1993 Land Rover Discovery 200tdi 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good reliable and strong car


Since aquiring this vehicle nothing of any serious has gone wrong considering the mileage covered.

No serious wear on the interior fabrics.

All I had to replace so far is front tyres.

General Comments:

This is a very good vehicle. Although high mileage it performs as good as if not better that lower mileage vehicles.

I use it every day to work with never being let down.

This is my third Disco and just cannot think of anything to moan about it.

I do my own serviceing although there is a full service history with the car.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2002

1993 Land Rover Discovery S 3.9 from Australia and New Zealand


Left rocker cover gasket (x2).

Eight rocker cover gasket.

Engine T seal.

Low range selector switch.

Central locking.

Driver's power window.

Horn stalk broke.

Driving lights failed at speed one night.

Speedometer failed.

Water leak into the cabin.

Vibration from factory wheels.

Coolant leak destroyed the starter motor (only Land Rover would run a pipe containing corrosive coolant over a starter motor!)

Rear axle leaked.

General Comments:

Lives up to its name as the world's best off road vehicle - spends a lot of time off road in work shops. The 'Discovery' is what 'S' stands for.

Very expensive to fix.

Basically the electricals are dreadful and you cannot keep water out of it or oil in it.

Clutch and doors are heavy - wife hates this vehicle.

Only buy one if you are a died in the wool Land Rover fanantic.

All Land Rover Australia wanted to do was make excuses - no help from them.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2000

1st Oct 2001, 18:15

I'd agree with these comments wholeheartedly. My 1993 Discovery V8i has a surging/hunting/stalling problem which over the past 2 years I have taken to 3 dealers and still no-one can solve the problem. If it burned to the ground tomorrow I'd dance on the ashes. I'll never buy another Discovery again. We had an '84 short wheel base Diesel Nissan Patrol that never missed a beat. Wish we still had it.