5th Oct 2005, 10:06

I own a 1997 1.7L. Niva which I endeavour to keep in immaculate condition. Some owners have reported problems with the 5th gear e.g. jumping out of 5th, difficulty in engaging 5th, losing 5th, etc. I have had no such trouble. I believe problems may only occur due to owner neglect and/or ignorance concerning the 5th gear. Lada introduced the 5 speed gearbox into the Niva around 1987. Owners of the previous 4 speed box are used to filling the transmission with 1.35L of gear oil. However, the 5 speed box requires at least 1.6L of oil for adequate lubrication. I put 1.8L into my Niva. Insufficient oil in the gearbox will ultimately cause 5th gear problems- so remember to add that extra bit of oil when you service your Niva! The other important point, as stated by the previous comment, is that the 5th gear is in fact an "over drive" gear and is to be treated with T.L.C.-i.e. engage and disengage it gently, and avoid using it at speeds under 80-90 km/hr. Another point about the Niva transmission, is not to forget to use the low range on occasions- especially if you don`t do much off-road driving,- you know the saying: "if you don`t use it, lose it". As far as new spare parts here in Australia, they are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. I use Lada Parts, Australasia Pty.Ltd. situated in Caboolture, Queensland. Their service is friendly and most efficient!

19th Jan 2006, 22:37

Hello everyone,

I have just bought a Niva and I just wandering if any one knows where I can get parts, in British Columbia, or any where close to vancouver?

I love the Niva, but constantly am repairing things like to clutch, brakes. It's a 91, but I've never been stuck yet.

20th Jan 2006, 09:08

Never been stuck? The toughest 4x4s in the world get stuck. That is why there are winches.

If you haven't been stuck, it's because you're not trying to tackle anything difficult.

How difficult would it have to be to get that ridiculous little car stuck.


20th Jan 2006, 09:26

Any good LADA forums around to read up on? Looking at purchasing myself a Niva, but information is hard to come by, almost as hard as finding a Niva in semi-good condition.

Greets from Canada! Go Lada! Haha.

20th Jan 2006, 17:54

Lada Niva owners going around slinging insults at owners of other 4x4's are amazing.

The seem to dish it out fine, but can't take it in return.

The Niva is 4wd with a rear diff. That is impressive for this car, but, not unusual in off roading.

Economy would seem to be the biggest attribute of this vehicle.

21st Jan 2006, 07:23

"Lada Niva owners going around slinging insults at other 4x4 vehicles"? Hold your horses, let`s get this in the right perspective.

A light-hearted comment: "Nivas eat Hummers for breakfast"- posted months ago, on the H2 Hummer site, appears to have suddenly sparked something approaching mass hysteria. Comments such as: "goofballs", "environmentalist Euro wannabees", (?), silly/ridiculous little cars/things", "Go Lada, HA HA", etc, flooded in like a mini tsunami.

Hey, settle down, guys. You`re over-reacting, Big Time. We don`t "hate" Hummers at all. We`re into off-roading, just like you are. We love our Nivas, but we certainly don`t go around ridiculing other 4x4s, as you suggest. If the "greenies", or whoever else out there, are giving you guys a hard time- don`t take it out on us! That`s not our thing. We enjoy the great outdoors in our Nivas- just as you do in your Hummers. Personally, I think the Hummer is a great 4x4- and if it`s only fault is that it`s thirsty on gas- so what? It`s not as if everyone is driving one. To compare the two, is incorrect- because they are in different categories of 4x4s. It`s like comparing apples with oranges.

I hope your site re-constructs itself into an interesting and informative one, where genuine Hummer owners can converse, and assist each other with technical info. etc. At present, your site is a disaster zone- and I can understand, (and sympathise with), some of your commenters being "hot under the collar". However, please be mindful of collateral damage. Respect.

21st Jan 2006, 08:39

Cool, very cool.

Well articulated and appreciated.

A Niva owner on another thread made the same statement on a Hummer thread about eating Hummers for breakfast.

Someone probably overreacted and assumed the particular "greenies" involved with the attacks, were Niva enthusiasts because of the comment.

The battle is not with Niva's. You guys are into the same trails we are.

Seen you out there!

7th May 2007, 22:16

Hummers, mmmmmmm, if you go to the www.ladaparts.com site, there is a tug of war between a Hummer & Lada Niva, guess what won (and it wasn't a Hummer). This is legit, was done in Perth.

1st Aug 2007, 01:37

I am in the market for a late model Niva, but would prefer a Carbie over Fuel injection.

Does anyone have info on this regarding the models suplied to Aus / NZ?

10th Nov 2007, 12:14

I am looking for complete 1.7i petrol engine for Lada Niva. Bahrain dewit@mail.com

21st Jan 2010, 08:28

Hi, I'm Ehab, a Sudanese living in Egypt now. I'm planning on buying a Niva and doing some mods on it to make it a bit better.

I had Vitara and I fixed a Silvia's engine on it and it flew! Now dead, I want to make another mean little machine.

Check out this link for the video on YouTube. Subscribe and comment please.


Your comments are welcome, and help is very much appreciated.

First, I want to remove everything and remove all the rust, and repaint the bottom with anti-rust.

Strip the car from the inside to fix better seats and flooring.

I don't know about turbocharging the Niva's engine, but it did cross my mind. I love turbos; if someone has experience in this field, please tell me which turbo fits on the engine and what needs to be changed.

Another question is, what is better, a carb or injector?

I want to fix a lift kit, maybe 3 inches like the Calmini I had on the Vitara, it was good.

Why do some people remove the 16 inch rims and put 15's on?

How about the mufflers, how many would I need? I need to make it sound better somehow.

How many inches does it have to be, coz I fitted a 3 inch straight pipe on my Vitara that made it sound beautiful with only one filter. Shall I do the same here?

For the bumpers, I wanted to fix some custom made aluminium sheets to be shaped like a tip of a boat, kinda pointed in a curvy way from the front. Followed by a skid plate with the same kind of studded aluminium all the way down to the end of the car, protecting the diffs and gear box and basically everything from down.

The rear bumper will be the same, and a 2 inch tube right behind each bumper for rigidity, coz the driving here kills, trust me, so I have to be well prepared for the 20 million Ladas in the streets today, all taxis are Ladas to say the least, so I need to stand up against them well! LOL.

I wanted to fix some coopers on the aftermarket rims, because the rubber is very soft and grips well on everything. I had no problems with mine for 3 years.

I wanted to chrome up the front arms and all 4 springs to make it look really sexy from the front and side.

What do you guys think, will this Niva look nicer in silver or black?

A new dashboard and steering wheel won't cost me much here, just for better looks on the interior.

I'm just not happy that there is no power steering and parking will be a hassle for me with the bigger tyres. Can't I fix like a Toyota Hilux's steering box or something?

Thanks guys for your comments.

2nd Feb 2010, 02:17

Hi Ehab

Get onto Lada UK Ltd site, and onto the discussion forum. All your questions will be answered by fellow Lada enthusiasts. Enjoy your Niva - they are really great!

14th Apr 2010, 10:43

Hi, I'm 14 and I've only had my Lada for a month. I think it needs a starter. Thanks for all the info on Ladas, at least I've got ideas.

I found out it's only the solenoid. That's good; don't want to pay $400 for a new one.

Update 17th February 2011:

Does anyone know if the 94 Lada Nivas are the same as the 95s?????


12th Sep 2011, 16:28

5th gear problems are often associated with a worn selector fork, sometimes exacerbated by the loosening of a large nut in the centre of the flexible doughnut coupling in the running gear.