Dedra 1.9 turbo diesel

'Feel good' car - money well spent

142 words, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 comment


Dedra LE 1.9 turbo diesel

Sturdy, powerful, comfortable and fun

94 words, France


Dedra LE 1.8 ie

I will not sell it!

110 words, Portugal


Dedra Turbo HF Integrale 2.0 turbo

A thorough sedan, speed, style and comfort machine

286 words, Norway

Dedra 1.6 i.e.

Not a rocket, but doing the job very well

111 words, Slovenia


Dedra ie 2.0

I'm in love

445 words, UK and Ireland

Dedra i.e 1.6

Very Good

75 words, Greece

Dedra 2.0 ie

Good driving

25 words, Belgium

Dedra IE 1.6

Underrated car

64 words, Singapore

Dedra 2000 Turbo 2.0 turbo

An unknown high perfomance car with brilliant ability at a low price

71 words, UK and Ireland

Dedra i.e. 1.6

Reliable, comfortable motorway cruiser

50 words, UK and Ireland


Dedra 2.0 turbo

Underrated sports car which can be very fun if it is driven like it should be

67 words, Croatia

Dedra 1.6ie

Pretty good to drive, but there are big quality problems (especially in the electrics)

163 words, Finland

Dedra 1.6 ie 1.6 injector

A car that used to be good

273 words, Finland


Dedra I.E 1.6i

Heavenly dream that should be left to pass away!

161 words, UK and Ireland