1999 Kia Sportage from North America


It is a worthless, piece of crap!


This car was okay when I first bought it. No problems for a while. As soon as something went wrong with the car, it all went down hill from there.

The whole electrical set up with the Sportage is whack, if you don't mind me saying. The power windows take forever to go up and down, if at all.

The major problem I had was the timing belt. That was a whopping $400 for me to get fixed.

I do not recommend this car to anyone. I can't say the same for all Kias, but this ONE Kia has made me question all of them.

General Comments:

Do... not... get... this... car!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2011

1999 Kia Sportage from North America


One word - junk!


The car is a piece of tin. I feel so unsafe in this car.

I bought this car in 2008 with only 34,000 miles on it. I now have 54,000 miles on it and the entire frame is rotting and rusting out.

I agree with everyone else about the cupholders; where they are located, dumb...

Also the windows make so much noise and the car just bounces and feels like it is going to tip over.

In the snow it is like being on ICE SKATES, worst 4 x 4 I have ever driven.

I financed this piece of crap and still owe 6 months on it. Never ever again.

General Comments:

Not good.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2010

1999 Kia Sportage FX 4X4 2.0 DOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Nice enough vehicle, just needed too much TLC to keep it running


Engine would turn over, but not start. After much research and frustration, this was traced to the fuel relay and ECI relay in the engine bay. Rather than replacing them, it was easier to carry a piece of 600grit wet+dry sand paper and clean the contact points on the relay. Then it would start straight away.

Front brake rotors became warped easily, only lasted about 5000km when replaced, got so bad the whole car shuddered, so had to replace again, just before selling.

Metal on metal banging noise on every bump you travel over, seems there was no rubber on a part of the front stabilizer bar, just got used to it.

Automatic locking front hubs would not work if the flimsy rubber vacuum hoses had any holes in them or had cracked, replaced them a few times.

General Comments:

Overall, it was an OK car with a few annoying things.

It could get going pretty quickly if the revs were kept up high from gear to gear.

The cabin was comfortable, and the rear seat folded down and forward, giving heaps of room in the back, nearly enough to lie down in.

Fuel economy was around 11.5 liters per 100 kilometres, but I didn't drive it gently.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2010

1999 Kia Sportage SX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Cheap 4x4, but very poor quality


Poor metal used rear of chassis had to be welded.

Whilst replacing the cambelt, several nuts snapped again - poor metal.

Fuel tank guard corroded and disintegrated.

Top of fuel tank corroded.

Electrical faults plague this vehicle.

Fuel gauge faulty.

Central locking faulty.

General Comments:

Nice looking car and good value for money.

Car like performance.

Very basic interior.

Ride very hard and unforgiving, but comparable to similar vehicles of this type and age.

Very uneconomical around town; 20mpg!

Dare not take it off road, as it may disintegrate due to the poor metal used.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2009

1999 Kia Sportage LX from North America


This is a crap hole


I am sitting in the repair shop with my rebuilt 99 Kia Sportage. I always come to this site because the entries are so funny; I'm almost comforted that I'm not alone in this "suckmobile".

I am getting my spark plugs changed for the 4th time in 2 years, because oil keeps filling up the valves and crapping them out.

I opened the hood yesterday thinking I had a rattlesnake under there toting a colt 45, but it was antifreeze shooting out of a hole in the radiator hose. Still not sure where the gunfire came from.

Called several places for the cost of repairing this hose and the lowest price was 35.00 for the hose and 65.00 for labor. I went to Autozone, bought a hose for 9.99 and fixed it myself.

I've replaced the timing belt, heater coil, radiator, some kind of l-arm in the front, valve gasket covers, plugs, wires, fuel pump, gas tank... I think that's it for the last 3 years. Kia couldn't GIVE me another one of these suckas!!!

General Comments:

The smell of the wet carpet is always sexy when people get in. Smells like I've been toting rhinos from zoo to zoo.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2009