My sister and brother both bought one too, after driving mine. I find it to be very economical and a blast to drive. Over 65k miles and not a minutes trouble. Sorry the rest of you seem to have gotten such lemons, but there are 2 people here in Northern California and 1 in Montana that are very happy with their Kias.

19th Feb 2004, 03:28

1999 Sportage maintenance problem. When I start the car it runs then shuts off. A light saying HOLD comes on. Any suggestions what this problem may be. Engine shakes while car is running and I've notice some oil seeping out of crank case. What am I looking at here as far as damage? Anyone. Thanks.

1st Jun 2004, 13:54

I own a 2000 2 door KIA Sportage and use as a farm vehicle. It was use with 30,000 thousand miles on it and I have put about 45,000 on it. I have a very satisfactory performance with it considering she competes with Chevy small trucks and ford. I would rather buy another one than buy a ford small truck or explorer. The only problem so far is that I broke the transmission and the dealer fixes it in 5 days with a new one no questions ask.

6th Oct 2004, 11:07

I have just under 100,000 miles on my 99 Sportage, and it's been great, too! Minor problems have occurred, but it's nothing that simple knowledge of mechanics can't fix. The check engine light comes on frequently, but you learn to ignore it. LOL.

I've definitely loved my car - wouldn't trade it (or the low sticker price) for anything!

19th Oct 2005, 08:10

Well I see I have joined the club of unhappy owners.

My 86 Volvo 240 after 233k has a weak transmission so I bought a 99 KIA Sportage 4x4 with hopes of better days.

Its 135k miles didn't shake me at all as this would be like a new car for me!

First thing I noted was the airbag light is blinking in code (6 blinks then a solid) OK airbag non-functional, so what I don't like them anyway. They do more damage to the car when they deploy then I can afford to repair.

I replaced the wiper blades for this on coming Maine winter, and the drivers side headlight, (Note* rusted socket) scrub scrub all fixed.

It is now a new week and on the way to work, the KIA starts sputtering then the check engine light comes on. So now you know how I found this forum...

I should of known when I found out it was one of FORDs "Better Ideas" (Power by Mazda) I do like the suspention, It has a better rider then the 2005 FORD Escape I drive for work.