2002 Land Rover Discovery SEII V8i from North America


Great, classy, rugged transportation... If you can afford it


Nothing!!! Brake bulbs burn too often.

General Comments:

I drive it very hard, going from Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles twice a month.

No matter what the weather's like or the speed, the car performs flawless.

Great H&K sound system and climate control makes driving super relaxing at any speed.

This vehicle is extremely solid (feels like a tank), and hitting a cattle and a couple of deers did no damage.

If you have the performance package with the "Ace" system and 18" tires, the truck corners with confidence.

Build quality is better than the new LR3s, and in a total different class than any American product.

I could use more HP, better fuel economy and cheaper maintenance cost (much cheaper!!), but I guess there is nothing perfect in this world!!!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2006

2002 Land Rover Discovery 2003 GS Td5 from UK and Ireland


A true Land Rover 'Experience' to drive off road


Very few problems.

Annoying rattle from under bonnet at over 50 mph, fixed at one attempt by dealer.

Paintwork blemish on bonnet, fixed at one attempt by dealer.

Occasional rattle from bush on gear change lever, fixed on second attempt by dealer.

Leak from rear door or alpine lights when raining heavily, but this is a 'Discovery' problem from day one. Occasionally a little water drips onto load space cover so no big deal.

General Comments:

Bought from LR dealer recommended by a client and the service to date has been superb and first 12,000 mile service was carried out for less than £200.

Rubbish turning circle, but OK once you get used to 5 point turns or using other peoples' driveways.

Fuel consumption averages 27 - 28 mpg which is poor for a diesel, but then it is pulling over two and a half tons.

Fantastic off road and very stable on standard highways. Sluggish on motorways, although rumor has it that it's capable of over 95 mph.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2003

9th Oct 2005, 14:59

My TD5 was purchased second hand in France and had covered a fairly high distance.

The overall condition of the vehicle, now three years old is good - there is a small amount of rust on one of the windows guides and the leather on the drivers seat is scuffed.

The driving experience is mixed. On good surfaces it is fine, but once on to poor rural roads the ride is very uncomfortable. Off road it is amazingly capable.

The general comfort is OK, but the seats lack lateral support.

The performance was pretty turgid until I had the vehicle chipped. Fuel consumption at about 10litres/100km is not bad given the size of the thing.

The views out are excellent. The heating and climate control similarly.

The fitted radio/tape player is rather primitive.

Now to the major gripes. A front universal joint took two weeks to obtain and was expensive. The gearbox expired too and that was a bit eye watering.

2002 Land Rover Discovery Serangeti TD5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


So good at so much!



General Comments:

As my first 4x4 this has exceeded my expectations. You quickly adapt to the driving style, a little more leisurely, but don't seem to get anywhere any more slowly.

I do a lot of motorway miles and find it less stressful than my Mercedes C Class due to the visibility and feeling of security.

I've taken it off road a few times and you would be amazed at the capability even with road tyres.

Towing a big caravan is easy though I'm considering a performance upgrade with a chip or smart box.

Watch out for the hight restrictions on multi-story car parks, it won't always fit!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

2002 Land Rover Discovery GS Commercial (IRL) 2.5 Td5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Unbeatable value for money


A leak in the windscreen seal causing water ingress into the cabin along the roofline, sometimes coming out in the front seat-belt openings!

General Comments:

The Td5 Discovery is simply brilliant in all aspects. The Irish Commercial Van version is a handy way of avoiding heavy taxation and also acts as a competent load carrier.

The entire vehicle is extremely well designed and handles well on most roads (especially in other countries outside of Ireland), like a sportscar in fact.

It is a lot quieter than previous Discoverys and produces 40mpg plus on the open road away from cities.

I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Td5 Discovery to anyone seeking the very best 4x4 on the current market.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2002

10th Mar 2004, 05:34

Although the performance is very impressive the fuel comsumption of my td5 does not match that of my 300 discovery. I believe there are known weaknesses in the gearbox, although automatics are OK they are less economical and are sluggish.