13th Aug 2003, 20:49

The KIA Sportage is the worst investment I've ever made. There is a "so-called" alarm system installed. The gears have to be shifted several times before starting (at least, that's what I was told). This method keeps thieves from stealing your car. Yeah. If you want to get to work with a KIA, you need to catch the bus. I've had this car for a year and almost every other week it needs some kind of repair. The back driver's side heats up and we were told it could explode because it is near the gas tank. We have also had the water leakage problem from the air conditioner. The windows also stop working, at times. After buying the car, we were told it is a hazard to us, and we need to get out of it as soon as possible.

18th Sep 2004, 19:28

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2002 KIA sportage??? I can't figure any thing out on these piece of JUNK.

3rd Aug 2005, 20:18

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage. I did have the problem with the air conditioner dripping water under the passenger side dashboard. Thanks to you for the tip about the rubber tube behind the battery. It doesn't leak anymore. Now my problem is my dashboard lights. Sometimes they are on and other times they are not. They may be off for a couple of miles then slowly come on dim and then back to normal. Sometimes they are off for a couple of days then they come on again. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be?


13th Jun 2006, 20:34

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage. I’m having some A/C problems. The compressor isn’t cutting on and off. Is there an A/C Relay and where is it located? Any other possibilities for this A/C problem, please let me know?

17th Jun 2006, 12:10

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage EX. Two weeks ago it just started to act up. I just turned 75,000 miles and the car just does not want to start at times. It will turn over, but no start. It does not matter if it is hot or cold out-side. I have had the dealer replace the fuel relay switch and the EGI relay switch. They then checked the ignition switch and the automatic transmission switch. I was told these both were fine, but, still I have this intermittent no start problem. Does any one have any idea why this is happening. Oh yea I also did take the ground wires from the fuel pump and checked and made better contact. The dealership says the fuel pump is also fine.. This is insane!! The dealership cannot even find out what the problem is?!. Any-one have any idea's I can check?. Any help would be appreciated.

22nd Jun 2006, 09:53

I bought a used Kia Sportage 6 weeks ago and have had nothing, but trouble with it. It is a 1998 with 96k on it. The gas tank was replaced at dealers expence, the check engine light has been on since I got it. I have replaced mass air flow sensor, upper air intake because it was cracked. My biggest complaint right now is it races up to 2000 rpms. Does anyone have any advice? I am running out of ideas. Thanks.

23rd Jul 2006, 19:10

I have a 1999 KIA Sportage and of all the vehicles I owned in my life, this is by far the worst. The newest and latest problem... water pouring out from under the passenger dashboard when the AC has been or is being used. NOBODY can tell me what is wrong, how to fix it. Everyone agrees it is from the A/C, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Oh, and the dealership around here... forget it! The vehicle is no longer under warranty and the repair bills are ridiculous! They too agree it is the AC, but tell me it is probably a drain that is plugged-it should work itself loose. They can't show me the drain though-and I can't locate it in the Owners Manual in the section Engine Compartment.

I live in Northern Maine. The winters are rough and driving conditions horrendous with slippery, wet, icy roads or just plain bad roads. The vehicle is boxy and tippy, even in 4-wheel drive (or not) with the best of tires I have little to no traction and slip, slide and hold on for dear life up a 30% grade. If I make it up, I slip, slide and hold on for dear life down the other side!

I have replaced the entire exhaust system twice, had a brake job done, had 3 realingments, and still have a severe vibration after 50mph. The first and continuing problem is the engine cuts out completely-for seconds-and for no apparent reason-sort of like a hiccup. I have had the paint replaced on the areas above all 4 wheels a silver paint. This required the vehicle to be turned into the dealership for up to 2 weeks each time and it's been done 4 times. The paint has again peeled off revealing something like double backing silver tape-not paint at all. Nothing like a nice paint job to make you proud of a vehicle! The vehicle only has 60, 000 on it and every time I have a problem I take it to reputable mechanics or back to the dealership. I am somewhat mechanically inclined, but have brothers that are mechanics by trade. We all agree-if you want to waste your money-buy a KIA! Or throw it into the wind-it'll get you just as far!

If anyone has any idea how to fix my "water problem", please email me at sharon.mccarthy@us.army.mil. And if you have a KIA-I hope the Luck of the Irish goes with ya!

17th Sep 2006, 07:06

I also have a Sportage 1999, my god!!! All of the above problems and more, grinding in the front, new gear box, over 1000 $ and it was 2nd hand, instability like doing 360's for a slight swerve and not even wet! Air con leaking into front passenger side. Emmision light coming on and off since I bought it. Power windows not working. Back door lock stopped working had to get replaced, 100's of dollars. Newest problem I was driving home started loosing power car ariel going up and down loosing more power when blinker or fuel emmision light or even the brake is applied, thinking car possessed, phoned hubby said maybe wouldn't get home. By divine intervention made it turned it off. He looked told me to start it wouldn't start. Assuming alternator as brand new battery now dead. Loosing faith thinking I have been pretty patient.

6th Oct 2006, 08:51

In addition to what I previously listed (October 5, 2oo6-vjbriody@netzero.net), I also wish to state that the car's RPM's race uncontrolled, between 1500-3000+, which is very embarrassing in front of your church on a Sunday morning, it also has a defect on the locking hubs that enable four wheel drive... IT DOESN'T WORK!!! You need to buy two new locking hubs before it will work properly, otherwise it APPEARS to be in 4x4, but you don't have the control of 4x4. Another dangerous side effect, you won't have the 4x4 when you need it most---in the snow. A year ago, I also had trouble with the windows leaking. I also noticed the extra added door trims extremely limit your view, creating more of a blind spot, specifically when you're making a left or right turn, you can't see the car across from you.

My husband and I have just had our first child (son) in July. I just found this website and now am afraid driving this car. It's given us so much trouble, and I fear that it's just the beginning based on everything that I've seen people write in about. The hardest part, I WON'T sell it to a family, and when I do sell it, I'll need to be completely honest when I show it to the prospective buyer. I can't believe that the cars were ever allowed to be sold on the market. They were lemons from day one. VJBRIODY@NETZERO.NET.