1993 Land Rover Discovery 3.9 from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic car and a hobby too


Radiator hose went after 20,000 of use. Not bad really.

Leaks oil, but you can fill it up quicker than it comes out.

A/C broke within 5 months of use. Feeble anyway for size of vehicle.

General Comments:

A fantastic car which was bought for peanuts. The V8 pulls like a tractor and will tow anything, including a tractor come to think about it.

I run the car on both petrol and LPG and it runs excellently on both.

Very comfortable on long hwy trips and can just as happily turn off road and drive you across the odd Australian desert.

Most bits are easy and cheap to fix. The engine can be temperamental and I think it is a matter of luck whether you get a good or bad one.

Stylish looking, it still turns heads and you know driving it that you can go anywhere, more than you can say about a BMW X5.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2008

1993 Land Rover Discovery 200TDi 2.5 TDi from UK and Ireland


It's a Land Rover, it's a legend


Wheel bearing failed.

Clutch master cylinder failed.

Hand brake gave trouble until I had it repaired properly.

Other problems have been through neglect by previous owners.

General Comments:

As usual I dived in and bought the first one I looked at, it has proved to be reliable mechanically, but rust has got hold. I replaced the rear body crossmember and I am in the process of replacing the driver side sill.

I bought it to use as an every day car, but it was not as economical as I thought it would be.

I now use it for RTV trial events and it has stood up well to the abuse I now give it.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2007

1993 Land Rover Discovery 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Combines farm use with airport pick up


Security system locked out when accidentally pushing down driver's door locking pin while starting engine. This would have cost almost as much as the vehicle to replace. Rear door locking gave a lot of trouble.

Otherwise normal servicing. Relatively cheap servicing parts from motor factors. Tyres from "almost new" dealers can be very cheap at about 20 pounds fitted.

General Comments:

Big, heavy clumsy work horse. Good for towing 4-wheel trailer in auto/diesel spec. Good battery was a must, but rarely needed other parts except exhaust. Good fuel economy too, but big tank would cost 50 pounds to fill up. Good heater, surprisingly popular with women passengers. Never got the CD player to work properly, and most inconvenient location under passenger's seat. Would be easy to tip or roll the vehicle. Tedious to drive a distance, but would hold motorway speeds for hours on end. Good ground clearance, never got stuck, but you needed to close roof when in low range/diff lock or you got a mud shower. Could pull out small tree stumps. No way you'd ever change a 16-inch full profile tyre/wheel with the standard wheel kit, but a couple of those tyre inflatable deals got you out of trouble.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2005

1993 Land Rover Discovery tdi 2.5 tdi from UK and Ireland


Very versatile, economical to run fuel wise, but repairs a little expensive at main dealers


Apart from normal service items like brake pads, a clutch, exhaust system we had problems with a diaphram failure in the fuel pump, oil leaks from hub oil seals, (replaced with grease, they always leak), leak from gear box, gear selector shaft known fault (mod fitted) and temp sender unit fault.

General Comments:

A lot more comfortable than the Land Rover 90. Compared to a 90 it is very comfortable. Cloth seats are a bit hard and headrests plastic a bit basic and also hard. (Ours is only a basic model) Performance is adequate although not sprightly. Usual body roll as with most 4 wheel drive vehicles with a high centre of gravity. Off road handling OK. Does not seem as good as a Land Rover off road however am a lot more careful with it as it's got nice paint! Economy is very good for such a large vehicle. We regularly get in the high 30's. Of course it's hugely practical, being used for the shopping trips, (Yes we are "Sainsbury Farmers"), and also for transporting tools, soil, bags of compost to the allotment ect. Loads of room inside and rear door gives excellent access. Ours is a three door and a five door would be more practical if there were more than two of us in most of the time.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

24th Dec 2006, 11:46

High 30's MPG?Are you sure you are working it out right.28 is the norm. If I could get high 30's from mine I would be the happiest man alive.