12th Dec 2002, 16:46

I have a 98 Sportage EX 4x4. The front hubs have failed. The dealer that I took it to for service said that I had already been given the repair under the recall from KIA. I was not aware of the recall nor the subsequent fix. The dealer now wants to charge $1300 to replace the hubs. The hubs are Warn hubs and there was a recall on both 98 and 99 model years for leaking vacuum seals on these hubs. I have ordered the "mechanical" hubs from an aftermarket dealer for $225 including shipping. I have an independent mechanic set to install them as soon as they arrive. KIA consumer affairs responded to my pleas with great sympathy and little else. I am on my own now as far as KIA is concerned.


6th Dec 2005, 15:12

We have a 1998 KIA SPORTAGE, 2.0 Liter, Automatic, 4 speed. We pull a little trailer all over town up to about 1ooo lbs. total weight. I have found this KIA to get 20-23 miles per gallon going up North to Flagstaff, AZ. in the mountains. In the city running AC here 18-19. Yes, the paint on the bumper came off when I used a high pressure car wash. Yes, a couple radiator hoses leaked cause no one should ever use spring loaded clamps on radiator hoses. Yes, it is a little lacking on power. But overall, I am quite happy with it and never had the problems listed here. Course I am a realist and don't expect unreasonable things from car dealers for things that realistically can happen. Hubs are fine, engine's fine. trans. fine. I use synthetic oil. One of my cars in the past I put 223,000 miles on. Same engine. It's all about gas mileage and warranty for me such as with KIA, Nissan, Toyota. For the price and warranty you get a dependable car. As soon as GM realizes Americans want gas mileage and warranty I will buy one.